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Serbia: Far-right leader jailed for homophobic death-threats

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Reader comments

  1. They need to arrest and jail all of the Christian and Muslim homophobic people who make death threats or bully gays into killing themselves.

    1. Homosexuality is a mental illness.

      1. I think you’d know all about mental illness, 1389.

      2. You are a mental illness on society!

      3. Hate is your own cowardly self-projection onto others, especially where you are afraid of seeking a therapist to help you undo the neurosis you are ashamed of. I’d bet you are not the most conscious of people on the earth and probably spend most of your time loathing and sabotaging yourself and others. For the benefit of yourself and those around you, be brave enough to get help. You psychological cowardice and fear of what you do not understand is your own mental illness; your own intellectual and emotional castration, which if worked on could give you a much more happier life, where you do not need to bully others.

    2. I would rather say that they need to arrest and jail all of the homophobic people who make death threats – not only Christian or Muslim ones.

  2. “Homosexuality is a mental illness.”

    So is boredom, 1389, so how about changing the tired old mantra for something fun and original, eh? And what’s it with the 1389? Is this the year you mind lives in or something?

    But if you want to see a real mental illness that covers what you’re doing here , look at this:


    1. Will, do you know why Serbian “nationalists” (aka far-right nutters of limited education) choose 1389? Because that was the year of the Serbs’ last martial victory – they have to go back over 600 years to find one – and which they actually lost anyway!

      1. LOL @ Rehan.

        Ah, the good old Battle of Kosovo. As you said, a sunning defeat for the Serbs, they all ended up as subjects of the Ottoman Empire – If I had to go that far back for a boost to my self esteem, I’d be better off building a time machine.

  3. The man clearly needs to be locked up as it appears that he is a danger to the public in general and not just the LGBT community in Serbia.

    This country should not be permitted to join the EU until they have a solid LGBT rights policy in place

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