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EA ‘harassed’ over gay video game characters

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Reader comments

  1. Fantastic to see EA standing up against bigotry and representing society.

    Glad to see they are determined not to be side tracked by political interference from theocratic individuals and organisations.

    If the harassment develops into threats or something more sinister then they should report them as a criminal act or sue.

    1. Interesting to see how the Christians come on here to post their propaganda when it has to do with children and religion hating gays. The Christians no doubt were behind the complaints about putting gay in a game. Like gay is not in real life. Why do the Christians think that hiding the truth will make the gay go away? It is always good news to see people standing up to the anti-gay Christians who hate and try to stop people from living their life and loving and marrying the ones they love. I am a gay Christian so I know what the anti gay Christians and their parents do.

  2. Paula Thomas 5 Apr 2012, 12:58pm

    EA deserve our support now.

    1. EA & Activision are ruining the industry, squeezing out every last penny they can and waging a war against second hand retailers and people swapping games with friends. This, while a good gesture in terms of their attitude towards homosexual people does not change the fact that they are one of the scummiest companies in the industry, if not the worst.

      1. Mr. Ripley's Asscrack 5 Apr 2012, 6:42pm

        Competition is competition! Welcome to the wacky world of consumerism! You pay for it every day 8

    2. They’re just doing damage control. Look at their stocks and you can see when this article was published in relation to share price. They’ve in fact been voted “Worst Company in America” only yesterday in an online pole. While of course you should applaud the inclusion of LGBT people in video games, please don’t reward EA with money as they’re just trying to play you like a fiddle.

  3. It’s crazy to think they are getting so caught up with this issue on content – which is down to the player’s in-game choices – while anyone who has seen any of the Star Wars films can see there is clear examples or suggestions sexual slavery/trafficking, inter-species relationships, threesomes, sex outside of marriage, even incest (I’ve still not recovered from that Luke/Leia kiss).

    1. Apologies for my awful grammar there.

  4. Good for EA/Bioware for standing up against the hateful.

    As for the Star Wars game mentioned – it is teen rated, and a player is required to have a valid game account to play it – so they must either be a legally competent adult, or have one who signs the agreement. It’s not a kids game and kids cannot just play it.

    It’s just the same brand of ill-informed, poorly educated nonsense panic that we have seen before over rock’n’roll music, heavy metal, dungeons and dragons and all the other things that the dimwitted are instructed to hate.

    Now the bible…that SHOULD be banned – the amount of incest, child abuse, pornographic images and incitement to violence – make it a demonstrably dangerous thing that should be removed from the hands of the ignorant and easily controlled.

    1. Are fundies really so oblivious that they think Star Wars was previously an exclusively hetro universe.
      C3PO is camper than a row of tents and I’ve always wondered if he and R2D2 had a thing going.

      1. Spanner1960 5 Apr 2012, 8:43pm

        Well Anthony Daniels who plays C3P0 is openly gay.

    2. Three cheers for censorship. :/

      1. Hyperbole – A concept that you don’t grasp.

        The point, dear, is that the buy-bull seethes with EXACTLY the kind of content that they tend to protest, but they have sufficient cognitive dissonance (and ignorance) that they don’t even bloody notice.

  5. And that’s without even mentioning the rugby/american football games they make. I heard that it’s like gay porn!!! :P

    1. Spanner1960 5 Apr 2012, 1:15pm

      No. That’s rugby. (apparently). :p

      1. No no. You obviously haven’t heard of the bonus level where all the players strip off and get down to it. At least the American Football game sends out a positive message for the kids though. They always have their helmets on ;)

  6. It is fantastic to see such a straight-male dominated area still defending same-sex relationships in their games. Well done EA.

  7. Spanner1960 5 Apr 2012, 1:13pm

    Actually, this isn’t quite how I read it.
    I’m no gamer, so I can only talk on hearsay, but apparently various characters can “hook-up” with others, and some had mentioned in previous versious they wanted them to include LGBT relationships too, so EA has obliged.

    Apparently, if someone comes on to you and you decline, you can lose points or gold stars or whatever they have, and many don’t like the idea of getting off with the same (or opposite) sex.

    All I can say is, it’s only bloody game, so maybe you should just grow up and do something a little more constructive with your lives, you hopeless bunch of losers… LOL ;)

    1. I’ve played some of Bioware’s other games that contain gay and/or lesbian romances – there’s absolutely no penalty, because they want you to play the game however you want, within the confines of the story. The character you turn down might like you a little less, but it’s easy to recover from, and fairly inevitable – no one likes being rejected.

