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Voters appear to reject gay and trans protections in Anchorage

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Reader comments

  1. Paddyswurds 4 Apr 2012, 6:17pm

    More xtian, homophobic, bigotry from the land that time forgot. The USA really is becoming the laughing stock of the modern civilised world. And this is the country that sends volunteers overseas to “civilise” the world. It is no wonder that Africa is in the mess it is .

  2. Ironic that LGBT personel in the forces risk life and limb in the name of freedom?

  3. Alaska – the state that elected the Quitter from Twitter to be their (half term) Governor. Says a lot about them.

    That they “ran out of ballots” also beggars the question of whether or not we should send the UN in to scrutinise elections in the US in future, as their approach and management seems pathetic, if not corrupt.

  4. I live in Anchorage and had to listen to nauseating radio advertisements against the proposition. As if that in itself was not discrimination, I wonder what is. The opponents said is was poorly written, they managed to confuse the gun toting, bible reading and mullet wearing public to vote no. The biggots have won again. World: one step forward, Alaska : 2 steps back!

  5. A sad time indeed for the people of Alaska! Shame on the senate, so much for the land of the free!

  6. Anchorage, the nasty city.

  7. ATTN all queer men, women and trans folks living in Anchorage – LEAVE NOW! Leave that hell hole. It is a City run by cavemen that drag their whore wives along the ground. Join the fight! FIGHT BACK! Viva a la Anarcho-queers!

  8. indiancowboy 7 Apr 2012, 4:56pm

    It’s a disgrace to put a topic like this up for a vote. It’s about basic human rights. No other groups are subjected to a vote about whether they can be discriminated against or not.

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