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Mother of 9/11 hero responds to Carson Daly about ‘gay stereotypes’

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Reader comments

  1. Well done on her for speaking out!

  2. Daly, you got OWNED.

    1. He didn’t get owned.

      He still has his job!

      He SHOULD be fired.

      1. When did gay people become the new champions of ending free speech? Have we forgotten that WE were the ones people wanted to silence for centuries, and that freedom of speech works both ways?

        I used to think Carson Daly was an idiot. Now I’m sure he is. I am not interested in his apology, nor do I believe it for one minute. He may think he is an ally of the gay community, but he is not.

        But since when is it okay to fire someone for expressing an opinion that differs from your own?

        1. You clearly don’t understand what freedom of speech is.

          Freedom of speech has NEVER meant freedom from consequence.

          Freedom of speech simply means that the government won’t jail you for expressing an opinion.

          Carson Daly exercised his right to be a bigot. Others are just as entitled to request that his employer sacks him for his bigotry.

          1. Spanner1960 31 Mar 2012, 11:21am

            And equally entitled to treat the whole thing for the joke it was meant to be and not get into fits of apoplexy and faked ‘offence’ every time somebody takes a pop in your direction.

        2. Robert in S. Kensington 30 Mar 2012, 6:15pm

          Imagine the outcome if he’d made similarly offencive jokes about ethnic groups. There would have been public uproar and condemnation by the government. Straights get a free pass when its gays who are their target and butt end of jokes. I’m not so convinced he’s that committed to rights for gay people after this. He knew damned well what he was doing and it was really cheap shot, disgustingly so.

          1. Spanner1960 31 Mar 2012, 11:22am

            Well they wouldn’t have by me. If you are a member of the public, minority or not, you are fair game as long as it was meant in good humour and not maliciously.

  3. Jason Brown 30 Mar 2012, 3:53pm

    ‘I’m not that guy. I’m proud to be an ally of the LGBT community and will continue to fight with them’


    How can you fight with us when you’re being part of the problem?

  4. This story really proves how utterly useless GLAAD has become.

    GLAAD’s sole purpose seems to be working on behalf of homophobic bigots like Carson Daly, to allow the bigots to protect their careers.

    Carson Daly needs to be fired. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

    And if GLAAD had any useful purpose then they would understand that there needs to be consequence for bigotry.

    It’s like the FA – they pretend they are against homophobia. But they refuse to punish homophobic football players.

    Until bigots like Carson Daly reaklise that their career will be ended by being a bigot then there is no incentive for him in not being a bigot.

    He knows full well that GLAAD will save him. They’s write a meaningless apology for him and the whole thing will blow over.

    If it was not for the time difference between the US and the UK, then I expect this story would have been published yesterday. – the website where you read tomorrow’s Pink News stories, but today.

  5. Dennis Battler 30 Mar 2012, 4:11pm

    This discourse of hero-cast-typing is missing the most fundamental point. Living one’s life aligned with one’s sexual orientation of gay is heroic – every minute of every day – IS heroic.

    Every day gay men and lesbians enact their courage to be them selves in the face of pandemic cultural and systemic ignorance. Walking daily in the shoes of heroism of being one’s self blatantly feeds heroism. Being in a situation calling on acts of heroism is exactly when the likes of Carson Daly would be fortunate indeed to be amongst gay men and lesbian in the face of a pilot-meltdown on a plane OR on the ground in any form of threatening meltdown.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 30 Mar 2012, 4:21pm

      Well said, Dennis, I totally concur.

    2. Yes, very well said. Subscribing to societal norms of heroism is not the only way in which to be heroic.

    3. Spanner1960 31 Mar 2012, 11:24am

      Oh fck OFF!
      I am not a hero simply because I am gay. No wonder so many queens out there have such fcking great chips on their shoulders and think everyone owes them a favour.
      Get down from that cross, somebody needs the wood!

      1. Spanner1960. What is your problem. If you have nothing constructive to say then I ask that you say nothing at all. I totally agree with Dennis 110%. It takes a lot of courage in most places in the World (not just America) to be gay. To let people know who you are and to face the atitudes and abuse of mindless bigots every single day. Take you rose tinted glasses off and spare a thought for our Brothers and Sisters in other countries who are severely opressed and indeed killed because of their sexuality.

  6. Village Spartans 30 Mar 2012, 5:23pm

    Mark Bingham, player of the San Francisco Fog (the gay rugby team), is also the person whom the gay rugby world cup is named after.

    The Bingham Cup celebrates it’s 10th anniversary this year and will be held in Manchester, welcoming gay rugby teams from all over the world.

