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Chile: Discrimination law moves closer after gay man’s death

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Reader comments

  1. Such a tragic loss, but his memory will be associated with this brilliant progress.

  2. Utterly disgusting that so many voted against, but thankfully they were (just) a minority.

    1. Yes, I was shocked by that too – hold a minute’s silence, then vote against a protective law. Sheesh.

    2. The reason of them for voting against, is because they didn’t want the law to be approved the way it is right now, It has to be improved. So by voting against, they were reassuring that it would be sent to debate. This is actually the position of LGBT groups in Chile. The right wings voted in favour, because they wanted to pass the law as it is, without the new provisions that are going to be added (as one of them said “it’s the lesser evil”).

      1. Diego –

        This is not how it was reported in the news.

        If this is true, then we have all made the mistake of condemning the wrong people, and we should praise those who voted against the bill.

        What exactly are the new provisions that you are talking about?

        Can you support your comment with a legitimate reference?

        1. I live in Chile, I’m currently studying Law and I’m member of an LGBT group called “Iguales” (equals). They explained us everything about the anti discrimination law in a meeting we had last weekend.
          The law was going to pass anyway becasue it had already the support from a number of (what you would call) MPs. But with the death of Daniel, and the outrage form public opinion, the provissions to this law now seemed more achievable (even the own president talked about introducing them in a veto).
          If you want further reference I can answer whatever you want. Cya :)

          1. I did find the website for ‘=Iguals”, :), but there was no information about this issue in English.

            So those who voted against the bill were in favour of LGBT rights, and they wanted those rights to be defined more precisely through debate.

            Do you believe that representatives of christian institutions voted for or against the bill?

            And, does this new law advance our cause or not? What is the public opinion now?

          2. The anti discrimination law, as it its right now it’s not very useful because it only allows to put higher sanctions in a crime against vulnerable groups (for example LGBT). But it doesn’t provide previous actions if someone is attempting to discriminate me, or it doesn’t force the state to make public policy regardind discrimination. It also gives a higgher status to other rights, like the freedom of religion.Those are a few of the things that are going to be changed in this debate, and they have the agreemente of the president so I guess they’re going to be added.

            The public opinion is still very touched about Daniel’s death, but there had been some criticism regarding the actions employeed by the main LGBT group in our country (Movilh), this criticism even comes from the other diversity groups which think they used Daniel’s death as a sort of “reality show”.

          3. I appreciate your input on this story, and I sincerely hope that Daniel’s horrific death will serve as a reminder that minority groups such as ours are extremely vulnerable without the support of universal human rights legislation, as well as anti-hate legislation.

            Best regards…

          4. ‘because it only allows to put higher sanctions in a crime against vulnerable groups (for example LGBT). ‘

            This I don’t agree with. Yes, there should be no discrimination against anyone whatsoever, but I completely disagree with creating higher penalties for crimes committed against a person purely from being from a minority. It instantly creates a massive gulf in the law, a two tier which helps to give the right wing more ammunition and helps nobody. The way I see it, a crime is a crime is a crime- the penalties for which should not be determined by who you are or where you are from. To do otherwise would make a mockery of the maxim: ‘All are equal in the eyes of the law’. In an effort to appease, equality has actually been compromised here.

  3. A narrow win but a win all the same. Now to get the reforms in place and educate people that prejudice in any form is not acceptable!

  4. The 56 who voted ‘NO’ should hang their heads in shame and disgrace! Wonder how many of them will be at Mass on Sunday?

  5. Father Dougal 5 Apr 2012, 2:13pm

    Sad that it so often takes such a tragedy before people realise that something has to be one.

  6. Beach Boy 5 Apr 2012, 5:07pm

    Why dose it take a disaster like this before they make it better for all? There needs to be a campaign to MAKE IT BETTER for all LGBT people not just a “It will Get Better”. Make it Better will do just that make things better for all LGBT people before another child murdered or kills themselves because they are gay. This campaign will involve all religions and governments to act before not after another child is lost to hate and madness just because they love the same sex.

  7. Lumi Bast 5 Apr 2012, 9:40pm

    So sad about Daniel :(

    I wish EVERY country not run by Islam (they won’t change, at least not for a long time) would have completely equal LGB rights

      there is an obvious link with jihadists

  8. What on hell is it that gay men cannot already do for them to claim for more rights? The right to die in shame?

  9. The anti discrimination law has now been passed by Chamber of Deputies –

    BBC World Service a couple of nights ago said the Pope opposed it – not found anything about that yet

  10. Finally, some good news. It’s just sad that it took a murder for this to even be considered.

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