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US student loses court bid over prom policy

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Reader comments

  1. Such timing. Indeed. Now where have I heard stuff like that before? Same old same old. Just what you could expect from the lawyers I think.

    1. Don’t mix in lawyers. From southern bigots.

  2. Spanner1960 31 Mar 2012, 1:59pm

    Hmm, you’re up against a stacked deck in Georgia. However, maybe the kid was just bloody useless and this is all coincidence.

    1. Chester666666 31 Mar 2012, 3:04pm

      I think they are trying to hide their homophobia
      the lad doesn’t seem useless

  3. It was the unnecessary attack by the school’s attorney that suggests the administrators do not have clean hands. There was no reason to sully him personally; that was an act of retribution.

  4. Evergreen 1 31 Mar 2012, 5:12pm

    Thank god I live in the uk!! Everytime I read these stories coming out of America I wonder how it can still be called “the land of the free!! “

    1. keepin' it real 31 Mar 2012, 5:40pm

      This isn’t about a country. I live in Canada and I could say the same thing about the UK whenever I read about the quest for equal marriage. Why disparage an entire country for one story when similar stories come out of the UK. This type of comment is only appropriate when there is a huge disparity in the laws of each country. In this case, it would seem to me that both the US and the UK are fighting similar issues at the moment. Therefore, a comment like this strikes me as more than a little hypocritical.

      1. Well, we do have civil partnerships in the UK, and goods and services non-discrimination regulations, whereas the US has no such provisions on a national level (indeed, it has that nasty DOMA thing at a that level, and until recently DADT). Only a handful of its administrative subdivisions have local same-sex marriage laws and non-discrimination provisions while many more have nothing of the kind. We’re merely fighting for equality of nomenclature here, over the pond they’re still fighting for equality of substantial rights. The two are hardly comparable.

      2. keith farrell 1 Apr 2012, 6:34pm

        I agree, there is still a lot of work before we have full equal rights but it seems that the US which they say is the land of the free is not free, the people are not given the same basic rights, that we can take for granted, just the right to live and love someone of the same sex can it would seem get you killed in the US

    2. Well I suspect that similar things could happen in UK, if someone wanted to dismiss someone. The law is an ass, as they say. You have to be astute to use the law in your favour, but the timing in this case speaks volumes.

    3. Exactly, given that it is still acceptable to shoot a guy for walking whilst black, it’s not surprising they don’t think it is a problem to silence another for speaking up about gay rights.

      1. @Sevrin, I fully understand your point and support gay rights. However, this lawsure if not about gay right just like Nathaniel Lack admitted. Lacks are just using gay rights to serve their own agenda, and try to get free ride to get into better college after the son was denied for early admission of the University of Georgia. Ivy league is what they want, but Reuben Lack’s GPA, SAT score can not help him into any decent US college.

  5. I bet he called the school administrators “homophobes” just like they clearly are.

  6. The student body president, I presume, was elected by the student body which the school administration has summarily overridden. The student was doing such a poor job as student president that the school waited until he tried to promote a gender neutral prom to decide that he was so bad he needed to lose his position. No surprise the judge ruled as he did. And not simply because he is a southern judge. Schools all over the US have fought against recognizing LGBT students in any way.

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