    2. That’s not how it works at all Spanner1960. Speaking as an informed “loser” – it’s all about choice, how you chose to play is up to you. Nothing is forced on you. Which is as it should be ;)

      The fuss, as always, is down to a small vocal group of people who really have nothing better to do with there lives then bitch about stuff they haven’t really bothered to get the facts on.

      1. Spanner1960 5 Apr 2012, 8:36pm

        I was just having a bit of fun about the ‘loser’ thing.
        If games are your bag, go for it. x

    3. Actually it’s not quite like that. To be honest it’s quite romantic. You decide who you’re attracted to and if you want to pursue a heartbroken gay man who just lost his husband in an alien attack because you admire his strength and commitment to duty, before the final battle you will have massively gay sex :D
      It’s not corny, it’s very emotional. The sex isn’t particularly pornographic per say (shame :( ) it’s naked people with all the good bits hidden slowly moving towards each other until cut to black then post-sex talk. There’s nothing to be outraged about, it’s just EA and Bioware like they did with Dragon Age 2 (where anyone can fall in love with anyone even if it’s gay because nobody cares or sees gender as much of an issue) have decided that being able to romance same sex characters creates greater equality so that you aren’t stuck romancing a woman thinking ‘ewww, no, don’t touch me, ewww’ if you’re a gay man, or the reverse for gay women.They’re just reflecting real life. :)

    4. I mean the same people who are ‘Outraged’ that there are gay influences in computer games are probably ‘Outraged’ that there are gay influences in real life and ‘Outraged’ that there are gay people in real life. To Christians, If you believe in God you should probably take it up with him, you believe he created the human genome right? Kinda put alot of gay into it… You got a problem with there being gay things that exist, quit complaining to people who aren’t listening and take it up with the God who created homosexuality and homosexuals in the first place. And made them 10% of the population almost all of whom until very recently came from two straight parents. If you killed every gay person on the planet (not saying it’s a good idea) and none of them had the children, do you know what the percentage of gay people in the next generation would be even without any gay influences in entertainment, media or anything. That number is 10%. Learn. To. Accept. Reality….

  8. This is just stupid and pointless, all of the games that I have played that have had a gay storyline, you could only get to by doing selecting certain response’s within the convo’s. So any kids “exposed” to these storylines, are done so by their own actions. Instead of writing latter’s of complaint about it, maybe they should talk to their children, and ask them why they are selecting responses that lead to the gay story lines. They could find some think out about the child!

    1. Thats ment to be “letters of complaint”, also sorry bout any other errors, not this it today :(

  9. September Meadows 5 Apr 2012, 1:33pm

    I don’t know why either side is including the T since it is only the LGB that are obviously being represented in EA games.

    1. LGBT is an umbrella term. Frankly, the whole lot comes to me as muscle memory whenever I start typing. I know that there are issues that sometimes don’t always affect all people under that umbrella. I don’t know anyone who habitually removes the letters that are not in play . Blood transfusions, for example, is an issue of no relevance to me as a gay woman, should I edit the community of LGBT down to just the relevant letters every time I talk about it?

      Fair question, honestly intended.

      But go ahead, explain to us how EA could represent T people in their games? I honestly don’t know the answer, it’s not my life, and I wouldn’t wish to project.

      1. I have actually encountered a fantasy videogame (along the lines of Final Fantasy) in which your bespoke avatar has the option of changing gender at one point by drinking a magic potion.
        Can’t remember the name of it, but a techie friend was showing me a particular level. Can’t remember who made the game either, but they do exist.

        1. Jade empire, awesomly enough, another bioware title.

      2. Bridget in the Guilty Gear fighting series if I’m correct. If nothing else he is a cross-dresser that has fighting skills lol

      3. Mr. Ripley's Asscrack 5 Apr 2012, 6:51pm

        Time for the transexual community to get their collective handbags together (sexist and presumptious!) and break away from people who’ve never really understood why you were included in the first place (stupid generalisation)! Fight the good fight etc, accentuate the positive ;-)

    2. Scot Lovely 5 Apr 2012, 4:05pm

      You can usually choose the gender of your character in computer games and virtual worlds, and what they wear too.

      1. Spanner1960 5 Apr 2012, 8:45pm

        ‘Gender’ does not define sexuality.
        As enny fuul on here kno.

  10. Good on EA.

    Why are parents so against this anyway. Many games out there involve graphic scenes of violence and gore. You would think they would be more against these things than if their children are able to choose on a game whether they enter a loving relationship with a person of the same sex. I for one am a gamer and have never played any of the mass effect games but really want mass effect 3 because I can feel like a part of the game rather than trundling along to a straight story line where the hero gets the girl.

