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Public meeting to discuss MP who asked if Shakespeare would be rewritten if gay couples marry

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Reader comments

  1. I saw this article/video on the BBC

    and what I liked was the old lady saying she had no objection to SS marriage and also the father with the gay son who said if his son wanted to get married then he was supportive of SS marriage.

    If we can get these types of people speaking up against bigots like Gale then I’m really hopeful.

    1. I wish you wouldn’t refer to our detractors as bigots. They’re ****s.

      1. If you’re using the word I think you’re using, I find them rather lovely and would much prefer the word bigots was used.

    2. It’s absolutely bewildering that the BBC even decided to cover this non-story in the first place. How is it important news to the public to show one bigoted MP mouthing off against equal marriage, using such a ridiculous excuse for an argument? They also read out ignorant comments from viewers supporting the man as well, whilst only reading two really short ones from people who disagreed. It’s just more proof they’re giving deliberate and unfair overexposure to equal marriage opponents, as stated in the article that appeared on Pink News last week.

      1. Jock S. Trap 29 Mar 2012, 2:52pm

        It suits the BBC because they are clearly backing the church and against marriage equality…. now how impartial is that?

  2. I like how he goes on about not wanting to change the laws of his faith for his own convenience. Yeah, fine. But he can still legally GET married. I can’t, Church or otherwise. That’s the bloody point. Does he not know this?

    1. No, he doesn’t want to change the law of his church, just to ignore it for himself. The law of his chrurch didn’t stop him getting divorced and then committing adultery (as they would see it) with (at least) two other women (and who knows about men?).

      He just wants the law of his church translated into the civil law and to be enforced against the LGBTI’s.

  3. I think he ought to be forced to resign. His behaviour brings his party into disrepute.

    1. The tory party – disrepute…who’d have thought it? :)

  4. Does the sea air have some effect on these conservative politicians, here’s another conservative going bonkers

    1. Trish Kirby 29 Mar 2012, 7:51am

      Don’t you just love how all these people seem to have ” gay friends “?

      1. Not for very much longer at this rate.

        1. Unless these gay friends are tory party members/supportes or people like chris biggins and david starky

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 29 Mar 2012, 12:41pm

      Bigots always claim they have gay friends as if it gives them an exemption from being accused of homophobia when they make outrageous, homophobic statements which is what Chichester’s comments are really all about. Odd isn’t it how none of his so called gay friends have publicly spoken up in support of his claim or co-signed his letter to Cameron? What are they ashamed of I wonder?

      1. The example I usually quote when people use the “I have gay friends …” line, is that some of those accused of the murder of Stephen Lawrence claimed they had black and Asian friends, that does not make me consider them any less racist – so the presence of (real or imaginary) gay friends by a homophobe does not prevent me identifying them as a homophobe!

  5. Lieberdavid 29 Mar 2012, 12:47am

    And, of course, Shakespeare was himself gay – how many straight men write romantic sonnets to a young man?

    1. Well, bisexual ones might…

  6. Good job he doesn’t know how old Romeo and Juliet were or he would have a seizure.

    1. Or that Juliet was a boy.

      1. Paula Thomas 29 Mar 2012, 2:35am

        OH? I had always thought that Romeo was a girl…

        Ho Hum

      2. Traditionally played on stage by a boy, but it amounts to the same thing ;)

  7. Dave North 29 Mar 2012, 1:47am

    And we all know what will happen next.

    He will scream “Christian Persecution” and victimhood.

    Christian Concern and other such creatures will crawl out of the woodwork in support.

    The Odona monster that lurks in the Telegraph will add to the chaos and no doubt the Daily Mail will pick it up also
    offering no end of links to the C4M website.

    I love the statement he said that “The bible will be rewritten”

    Well excuse me Sir. It has been re-written, re-interpreted over 2000 years from hearsay from desert dwelling idiots that knew no better.

    Presently it is still perpetuated by robe adorned goons who do NOT have a phone line to a god.

    My biggest concern.

    My job is being outsourced to India.

    I spend £350.00 per month for petrol.

    My Electricity and gas is £280 per month.

    My GP is useless and on £240,000 and I cannot get an appointment due to bl@@dy immigrants, and this man is quoting Shakespeare.

    Tend to your Constituents.

    1. It’s almost gone too expensive to get married , buy a home and have children anyway but at least our GPs will be able to and the rest of us can just move in with our parents’ unmortgaged homes and live off their pension…

  8. jamestoronto 29 Mar 2012, 2:43am

    As my very straight dear departed grandfather would say “WHAT A CROCK OF S—T (but he would not use the SH–T word he would have said WHAT A CROCK OF Cr@p” “You cannot change the bard – What was written was written and it was written for all ages,”

    These words have no age, no time, no death — his words will go on forever well beyond your time and mine as well – but they will go on – without the insult of this cretin. Because he spoke of love – LOVE – a concept of his you are sadly unaware of. (Ended with a preposition which I am sure rebuked for. (OOPS)

  9. johnny33308 29 Mar 2012, 3:57am

    It is obvious….he’s a turd….

