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Stonewall unveils Facebook Timeline of key gay events since 1989

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Reader comments

  1. Very interesting. It’s amazing how far we’ve come in terms of gay rights. This history also brings back some very painful memories of the discrimination that I lived through.

    “19 July 1992
    John Major says he would support proposals to reduce the age of consent for sex between men from 21 to 18. It’s good news, but it’s still deeply unfair that gay people are being treated so differently from everyone else. We’ll keep fighting for an equal age of consent.”

  2. Craig Denney 23 Mar 2012, 4:35pm

    Stonewall should of done this last month. I.E. Gay history month, bizarre?

  3. Thank you Stonewall for all you have done but we all need to come together and push and fight to make LGBT rights and freedoms a reality for all gay around the world now. This is the time to take our God given equal and Civil and Human Rights everywhere. Now is the time to stop making LGBT peole criminals with evil laws that are push by the Christians and Muslim religions that oppress us all. Fight to free the LGBT people today so that the gay children can grow up free to be who they are and enjoy the same rights as all people in the world.

  4. Think I’ll take a look at that! We have come along way in a short time.

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