  11. Well done EA, LGBT people are part of society and should be represented throughout. If children (like my neices, nephews and children of friends) are brought up with gay people around them as part of everyday life, they accept this is the norm and do not develop or harbour prejudices.

    1. Yes and I bet those people who are outraged about gay influences in entertainment would be outraged to think their children would grow up accepting of gay people and not harbouring prejudices…
      They probably also think gay influences in Games will turn their sons and daughters gay…
      And then it’ll have to be off to some radical Christian anti-gay camp where they’re brainwashed into being a miserable member of society who can’t understand why at 25 they suffer from erectile dysfunction with their wife and keep feeling all funny around the mailman who winks at them…
      When does it get better? When the hell does it get better?

  12. As a gamer it is very welcome news that there are gay characters starting to appear in games.
    The people complaining should take the time it takes to bitch about it, in the usual misinformed and bigoted way, and try some parenting, ie. supervising the games their kids are bringing home for suitability, if you don’t like it, don’t let them play it, simples!
    Thanks to EA for representing a much maligned minority in a bold and brave way.

  13. I don’t know where these people get their information from, but there is already a LGBT history in Bioware games, so they are continuing their policy rather then doing something new

  14. If I were into video games I would rush out and buy as many as I could afford, mind you that could be silly. Anyway, the main thing is they are standing by the LGBT community and I applaud them for doing so.

    1. Paddyswurds 5 Apr 2012, 2:39pm

      All my nephews and nieces and various others will be getting EA games for their birthdays and Saturnalia gifts this year. Good for EA. Down with religious bigotry.

      1. Good idea, now I jsut have to find out the types of games my little rascals like! So many to chose from but EA games all the way, thats for sure!

  15. Nathaniel 5 Apr 2012, 2:13pm

    As a gamer and player of both Mass Effect 3 and Star Wars the Old Republic I have to say this: Neither game is aimed at a young audience (as in kids). Both have a pretty high age restriction (ME3 is 18+ I believe) and feature scenes of destruction, torture and killing.
    Star Wars isn’t exactly kiddie-friendly either (only Episode 1 can really be called that, and it still features violence).
    In essence, this represents both bigotry and I have the feeling that these groups think of video games as only for children, which is not the case anymore.

    1. You illustrate perfectly the ridiculous contrast inherent in discussing subjects like sexuality in Star Wars. A friend of mine plays Imperial Agent in the game and told me about a choice she made that led to loss of life on a planetary scale. And every step of the game involves killing something or someone. And that’s pretty normal for a video game.

      And yet, because they come from Puritans – and they try to pretend it is still who they are – people in the US piddle their pants over same sex relationships (which are actually not running in Star Wars yet and are planned for the future).

      Honestly, I find it ridiculous when people get more upset about sexuality between consenting adults than about violence (although video game violence is fictional and there is no evidence that it influences anyone…)

  16. Yet again, that absolute thinking that seeks to distance “homosexuals” from normal human beings, in this case from the parents. Well Tony Perkins, I’m a homosexual AND a parent. Gasp!! We do exist. Frankly, if my son wants to game I am happy for him to choose hetero or LGB, and yes, T if it could also be included, and as a responsible parent, it’s my job to make sure he’s safe and not being damaged in some way by his play choices. Frankly, despite his sexuality or gender orientation as it eventually shows itself to him and us, I can think of a whole lot worse things to role play than having the capacity to walk around in shoes that he or may not wish to keep for his own, but that might help him to better understand others.

    1. Well said, Amanda.

      People like Tony Perkins are less worried about children and more concerned about their control over society fitting their mould – and excluding anyone who does not fit into that mould. They are more concerned about control and manipulation than they are childrens welfare.

      Usually, parents are the best judges of what is right for their children. Good parents allow children to reach their own knowledge of their own orientation etc as they grow and learn about themselves and society. Good parents are keen not to restrict their children’s awareness of the diverse range of types of different people and cultures that exist in society and are keen to see their children flourish into well adjusted people who interact with and contribute to society in a positive and dynamic way. It sounds like this is your intention. It sounds like EA recognise this is a parents role (but also take responsible action re violence etc as a game manufacturer).

      Good luck with your son!

    2. They are a hate group opposed to anything they deem to be “normalising” gay people, I.e. leading to acceptance of them. Because they think this is against their particularly delusional idea of “God’s plan”.