  10. According to the BBC and Thanet Bloggers the date of the meeting is the 12th April and NOT the 19th as stated here.

  11. GingerlyColors 29 Mar 2012, 6:38am

    Is there no limit to the rediculous comments that bigots come out with to oppose marriage equality? Even though they are on the losing side, why can’t they enter into rational debate?
    Don’t worry, the Complete Works of Shakespeare are safe even if we do win marriage equality and I doubt that Stratford will crumble into the River Avon.

  12. A public meeting? Why on earth would you give a platform to such an obvious idiot? His suggestion is so utterly stupid, a public IQ test would be more revealing and informative.

    1. To expose his idiocy and undermine his influence?

      To demonstrate the hatred that he is trying to perculate in society?

      To ensure the local constituency party are placed under pressure to deselect him?

      To use leverage to encourage Cameron to discipline him, potentially include removing the whip?

  13. Sir Roger is a big fan of marriage, he’s currently with wife number three.

    Heh. Funny how he doesn’t wonder if Shakespeare, the Bible etc need to be rewritten because civil remarriage (for mixed-sex couples) is lawful.

  14. Where will it end if civil marriage equality is introduced ? will husbands and wives be reduced to being called duck and rice? pot and kettle? frog and lettuce?

    Divorcees should never have been allowed civil marriages so they can do it all over again and again. I say ban civil marriage for divorcees otherwise before very much longer the divorcee lobby will be suing clergy and churches who refuse to marry them and people will want to marry their siblings, their pets and their favourite pieces of furniture, or even several of these in polygamous/ polyamorous marriages.

    Ban divorcees from remarrying, it shouldn’t be allowed.

    1. well said Pavios- I once laid a table…but it’s not like the real thing! : )

    2. Quite – it’s not so much a slippery slope argument as a waterflume.

  15. What is more “stalinist” than preventing consenting adults being legally married?

    Isn’t this a party of small government and individual freedom?

    1. Excellent point.

  16. I welcome the comments from Ian Driver of Thanet District Council, particularly when he mentions there is no place for bigotryin Thanet, especially from MP’s

    We need more local councillors like him too!

  17. Why has Pink News not approached either Matthew Sephton or his group LGBTory to enquire if they support the expulsion of homophobic extremist Roger Gale from the Tory Party, for his BNP style attitudes.

    Pink News is really behaving oddly here.

    Whenever LGBTory are granted permission by Tory HQ to have an opinion on some issue, Pink News breathlessly reports the story.

    However when yet again another homophobic extremist crawls out of the woodwork in the Tory Party (on average once a week) LGBTory remain deafening in their silence.

    LGBTory is peopled by trraitors to our community.

    LGBTory clearly comprises of pathetic, weak, quisling Uncle Toms who are happy to throw members of their own community under the bus.

    So why is Pink News ignoring this?

    Could it be because of Pink News’s right-wing Tory bias?

  18. Jock S. Trap 29 Mar 2012, 2:50pm

    Good and I hope positive action can be taken against total bigot!

  19. So basically there is only one side who should be listened to in this debate?
    Anything else is homophobia,bigotry, heterosexism,heteronormative hate speech, gender specific and extreme right wing?

    Stalin would be proud.

    1. Stalin would indeed be proud of Gale and the homophobes who seek to control and segregate sections of society.

  20. Vic Sharratt 29 Mar 2012, 8:14pm

    I am 100% behind Roger Gale in this matter. My argument is based on clearly defined social as well as religous issues. If people like Roger Gale and others, myself included cannot debate these matters based on deeply held beliefs without being labeled Homophobic or intolerant then we will all know who the real bigots are.

    1. Let me get this right:- you want the right to be a bigot, and by not having the right to be a bigot and discriminate against others for no reason other then you think god told you to be a bigot, you think others are bigots?

      Yeah, that sounds “logical”, doesn’t it? Every think of school as an option?

      Practice what you preach instead of the ill thought out “poor me-me-me” nonsense. Its why you lot are being pushed aside for democracy and liberty.

      1. Vic Sharratt 30 Mar 2012, 4:51pm

        Hi Will, so you think that there is only one side in this discussion and therefore there is to be no debate except under your rules. ie: You and your group are right and everybody else is wrong, end of story. Did you really cite democracy and liberty? or was that just a joke?
        Your surname is not Hitler, Pol Pot or Stalin by any chance?

      2. @Vic — if you’re seeking to exclude minority groups from having the same rights as you enjoy, then by definition I think you’re a bigot.

        If that minority group is gay people, then by definition you’re homophobic.

        Whether your beliefs are deeply held or not is beside the point: you have rights and you don’t want gay people to have them. That’s intolerance.

        I am disappointed you think basic natural rights are a subject for debate.

      3. @Vic — and comparing Will — or anyone fighting for human rights is disgusting.

        You trivialize the genocides that those three men caused, and for what ? To prevent gay marriage equality ?

      4. @Vic — and comparing Will — or anyone fighting for human rights — to Hitler, Stalin, or Pol Pot is disgusting.

        You trivialize the genocides that those three men caused, and for what ? To prevent gay marriage equality ?

    2. @Vic

      If you seek to segregate individuals based on their orientation and restrict the religious freedom of Quakers, Unitarians, religious Jews and many in the CofE and other denominations … then yes, you are homophobic, intolerent and bigoted.

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