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Video: Abercrombie & Fitch’s new campaign featuring gay kiss – and some wrestling

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Reader comments

  1. It’d be a nice ad if it were guys I’d want to look at.

  2. Stylish and seductive tho seems a little more about macho posturing than about the clothing itself, seeing as they are only half dressed! I like it though

    1. Of course it is. Have you ever seen an A&F ad that is about the clothes. They know exactly what there doing. The clothes are bollocks, so lets distract you my showing you a half naked man. Plenty of people clearly lap this up! I have no objection.

  3. and it’s a kiss on the forehead for god’s sake – not a real one

  4. Sexy young men. So natural, and no posing here. (The problem with irony is that most people don’t get it)

  5. This wouldn’t make me want to buy their clothes… adverts are weird.

  6. i thought it was really sexy!

  7. PinkPolitico 28 Mar 2012, 7:27pm

    It’s certainly a departure from World of Sport wrestling on Saturday afternoons..although the weekly display of bear hugs and body scissors from such hunks as Steve Veidor and Danny Collins certainly attracted its fair share of gay male fans..

  8. colonelkira 28 Mar 2012, 7:58pm

    My grandmother kisses me sexier than that!…….

    Repeat after me……..I will no longer pander to the gays!……LOL

  9. I didn’t notice the clothes…

    1. I don’t think you were supposed to. Even A&F shopping bags just show some bare-chested boy.

  10. Beautiful looking ad – I like his photography.

    Looks like something Madonna or Pet Shop Boys might have done back in 90s…

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