      1. Singapore Sam 5 Apr 2012, 2:44pm

        This game will probably be banned in Singapore, like others have been with gay content. This is a country where even the TV broadcasting code sounds like the Old Testament, and where anything that is deemed to be “normalising” or “glamorising” homosexuality is banned from the screens. Not because they don’t know that it can’t turn people gay, but because such fundies have an unhealthy influence on the government.

      2. Paddyswurds 5 Apr 2012, 2:49pm

        …..”Because they think this is against their particularly delusional idea of “God’s plan”.” ….. Actually no, Oscar. “Gods Plan” has nothing to do with their hatred. Their entire rason detra is to control their fellow human beings and the only use the Abrahamic cult delusion for their own aggrandisement. Few of these hater actually live their own lives as dictated by their “holy” book.

        Does anyone know how to change the Pink News dictionary from the stupid and wrong American version to the correct British English? I am really getting fed up with this American Zee as they call it popping up every time an s is required.

    3. One would think that a group called the Family Research Council would have done their research and discovered many happy, healthy, and loving families. They may have also uncovered the harm done to those families by bigotry under the guise of ‘protecting families and children’. Hate groups come with such nice sounding names.

      1. …happy, healthy, loving gay-parented families…single parent families, gay and straight, families of all stripes and colors…

  17. Cramly Stoo 5 Apr 2012, 2:16pm

    Deflecting the blame again EA?
    Try harder.
    This didn’t actually happen.
    Don’t buy into their lies people.

    1. Deflecting the blame for what exactly? Why would EA generate bogus letters of complaint about their own product? Your comment makes zero sense.

      1. Paddyswurds 5 Apr 2012, 2:53pm

        Its Keith the TROLL…Don’t feed it….

      2. Mr. Ripley's Asscrack 5 Apr 2012, 8:38pm

        Flapjack – they do it all the time! All press is good press, I’m even thinking of buying the games now! See, works every time!

        1. Mr. Ripley's Asscrack 5 Apr 2012, 8:45pm

          Disclaimer alert! “They” as in generally speaking and generically intended. It is not a specific reference to EA in particular; they are one of the better games houses out there (…and curse my stupid hand for stupidly pressing the stupid return key instead of the backspace!) Doh!

      3. For publicity, they done it with Dante’s inferno.

    2. I’m always skeptical about big producers talking about contraversy after that Dante’s inferno protest turned out to be a set up by EA to boost sales. I’m glad they’re just ignoring the protests but to be honest anything bad that happens to this absolute tw-t of a company is a good thing.

    3. Mr. Ripley's Asscrack 5 Apr 2012, 8:16pm

      For what it’s worth:
      Usually when people write disconnectedly without explanation –
      Consequences are, that normal people, don’t understand you.
      Knowing this, you should append a further comment to explain (wtf?)
      Or at least to let us know that you have now taken your medication
      For the lithium brings you peace
      For the peace brings us knowledge.

  18. Father Dougal 5 Apr 2012, 2:22pm

    So these NOMbies think it’s alright for people to kill eachother in cyberspace but not to love eachother. Just like in real life. What crazy people.

    1. Yes, it’s. New variation on “kill him, don’t kiss him”

  19. “Remember Sodom”? Are these ‘protestors’ for real? No wonder they want to remain anonymous.

    I wonder if the fact they believe they’re descended from an incestuous coupling excuses their evident inbred qualities…

    1. Not a lot 5 Apr 2012, 2:35pm

      I always take the Sodom stories with a large pinch of salt. With a pillar of salt in fact.

    2. I thought that was a pretty mad way to sign off. For a start you’d need to be in excess of 4000 years old to ‘remember Sodom’, at least the ancient Old Testament myth they’re alluding to.
      Like Woodstock, if you can remember Sodom, you weren’t really there.
      If it was me I’d be tempted to send them back a polite letter telling them to remember to Sodoff.

      1. And again, heh.

      2. haha love it! Though Sodoff is too polite!

  20. They don’t want children to ‘participate’ in homosexual content. But shooting people, cutting them up with chainsaws, running over people in cars, chopping people in half with light sabres, blowing entire cities up with nuclear bombs. Of course, that’s all okay.

    1. You forgot f@&king prostitutes (straight ones of course)

  21. Spanner1960 5 Apr 2012, 2:44pm

    So they want gay people to be represented in games just like they do in real life huh?

    Well, unfortunately, it looks like you will have to put up with ‘virtual homophobia’ too. Just like real life.

    1. Having admitted that you have played neither of these games, perhaps yo u should keep your comments on a theme you _can_ actually talk knowledgeably about?

