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Apology after student disqualified from pageant for equal marriage hope

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Reader comments

  1. Dr Robin Guthrie 5 Apr 2012, 2:17pm

    “The district believes that the matter should have been handled privately with the student by the assistant principal.”

    Absolute drive. The student gave an honest answer to the question.

    The assistant principal was clearly discriminating here.

    1. Dr Robin Guthrie 5 Apr 2012, 2:18pm

      Oops. I meant absolute DRIVEL..

  2. Shame on the assistant principal! THE student had been asked a questio to which he was honestly answering, how can that be an agreed script?

    I hope they throw the book at the principal but knowing what the US is like, many people will be congratulating him/her instead!

  3. Scot Lovely 5 Apr 2012, 3:29pm

    If there was an agreed script, and it was a competition, then surely that means it was a fix?

    The boy was right to chuck the script and be authentic. It’s the assistant principal that should be disciplined.

    1. Couldn’t agree more.

  4. Aryugaetu 5 Apr 2012, 3:33pm

    This is probably happening hundreds of times per day in the US schools. Many schools will punish students for what they say outside of class! It’s as if the school thinks they are the military. Sadly, the parents remain silent.

    Children will not stop bullying other children until the adults stop bullying… and that’ll never happen.

    [Does anyone want to adopt an American; housebroken, trained to fetch, enjoys sharp cheddar and a stout during “Doc Martin”, does not bark at neighbors, has 45% English and 45% Irish (10% mutt) pedigree, prefers a tidy garden and Earl Grey, loves horses. Must have been smuggled via Canada at birth.]

  5. I thought America prided itself on. “free speech”, guess that only applies if you’re straight.

    1. “O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave…” but-only-if-you’re-white-straight-christian-republican-male………………………

    2. Paddyswurds 5 Apr 2012, 7:47pm

      ….Free speech only if it agrees with the WASP (White Anglo Saxon Prod) ideal……

  6. Beach Boy 5 Apr 2012, 3:53pm

    Fullerton California is also a town where the police can get away with murder, Fullerton is in Orange County, the southern California Bible belt where Christians also think they can get away with murder.

  7. The tide is turning and young men can speak out and be out! Well done!

  8. In my opinion, this is in a way a good news article…
    A kid in school was brave enough to be “out” in front of his whole school. The kid has balls, the assistant principal is shameful

    1. Totally agree!!!

  9. “Should have handled it privately”?

    Handled WHAT?

    This “apology” is typically lacking. They say that the issue was handled improperly and should have been handled privately, STILL insinuating that the kid did something wrong that needed to be “handled”.

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