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Union for Progressive Judaism supports gay couples marrying in Australia

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Reader comments

  1. I am loving these people and all other religious organisation who support full marraige equality. They are the ones who will progress religion forward for those who are gay and wish to remain religious

  2. Who cares.

    This intervention is most unwelcome.

    Religion’s opinion on civil marriage equality is utterly irrelevant and unnecessary.

    And by allowing progessive religious cults like this one to participate in a discussion on civil rights, then it automatifcallly means that bigotted cults participate also.

    The message needs to be repeated to ALL religious cults:


    1. I don’t know if you don’t get this but members of a religion are also citizens. They have just as much right to a say as we do. Whether that be by themselves or through their religions spokesperson. And frankly the more relgions that wish to speak up in favour of equal marriage the better. I welcome their support, regardless of what I feel about religion.

      1. Of course members of religious cults are citizens.

        But when they speak as a cult rather than as individuals they are attempting to insert their absurd belies into a civil rights debate. And that is absolutely NOT the business of religious cults.

        Religion at its core is undemocratic as it positions the followers of a fictional set of beliefs as being ‘above’ everyone else, and also because religious cults invariably try to impose their beliefs on ALL of society.

        CIVIL marriage equality has NOTHING to do with religious cults – irrespective of whether the cult in question is tolerant or (more probably) viciious, bigotted and hatefilled.

        1. The religion is purely speaking on behalf of the majority of it’s members. Whether it’s one spokesperson or 1 or more individual who make the point, the point is still going to be largely the same. And the point should be respected and heard, not dismissed as absurd. If a person takes comfort and guidance from a belief there is a God, the Bible is true or whatever then they deserve to be respected the same as anyone else. Everyone gets their beliefs, values, morals from someone or somewhere

          1. Therfore you agree that a religious cult’s opinion on marriage equality is not any more relevant than the opinion of a the British Stamp Collector’s Society’s towards marriage equality?

          2. For what you would define as being any more relevant I would say they are equally relevant.

    2. It matters because a high profile religious group speaking out in favour of marriage equality weakens the arguments of those that would use religion against us. Of course neither religious group’s opinions should carry any weight in the final decision, but unfortunately there is a particular line in the propaganda war being waged against us that the pro-equality religious entities are going some way towards countering. I for one welcome their intervention for that very reason.

      1. Wrong – it simply allows religious cults to get the idea that their opinions matter to anyone other than their followers.

        Why can’t ALL these moronic cults accept that outside their cult building their opinions on ANY matter are uninvited and unnecessary.

        Religioh is a cancer that destroys. It has NOTHING of value to offer the world – only division and despair

        1. Have you noticed your writings on this subject have a somewhat evangelical fervour about them?

          The world isn’t a binary place. Possessing a competing idea to one’s own does not make that holder of that idea wrong.

    3. This dAVID is probably just a NOMbie type mole trying to sow division and hatred. Ignore him.

      1. No I am not.

        I am just firmly of the opinion than religious cults should have no involvement in civil rights considering that ALL religious cuilts are undemocratic groups who follow nonsensical works of fiction.

  3. Good news for equality in Australia.

    But I’ve always been puzzled why right wing Tories are referred to as the Liberal Party over there. Is it intended ironically?

    1. It certainly sounds ironic, but I believe it refers to economic liberalism, which is conservative, rather than social liberalism.

  4. Archbp Susannah York 28 Mar 2012, 1:26pm

    So there ar millions of Jewish people who have no problem with a gay-friendly interpretation of the Torah/ Old Testament.

    Yet many so-called Christians rely on it for their condemnation of gay people. But then say it does not apply to the things they do like, such as bacon, because it was overruled by the New Testament.

    Well if so many Jewish people have no problem with gays and equal marriage, why should it be a problem for any Christian?

  5. Union for PROGRESSIVE Judaism? They endorsed same-sex marriage about 15 years after URJ did in the US and URJ was late on the issue. Thanks for the support but that’s hardly progressive. As Jews, we need to be out front on issues of equality and I am out of patience with those who are not.

    1. How many members does the Union for Progressive Judaism have in Australia.

      is it more than 5,000 people.

      Let’s get some context here.

      Progressive judaism is a minor religious cult in Australia

      The largest religious cult in Australia is the catholic cult which numbers millions of Australians in its ranks.

      The catholic cult remains as cancerously bigotted as ever.

  6. GingerlyColors 28 Mar 2012, 4:47pm

    Note also the article about the Progressive Christianity Network who are calling for marriage equality as well. I would like to see progressive Muslims throw their hat into the ring as well.

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