      1. Mr. Ripley's Asscrack 5 Apr 2012, 8:50pm

        See how sarcasm comes across when typed and cold on a screen: Spanner is cracking a joke, you gormless one of the new age. That’s why I always use irony and tactlessness. Perhaps U shud lern 2 spel b4 talkn stupid abt nolig.

        I laughed out loud, genuinely.

      2. Spanner1960 5 Apr 2012, 10:59pm

        I admit I know nothing about games, but I probably know a fck sight more about real life than you do.

        Why don’t you go back back to burying your head in cyberspace and leave the real life stuff to those of us that know what we are talking about?

  22. Paddyswurds 5 Apr 2012, 2:51pm

    Does anyone know how to change the Pink News dictionary from the stupid and wrong American version to the correct British English? I am really getting fed up with this American Zee as they call it popping up every time an s is required.

    1. What on earth are you on about? Are you still referring to the -ize spelling the Oxford English Dictionary uses?

      1. He could be but ize is the US way and can be changed if they wanted to. A trivial matter all the same!

      2. Paddyswurds 5 Apr 2012, 3:27pm

        ….Wrong…….. -ize is Americanised English, not Oxford English.

        @D McCabe…
        ………How can one change it to correct English or do you know?

        1. Paddyswurds, you obviously don’t have a copy of the OED. As any other editor will tell you, it’s you who are wrong (rather laughably so in this instance, I fear). If you don’t believe me, go to their site:

          For your information, the shift to the -ise spelling in the UK was a 20c trend.

          1. Paddyswurds 5 Apr 2012, 8:02pm

            Led by the (wrong ) American version.which does not make it the correct one Are you a Yank by any chance?.. But i am not a sheep and i will use the version MY Oxford Concise English Dictionary uses. Websters American dictionary uses -ize and I do own both. I was able to change the dictionary for facebook and Firefox but can’t seem to manage it on this site… Anyone got any ideas….. I’m real;ly not interested in any further argument from you Rehan so desist if you don’t mind.

          2. Spanner1960 5 Apr 2012, 8:42pm

            Oh fck right off.
            “ize” is Americanised.
            PN just hack chunks out of American net-text and post it verbatim.
            ‘z’ was NEVER true English.

          3. Sometimes I really can’t believe the fvkcwits people make of themselves, especially when it’s glaringly obvious they know nothing about the language they purport to speak. Just OPEN YOUR OED AND LOOK AT IT, you fools!

            (Spanner1066, if you can read, I suggest you start trying a little harder.)

          4. Led by the (wrong ) American version

            No Paddyswurds I’m not a ‘yank’ nor, fortunately, am I Hibernian. And my 2nd 1993 edition of the OED, all 13 volumes of it, I can assure you promotes the ize spelling, as the OED always has. I suggest you invest in a less cheap version yourself.

          5. ‘1993 2nd’ I meant (dammit).

    2. Paddy, I am an American and you have hurt my feelings. I’ve got to go find some chocolate. LOL

      1. Paddyswurds 5 Apr 2012, 8:16pm

        Have some Galaxy; it is scrummy and there is an offer of a large bar for a £1 right now.. Sorry I don’t intend to be horrid to my American cousins but I prefer to use the English spelling I spent so many hours learning in junior school……and for which, i am proud to say I won a Spelling Bee……

        1. Spanner1960 5 Apr 2012, 11:04pm

          They don’t have Galaxy, they only have tacky crap like Hershey’s. And anyway, I was milk monitor and my Dad is bigger than your Dad so ner.

    3. Stephen Glasgow 5 Apr 2012, 5:53pm

      I’m not really a computer gamer, but the little experience I have had suggests that most of these games are basically “shootemups” with some of them actually quite violent. What does it say about our society that this violence is acceptable entertainment, but an act of love is not? Surely we’ve got our priorities all wrong?

    4. Spanner1960 5 Apr 2012, 8:39pm

      Pink News doesn’t have a dictionary. That’s down to your browser.
      If their content is full of Americanisms, then that is more likely down to their cut ‘n’ paste journalism and hacking big lumps out of other people’s editorials and claiming it as their own.

      1. This from someone who clearly has never seen a copy of the OED and thinks the ize spelling is only American, as opposed to old-fashioned Greek-oriented British.

        ‘Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt’, as they say.

        1. Spanner1960 6 Apr 2012, 11:27am

          Americanisms are an insidious corruption of the English language, and should be avoided wherever possible.
          It is obvious a lot of the copy on this site is lifted wholesale from other sources, often American, and it shows by the sloppy construction and grammar that we have come to expect of those not brought up on correct English.
          Oh and ‘British’ is not a language, Greek-oriented or otherwise.

