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Obituary: New York photographer and actor Cris Alexander

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  1. whom*

  2. Amazing how gay couples have a long life together.They avoid the loneliness that prematurely kills gay singletons as they age (prematurely).

    1. Some couples – gay and non-gay – have long and happy lives together, others don’t; some singletons – gay and non-gay – have lives corroded by loneliness, others don’t. In my experience gay men are far better at coping with solitude than non-gay ones.

      And more often than not people comment on the extended youthfulness of gay singletons, not that they/we age prematurely.

      It’s great that this man and his husband were together so long, but it isn’t the only positive possibility for a gay man.

      1. Single after 50 is fine ! for those who dont want the trials and tribulations of a younger lover !

  3. While I admit I have never heard of this man, I am heartened to read that he and his partner were able to marry once the law was changed in NYC.


  4. PIcked up a second hand copy of “Little Me” a few years back and thoroughly enjoyed it. The photos in it are a hoot. A camp classic indeed.
    Thank you Pink News for publishing this obit.

    1. Yes its a nice obit.

  5. Philip Madruga 28 Mar 2012, 1:17pm

    I found a haunting signed portrait he did in the Forties in a thrift shop a few years ago. I sent him a letter and he graciously identified the subject -Betsey Barton- and gave me her back-story. All in a beautiful longhand! I am glad that he and Shaun had a long life together and that they were finally able to marry.

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