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Gay couples file suit against DOMA in New York

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  1. Thank God! That is the only way people will listen, file a law suit against DOMA and any and all anti-gay hate groups like NOM. They are evil and want to destroy gays. We have to fight back now that they have made us the target and we have no real choice but to fight for our Equal and Civil Rights as well as Human Rights for All LGBT people around the world. The Christian hate groups are taking the names and numbers of the LGBT people so they know who to target. We need to do the same, get the names and numbers of every anti-gay hater and target them where ever they are. We are fighting for our freedoms, gay freedoms and for the gay children who are going to be enslaved by anti-gay Christians and Muslims if we don’t fight for our freedoms and rights now. Now is the time for all LGBT people to take their God given right to be equal with others.

    1. God has nothing to do with being equal in America. Gay people are way down the priority list in that country, and while there are always small victories in individual states, federally, gay people are a long way from being recgonised, let alone their foreign spouse. I should know as after completing a BA and an MSc at a US university, I was still refused permission to stay – immediately crushing a five year relationship with a partner I would have been with for life. So, “God given” rights are not applicable for folk like us, but we (or rather, gays in the US) must continue to keep challenging politicians who on the grounds of “God” refuse us rights that should simply be ours!

  2. Jesus needs a GAY blowjob 3 Apr 2012, 10:39pm

    Stick the BIBLE up your ass!
    Separation of CHURCH & STATE redneck

  3. Sick of morons with a keyboard 4 Apr 2012, 2:59am

    You’re an uneducated fool. Jesus claims love and acceptance of everyone – yes, INCLUDING gay people – and as far as I’m aware, Christians are supposed to mimic Jesus and follow in his way. You are a god damn hypocrite.

  4. the way i see it who needs a church to get married take the church out of the equation a pilot or sea capitan can marry people and dont need to work for a church because the churches think they can run everything well they are wrong and i say no one has a right to bring god in to and issue between people and the state or anything like that anything about the so called god should stay in a church where it belongs. churches have no idea what allowing same sex marriages will cause they only have ideas that are not even proven yet they are shoving it down peoples throats like anyone really cares cept people raised to be so amazingly religious and ignorant of others

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