        2. Spanner1960 6 Apr 2012, 11:36am

          There is no such language as “British”, Greek-oriented or otherwise, and the language is simply English. Any other form is simply a pidgin corruption of the real thing, and the sloppy hacks that cut and paste this bilge should know better.

          1. Yes, you’re quite right there, I left out a word: I meant ‘British practice’ or ‘convention’. But I do suggest you limit your pontificating to subjects you have a greater knowledge of.

    5. Mr. Ripley's Asscrack 5 Apr 2012, 8:58pm

      Judging by the idiot responses here (minus score and everything!), I feel it only prevalent to tell you that what you are talking about is your own default dictionary on your PC to blame and not, in fact, PN! Look for your system settings (both on your browser and your PC settings) and change default dictionary to English UK (but I think it still comes up with the dreaded american spelling!) But we’re all a bit tired of the americans, I know how you feel! xD

      1. I agree, Mr Ripley

        However, my browser is set to English British GB and still produces IZE for organize (when I personally think it should be organise).

        Language is a fluid and evolving thing and I suspect as we get older we become a little set on our ways but (on the whole) I regard ise as English (GB) and ize as English (US).

        Just like I would never spell colour, without a u.

        So my supposed English GB dictionary is not very good (IMHO)

        1. Please note (for the 100th time), the Oxford English Dictionary, which many if not most people accept as the ultimate authority on English, does and always has opted for the ize spelling.

          1. I was taught to use “ise” and it seems correct to me. It is also relatively more recent than “ize” and to me, speaks of the evolution of language – that it is a living and changing instrument.

            Several major newspapers and magazines in the UK use -ise. The Times had been using -ize until the early 1990s, when it decided to switch to the -ise spelling. The BBC use ise rather than ize.

            On the OED website they actually state:
            “Many verbs that end in -ize can also end in -ise: both endings are correct in British English, though you should stick to one or the other within a piece of writing. For example: finalize/finalise; organize/organise; realize/realise. This website spells these words with the -ize ending, but the main dictionary entries for the verbs show that the -ise spelling is also correct.”

            I prefer ise, although out of laziness sometimes online I let spellcheck run with ize – even though I perceive this as American English.

          2. Paddyswurds 6 Apr 2012, 10:55am

            …..Thank you Stu. I was also taught British English and spelling and I am not about to change because the Johnny come lately Yanks dictate otherwise. I think it is shameful that some here advocate such moves, but in my opinion the Yanks are being allowed way too much sway. I will continue to spell as i was taught. Again, Thanks Stu.

          3. Yes Stu, I know all that. What I find exasperating is when crusties drone on about ize being ‘incorrect’ or an ‘American corruption’ when, as you quote, even The Times preferred that spelling until the 1990s.

          4. @Rehan

            I hope I’m not a crusty at 37! ;-)

            I think the OEDs view that both ise and ize are acceptable in what they term “British English” is fair. There is an element of personal preference to it. My preference is strongly for ise. I perceive (rightly or wrongly) ize as American.

            I have no gripes against our American cousins, but I like my British identity.

            Is this really a sign of me getting old???? ;-)

          5. Not YOU, Stu! No, by crusties I mean the ignorant who think there is and always has been only one ‘correct’ form of English, and in this instance don’t even realise that the one publication they cite as an ultimate authority is at odds with their own perception of what’s a corruption (people who clearly never read the Times when they were younger).

            Incidentally I love this wrangle, since with my friends I’m usually the one that’s seen as the crusty and this puts me in a positively rebellious light!

          6. @Rehan

            I do like debating use of language. My ex was always on the side of “the rules say this” and I would always explain that language is living and evoilving.
            Thanks for saying I’m not crusty ;-)!

      2. Paddyswurds 6 Apr 2012, 10:37am

        @Mr Ripley…
        ….Yea i already done that and it work fine on every other program and application I use but annoyingly doesn’t on PN. Grrr. Thanks anyway .I guess I will just have to work with it the way it is but it is just so annoying getting the red line all the time when I know It is correct. I usually just “add to dictionary” so it will eventually be ok.

        For fyi (others.).. I have a 1977 Websters Dictionary and a 1984 Oxford Concise English Dictionary not that I need them……

        1. So what does your 1984 OED say for realise [which, incidentally, is my preferred spelling], for example? My other one-volume reference edition (1995, reprint 2001) says: realise … (also -ise).

