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Connecticut man alleges past gay relationship with American baseball star

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Reader comments

  1. If they had a relationship then there is no reason in the world for Christian Bedard not to write a book about it if that’s what he wants to do

    Just because Carl Pavano is a famous baseball player and in the closet does not matter.

    If the relationship happened then Pavano has absolutely no right to expect others to maintain his closet for him.

    All that notwithstanding Bedard sounds like a nasty piece of work – if he wants to write a book then he should simply do it – he should not try to use blackmail to extort money out of someone.

    If Carl Pavano is actually gay or bisexual, then he should come out and admit it. There is no reason in the world for him to be in the closet.

    1. Colonel "hot lips" Smythe- Fortesque 30 Mar 2012, 2:29pm

      Well he’s not in the closet anymore is he.

      If he want to write kiss and tell, he should come over here and work for our lovely tabloid press, known the world over for their integrity and fair play. And not hacking anyone’s phones or emails at all.

      1. No he’s not in the closet any more.

        He’s rather foolish though.

        Being outed must be a lot tougher than coming out voluntarily as you don’t control the information or the timng.

        If he had been involved in a 3 year gay relationship then there is no excuse in the world for him to still be cowering in his closet.

        He doesn’t like in Uganda or Iraq or Jamaica or some other place where he could be in serious danger for coming out.

        1. Spanner1960 31 Mar 2012, 2:14pm

          Yeah, and how long do you think he would last in professional US sport?
          Would you give up that pay cheque? Get real.

      2. Spanner1960 31 Mar 2012, 2:15pm

        We don’t do “Kiss & Tell” in the UK.

        We call it “Shag & Brag”.

  2. I wonder who was the pitcher and who was the catcher…?

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 30 Mar 2012, 3:05pm

      Probably the catcher. A lot of those macho males dabbling in bisexuality often want to play the submissive role.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 30 Mar 2012, 3:12pm

      I would guess he’s a catcher. A lot of those macho type males dabbling in bisexuality often like to assume the passive role. I’ve met several over the years, most of them married.

  3. Navy with tan seats?

    1. Quite. Imagine being in a relationship with someone with such tastes.

  4. Colonel "hot lips" Smythe- Fortesque 30 Mar 2012, 2:24pm

    Well that simply isn’t cricket, old bean.

  5. N wonder people choose to stay in the closet. This Bedard creep is exactly why.

  6. For those of you that are not American, the professional sports players here are much like your footballers. (soccer to Americans) There are no greater homophobes and this will have a serious impact on his baseball career. It is a shame but true. If this Bedard guy really cared about Pavano he would not have done this. The motive, as is always, greed. I do agree with dAVID however as far as just write the book if he is going to. Bedard sounds like a power and control freak too. Good luck to Mr Pavano.

  7. We only have Bedard’s word that he had a three-year relationship with Pavano, which says nothing about sex. But I suppose that one would need to buy the book for details. They were teenagers and teenagers are noted for experimenting with a lot of things. Also, professional baseball is ahead of other professionals sports in acceptance so, even if true, this may not affect Pavano’s career. Also, what is Bedard’s motive for writing a supposed tell-all book if not simply for the money? Bedard does sound like he is not a particularly nice person.

  8. Jim Fields 30 Mar 2012, 5:21pm

    lol ok unless we have had sex with him ..which we havent .. and unless he comes out and said yes I am whatever .. how can we assume he is gay ..I know not speaking about this ..makes him sound like he is quilty as charged but its his life not ours .. and it would e great for us if he did come out .but if you are out you know you do it in your own time and place .. and another point how many of us are out .. truly out
    I am .. and not ashamed of it . …so here we go …. come out come out wherever you are

  9. What is this pitcher supposed to apologize for?

  10. Classy

    Some queens are bunny boilers

  11. Dangermouse 30 Mar 2012, 9:46pm

    I wish I could get my Ex to buy me a new Range Rover, any colour would do !

  12. Spanner1960 31 Mar 2012, 2:13pm

    It’s taken the guy 20 years to come out with this crap? The man should be arrested for blackmail.

  13. Kiss and tell, really encourages staying in the closet and taking up stamp collecting. Few things worse for LGBT.
    The only exception is when a homophobe who uses his public position to disseminate homophobia is involved.

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