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Video: The offensive anti-LGBT TV ads airing in Alaska right now to oppose Prop 5

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Reader comments

  1. One wonders if they’re so steadfastly against this bill, why they couldn’t get real actors/people to play in the commercials…

  2. Utterly offensive disgusting and misleading propaganda.

  3. Jock S. Trap 30 Mar 2012, 2:15pm

    This message paid for by Protect Your Rights and Freedoms….

    Notice they’re wanting to protect themselves…. but what exactly from?

    A badly discriminating message… shameful language used by bigots! Disgusting!!

  4. You underestimate the vastness and stupidity of the American flavor of an addle-minded, Christian hypocrite.

    They will swallow anything and do anything that will protect their myths, paranoia, and bigotry. This includes denying basic rights so they can maintain their delusion of superiority. All they have is name calling and FUD as weapons.

  5. if they are such a tolerant city then they wouldn’t lose customers … their argument is flawed.

    1. “Anchorage is already a tolerant city” – As though it’s a burden and they’ve already reached their limit. “Noooo!!! We couldn’t possibly be more tolerant, we’re ready to bust!!”

    2. Colonel "hot lips" Smythe-Fortesque 30 Mar 2012, 3:32pm

      Also, they wouldn’t lose customers since all gyms etc would be subject to the anti discrimination measures. Unless they think people will stop using all public services.


  7. There is another one which attemps to say prop 5 will discriminate against ‘gays’ as they will be forced to hire straight people…

  8. Katie-Kool eyes 30 Mar 2012, 4:53pm

    More adverts from this wack job group.

    I can honestly say, I hate them, and everything they stand for!!!!

  9. I´d vote NO!!!!

  10. I could see why someone might be offended by the third ad but I really don’t see what’s so bad about the first two.

  11. Can someone dub over a funnier soundtrack?

  12. Apart from the obvious misleading advert and hate it is swirling up it is completely stereotypical. The advert uses the most prejudiced “gays” to reinforce its message. Seriously the gays in these adverts annoy me more than anything because they are so typical of what these groups think

  13. Great adverts, can we have some like that here in the UK ? Please?

    1. For what? The UK is a representative democracy. Our legislature contains the only people who vote on these things, and they’ve already made their minds up for one side or the other.

      By all means go and waste your money if you like though. As a bonus you’ll be hauled up in court too. Happy days.

  14. Spanner1960 31 Mar 2012, 6:15am

    I can understand the transexual one in the gym to a degree, but the others I find confusing. Anyone should be able to work anywhere, and how did transvestites get into this?

    1. How do you understand the transexual one?

    2. Thomas Alex 3 Apr 2012, 2:04am

      Do you even know what transgender is? We’re not talking about drag queens who dress up for fun, we’re talking about human beings living they way the were made.

  15. Eric Riley 2 Apr 2012, 9:08pm

    Anchorage is already a tolerant city…

    So let’s make it less so?

    That’s the takeaway message I get from these ads, anyways…

  16. Vote no, although this is probably the most simple explanation possible of the bill its right, If someone believes being gay is wrong due to there faith then how can you FORCE then to overlook that in the work place? that the crime here

  17. I like how the trans people are all very hairy men… Seriously, it’s a bit ridiculous.

    Though, there are some points that need to be ironed out on the other side – they have legitimate arguments as business people, as be very ‘gay friendly’ can narrow the clientèle you receive, though as long as the law is enforced properly and everyone stays under the same restriction, it won’t happen – though, as a side point, it being a ‘tolerant city’ it probably won’t make a difference.

    Also if a straight person goes through the whole application into a gay bar, or a gay guy into apply to a Christian book store. I doubt there’s going to be much of an issue there.

  18. I love how the transperson is a hairy guy in a skirt. I am still not sure why people use that to represent transpeople. What about transmen? And beside most transwomen I have met want nothing more than to remove said hair… This representation reminds me of transamerica the movie. The actor was butched up to be made to look more “real”. Whatever that means. I shower and play on a women’s soccer team, not a single person has asked me about my gender or sex. I have been with both men and women. My current partner didn’t know until I we were six months into our relationship. When will the representation of transfolk get more realistic and show more than the stereotypes. No wonder people get the wrong impression. In addition… I don’t think I have worn a dress in four years… if ever, maybe a skirt for an job interview (ick).

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