          Note the principal spelling. While ize is now undoubtedly not the preferred UK convention, there is nothing ‘un-English’ about it.

          1. DAMMIT – Muphry’s Law strikes! I mean it says: realize … (also -ise).

  23. Besides, there’s PLENTY of other things to harass EA for. glad they won the Golden Poo award. I really hate them as a company but at least they’re doing something right.

  24. Katie-Kool eyes 5 Apr 2012, 3:43pm

    Those letters to EA are so double standard, I’m not even sure where to begin.

    I play the Star Wars game, and it’s alot of fun. Havnt played the Mass effect 3, but the trailers etc seem ok.

    The letters rabbit on about “we need to protect our children” etc etc. Well, if you’re THAT concerned about your childs safety, why are you letting them play games over the internet!!!

    Secondly, the game goes along a story line (as a few do) where you have to make choices. An example would be:

    There is a prisoner, do you 1) let him go, or 2) kill him. So its perfectly acceptable to have children make choices like that, but it’s not ok for them to see same sex content?

    secondly, the letter didnt seem bothered about the idea of a blue squiggly thing falling in love with a green blobby thing, but apparently, when it’s two people of the same sex, suddenly, it’s gone too far???!!!!


  25. GingerlyColors 5 Apr 2012, 4:05pm

    It depends on how you play some of the games on whether you have LGBT characters in it. Take the EA Games ‘The Sims’ for example. I like to create encourage gay relationships among the characters I create in it.
    If people do not like EA’s games then I suggest that they don’t buy them.

  26. Gil Grissom 5 Apr 2012, 4:15pm

    Funny how that band of religious nuts seems to conveniently forget the encouragement of rape of prostitutes in games like Grand theft auto! But of course, they write ‘remember Sodom’ (as someone who has studied theology) what actually happened was that the men threw the women out to offer them for rape…how…erm…lovely! but they like to ohso conveniently forget that part dont they.

  27. It’s good that they’re standing up but with the amount of games it sells a few thousand letters isn’t harrassment, it’s barely worth mentioning.

  28. So, now the homophopes are targeting virtual same sex relationships. What next…gay dreams…and gay thoughts? Just shows how redundant these people are…Well done to EA for standing up to them.
    Matt Kane is absolutely right …most people will not support hate messages. Once again the homophobes prove how out of touch they are.

    1. Oh, you know if they only could, if they had the means and the political backing they would ban gay thoughts, haha. The nice thing is, they’re completely insane, they’re irrational to the point that it’s hilarious.

  29. Yeah, nobody’s really all that scared of the Religious Right’s feeble little outdated write-in campaigns anymore (except maybe the FCC, which is itself a relic).

    They used to have the power to bring corporations to their knees, but not so much anymore. We were basically defenseless against attacks like this for decades, because we had nothing to counter their network of churches and direct mailing lists. But then the internet came along and changed everything.

    Now it’s like, oh, so you can send in a few identical form letters from a handful of old biddies at the speed of snail mail. Well aren’t you the plucky ones. We can organize massive boycotts, buycotts, pressure and awareness campaigns, with hundreds of thousands of participants and audiences of millions overnight. They still don’t know what hit ’em.

  30. Mass Effect 3 is a 15 rated game,legally enforced by the same regulator that rates films. Having played through Mass Effect 3, this rating is appropriate due to the violence and mild relationship interactions such as kissing and a few second bed scenes (of gay and straight couples). So, if the parents are so concerned over game content that their children are “exposed” to… why are they letting them play age restricted games in the first place?

  31. I am with EA on this and I hope everyone who reads the comments here will lend your support to EA because it is time for equality to reign, even in virtual reality. EA is making a brave move and it is worth respecting them for that.

  32. Google E.A. stock and see when the original article was published in relation to their stock value. They have just been proclaimed “Worst Company in America” by a consumer website and so they’re just doing damage control. It’s all about money for them.

  33. Adam Denton 5 Apr 2012, 8:54pm

    This is a pretty good PR spin by EA.

    People have been complaining about ME3 for a wide variety of reasons, mostly just because it’s a pretty bad game, but they’ve chosen to exaggerate the one issue on which they can be said to have some sort of moral high ground.

    The vast majority of people sending hate mail to EA at the moment are doing so simply because they’ve ruined a well loved series by cutting corners in development and writing a really sloppy ending.

    What EA is trying to do is equate all criticism of their company’s handling of ME3 with homophobia – which it’s not.

    I implore the intelligent members of the LGBT community to not allow themselves to be manipulated by shallow corporate suits.

