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Over 640,000 thank Starbucks for equal marriage support

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Reader comments

  1. Errr, thanks for piggybacking on the issue for PR starbucks????

    1. Katie Murphy - ex cath family 4 Apr 2012, 11:58pm

      Thanks starbucks – for treating gay people with love and respect

      And effectively outing the hate of NOM, a creature of the catholic and evangelical churches

      The only thing missing from their hatred is a call for sending gays to hitler’s ovens

      Though early in NOMs carreer, the had a rally with signs showing “solution to gay marriage” and two nooses.

      Say sieg Heil to Nom and its german pope who did the following

      1. “Thanks starbucks – for treating gay people with love and respect”

        What a pity they don’t treat their own staff with love and respect – you know – by paying them a living wage.

      2. Holocaust denial shouldn’t be a crime. It’s an utterly stupid opinionto hold, but that’s all it is. An opinion.
        You think if there was no money or PR involved in this that starbucks would be supporting it?
        Do we really want the help of people who WILL abandon the cause if public opinion swings?

  2. What a truly tragic story.

    Democracy in the US is truly dead if people are grateful to multi-billion dollar corporations (who refuse to pay their staff a living wage) for supporting basic civil rights.

    It simply proves that corporations have perverted democracy to such an extent that people feel grateful that they behave in a reasonably human manner.

    Starbucks are like an itchy rash on our high streets – spoiling the individual nature of every street they appear in.

    1. Spanner1960 5 Apr 2012, 9:40am

      Perverted democracy?
      Either something is democratic or it isn’t.
      You can’t have “majority rules” except in certain cases, such as human rights. It’s about time people realise that democracy is not the nadir of human expectation, or the model we should base our society on.

      1. OK – just to clarify.

        The US is no longer a democracy.

        The democratic processes and governance have been purchased by unelected corporations (with the full knowledge and approval of the government.)

        The US is now little better than a sham democracy in the way Russia is.

        In Russia there are elections every 4 years and thanks to widespread fraud the dictator Putin steals the election.

        This type of fraud does not occur in the US.

        But it does not need to. Because regardless of who gets elected, they will not be working for the American population.

        They will be working for scummy corporations like Starbucks.

        1. Spanner1960 5 Apr 2012, 2:40pm

          dAVID “The US is no longer a democracy.”

          Was it ever one?

  3. I hope that Starbucks in the UK gets behind the campaing for equal marriage

    1. I was thinking the same!! I know our government are talking about it, but something like this would give it a massive push!!!

    2. I would prefer if Starbucks stayed well out of the marriage equality debate.

      A coffee company’s opinion on civil marriage equality is as irrelevant as a religious cult’s opinion on marriage equality.

      Scummy corporations like Starbucks should stick to abusing their employees and leave the rest of us alone.

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