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Man arrested after stabbing at Jessie J party

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Reader comments

  1. Why is her bisexuality highlighted like that? It isn’t relevant to the article in any way.

    1. Benjamin Cohen 4 Apr 2012, 11:30am

      because we need to explain why it’s on a LGBT website!

      1. so had the performer been straight it wouldn’t even have popped up here?

      2. Had the men involved been LGBT then I can see why it would be relevant to PN readers…….

      3. Jessie J has previously mentioned on Twitter that she hates being referred to as “bisexual Jessie J”

        maybe we should all stop with the labels at some point, it’s irritating!

      4. I think it is on this website because you were there Benjamin

  2. It wasn’t even a Jessie J party – it was a Blackberry launch party where she played and had left prior to the stabbing…Pink Paper really needs better editorial staffing practices…

  3. Pointless article

  4. Wow, a tenuous connection to a LGBT person? BETTER STICK IT ON PN!

    Almost as bad as the article about them removing ‘Lady Gaga breast milk ice cream’. If the article isn’t actually about the person and to do with their sexuality, why, why, WHY should there even be an article about it?

  5. So we can now expect tenuously linked coverage of all and sundry, as long as a PinkNews journalist was in attendance, or someone gay happened to be there? This could turn into a fun parlour game: pick a news story, any news story, then “gay it”!

  6. VERY VERY ANNOYED 7 Apr 2012, 10:52am

    These comments are disgusting. Sorry if this article is not “gay” enough for you but maybe when you have all finished bitching and moaning about it you should spare a thought for the tragedy that happened that night. Keep your vile, selfish, nasty and “pointless and irrelevant” comments to yourselves next time and show some respect for this mans family.

    1. Wow, way to miss the point, there. Maybe when you’re done with your self-righteous temper tantrum you can join the rest of us.

      Yes, this was a tragedy, no one’s disputing that, but it is in NO WAY relevant to a LGBT website.

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