    1. Well I’d be the first to agree that there’s a difference between legitimate game criticism and a bunch of bigots whinging about the inclusion of LGBT avatars.
      This article was concerning the latter… criticism of the game is a seperate topic for another forum.

  34. Lumi Bast 5 Apr 2012, 9:39pm

    1-If I had a gaming PC, I wouldn’t have bought SWTOR until they added the same sex romance options in
    2- Nobody’s forcing anybody to participate in same sex romances. It’s OPTIONAL
    3- Sodom was a fictional story, along with the rest of the Bible/Torah/Quran
    4-Children shouldn’t be playing SWTOR

    Thank you EA :) Continue to make same sex romances available in all your games that have romances :)

  35. Lumi Bast 5 Apr 2012, 9:45pm

    To the people criticizing people who play these games-

    I’m a huge video game fan, and I can balance a job and a social life while still playing them. It’s no different than spending your time watching TV/movies or reading.

    1. Spanner1960 5 Apr 2012, 11:07pm

      Sorry, but no. I know people that are TOTALLY immersed in this crap to the point they would probably have a colostomy bag and an IV drip fitted so they didn’t have to take time out to go to the loo or eat.

      1. Now that’s sad. I’m not talking about that. For me, even though I’m a huge video game fan it’s just a hobby, I still have good hygiene, eat properly, get exercise, work, have a social life. Even if I had a game like SWTOR I would make time for that stuff.

        1. Spanner1960 6 Apr 2012, 2:01am

          So did I, but then I took an arrow in the knee…

  36. “Remember Sodom.” Hmmm…bit difficult for two reasons, the first being that no one today was alive when it supposedly happened. The second being that it didn’t actually happen. Fundies be braindead, as ever.

  37. I enjoyed Mass Effect 3 and the romance was handled well
    I am willing to bet that the bigots don’t care about LBG kids or that there’s many different games which has murder, stealing etc
    I’ve played GTA where there was a gimp suit and dildo to kill people with for example

  38. Hey America, can you like cut it out already? Youre ruining Western society….

  39. KatieMUrphy 7 Apr 2012, 1:27am

    Tony perkins heads the so called family research council, a hate group. He is a known racist and was friends with david Duke , a known Kluxer

    the founder of the FRC is a George Rekers, who got outed last year when he took a male prostittue with him to Europe on a trip – to ”
    carry his baggage”

    BTw the male prostitute “lucien” – rented from check their website – its about $15000 for a male escort for two weeks.

    1. KatieMUrphy 7 Apr 2012, 1:30am

      BTW there was a big flap with the so called million moms (about 1-2 thousand xtian haters when Starbucks came out in support of gay marriage etc

      petitions against starbucks totalled about 24000 or so to their corp HQ

      Petitions supporting starbucks support of gay people totalled 325000

      More an dmoe people are learning about the haters. Most of whom are secretly queer (I dont use that term loosely btw)

  40. Zack Veril 7 Apr 2012, 1:20pm

    For anyone who wants to thank EA for standing up to these homophobes, Allout has a thank EA petition:

  41. Just some random psycho sending threatening letters for kicks. And the CEO of EA is not the nicest man on the planet, apparently.

  42. You are all being fooled, this is a PR move by EA to compensate for recently winning the Golden Poo by being chosen as “Worst Company of 2012”, beating Bank of America.

    This is how they’re enacting damage control to save their image, by pretending to be victims of homophobia.

  43. To think of all the things happening in the world and a group of Christians have decided to protest about homosexual characters in a VIRTUAL capacity. Never mind the famine, poverty, water/food insecurity and child abuse, that is present on this earth – fictional homosexual characters are obviously a bigger threat to society. Call me naive, but I’d like to think that God loved everyone. It almost makes me laugh that some people think homosexuals choose to be gay – as if anyone would CHOOSE to go through all the prejudice, criticism, discrimination that you encounter when openly admitting ”I’m gay”. Are you serious? It’s like saying someone choosing to be black or Jewish. Being gay is biological. We are conditioned to think that only a male and a female should be intimate with each other – a fiction which has been fed to us since childhood; Barbie and Ken, Homer and Marge, Shrek and Fiona….it’s about time kid’s are educated that it’s just as normal to be gay as it is to be straight!

  44. I love EA games!! Seeing my Shepherd court Cortez was so heartwarming and exciting my usually,’non-gamer’ bf became a convert. Now we want the Star Wars game! I hope other gaming companies go in the same direction.

  45. Thank You EA for doing the right thing. I think what your doing is great.

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