    Alice Hoglan (spelt correctly), Mark’s mother, was the person who presented the first ever trophy at the Bingham Cup in San Francisco 2002.

    In a twist of fate, it was Mark’s team, the San Francisco Fog that won the first ever cup.

    This article was poorly researched, from the team Mark played on to the spelling of his mother’s name.

  7. I don’t want to risk the ire of my fellow commentators but I am sad that there is such anger on these pages about this clumsy and insensitive comment. Of course he shouldn’t have said it. Of course it is revolting stereotyping that should be obsolete BUT it was a joke for which he has humbly apologised. His “joke” and his apology have created a fair amount of useful publicity which will hopefully further educate people who think it’s ok to broadcast homophobic statements. Let’s be angry about the ones who refuse to apologise and would not dream of calling themselves allies of the LGBT community.

    1. He would not have had to issue an apology if he had not already been a bigot who got caught though

      1. Sometimes it takes something like this to make someone confront their bigotry. I am giving his apology the benefit of the doubt. The kind of comment he made was one we may all have laughed heartily at if uttered by Alan Carr or Scott Capurro. Well, I would have, anyway.

        1. I’m with you Cal. Sadly, PN is full of hotheads who demand extreme sanction for any perceived slight. Sometimes we need to just relax instead of screaming for vengeance. Clearly what he said was a bad attempt at a joke, based on stereotypes (like lots of jokes are), but I don’t want to hang a man based on that. Obviously others think differently.

    2. Dr Robin Guthrie 31 Mar 2012, 3:27am

      Some of us are tired with it.

      The perpetual fight

      We have one shot at life.

      That is it. One shot.

      You mother suffers agony to sprout you out, and then you grow up and lo and behold you find that you like and love men.

      Then you find that everyone hates you and you will burn in hell.

      Next comes the discoverance that even though you pay your taxes, you do not have the same rights.

      Then you discover that its all because the idiotic beliefs of people who believe in nonsence.

    3. I have been putting up with this glib hatred of gays for 50 years. Enough is enough.

  8. “I”m not that guy.” This seems to have become the new “Some of my best friends are gay…” Yes, you ARE that guy. You have a problem called homophobia. Deal with it.

  9. Good on you Mrs! Let’s talk real people, not cheap stereotypes.

  10. Alice Hoglan…. You are wonderful. If only this world had more people like YOU.

  11. He should be fired. Now.

  12. drunk as a... 31 Mar 2012, 10:53am

    If anyone thinks his apology is anything other than a PR worded dribble of verbal diarrohea they are seriously deluded.

  13. Spanner1960 31 Mar 2012, 11:19am

    I think people should lighten up and get a sense of humour. Let’s be honest, many gay men DO live up to the stereotype and coudln’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag.

    OK, so I’m not one of them, I’m 6’4″ and 200lb and I’d knock seven bells out of anyone, and I know many other gay men like that too, but please, I wish people would stop sticking their heads up their own arses over some trivial little comment. Had it been some drag queen saying it in a gay bar you would have laughed at it just like everyone else.

    1. Had it been some drag queen saying it in a gay bar you would have laughed at it just like everyone else.

      Not necessarily, many people find stale stereotyping boring wherever it comes from but, all the same, you surely must know by now that jokes made within minorities are licenced in a way jokes made about minorities are not: this applies equally to Jews, black Americans, British Asians, Greek-Australians etc etc.

      1. Spanner1960 31 Mar 2012, 2:03pm

        Says who? What damn difference does it make?
        That’s like saying you don’t get homophobic gays or racist blacks; it makes no sense.

        The bottom line is intent – whether the joke is made in jest, or if they are being actively malicious. It’s the same as laughing with, rather than laughing at.

        1. It is widely understood – just as certain US black men can call each other ‘nigga’ but wouldn’t for a second put up with being called that by non-black people.

          How can demeaning stereotyping from someone who isn’t gay be “laughing with”? A ‘joke made in jest’ indeed – pfft.

          1. If a drag queen had restrained the pilot it WOULD have been funny.

          2. Ben Foster 31 Mar 2012, 2:33pm

            mmm not sure about that.

            does anyone know WHY the pilot went off the deep end like that?

          3. Spanner1960 31 Mar 2012, 10:07pm

            A joke is either funny, or it isn’t.
            If a straight guy guy tells a gay joke to a room full of straights, it’s just as funny as a gay guy telling the same joke to a room of gays.

            It’s just your po-faced PC sensibilities that refuse to accept it.

  14. If that was meant to be a joke, he needs to work on his act. It wasn’t even funny.

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