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US men arrested after sex on Caribbean gay cruise ‘seen from dock’

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Reader comments

  1. I find it rather shameful that the cruise company docks in countries that have antiquted anti-gay laws.

    Let’s hope that guys arrested are home soon too.

    1. Pathetic those pigs should be locked up like anyone else having sex in public

      1. ohhhhhhhhh but sex in public is sooooo good mwhahahahaahaha

  2. Lynda Yilmaz 22 Mar 2012, 12:14pm

    In the absence of the full facts, it is fair to say that in most countries you’d get arrested for having any sort of sex in public – gay, straight or otherwise!

  3. Looks like Atlantis Events should be avoided at all costs, if it allows drug dealers and is so careless of it’s passenger’s safety.

    These homophobic countries aren’t going to change until they start feeling the pain of lost tourism, the cruise shouldn’t have stopped there!!!

    1. Suge Knights 22 Mar 2012, 12:47pm

      should we stop buying oil from the homophobic middle east??

      1. I think that’s different. I don’t like oil from homophobic M.E. nations but after all we need to get around. These cruises are for pleasure. Take your pleasure in countries that are not so out of focus with human rights.

  4. Atlantis Events’ president says “The guests actions were unfortunate but … have no bearing on our overall guest experience” while they leave the men there and cruise on? I should think it has quite a bearing on the ‘guest experience’ of those two guests!

  5. Perhaps they shouldn’t be shagging on deck? Those cruises sound like hell on water

    1. Or sodom as sea.

    2. Agree, do you need to have sex on the balcony while in port in a country known for its antiquated laws on gay sex??

    3. Miguel Sanchez 22 Mar 2012, 2:21pm

      You’re so right mate. If they wanted a shag, why couldn’t they have taken it to their state room and made sure the blinds were closed.

      You don’t flaunt their laws by doing it in public. I think even str8 people would have been arrested.

      1. As much as I agree Miguel, the way its going to spread around the Caribbean, it will seem like a gay issue, not a sex issue.

  6. Suge Knights 22 Mar 2012, 12:46pm

    having sex in public is a crime in most countries regardless of sexual orrientation

  7. I can’t believe it’s not on YouTube!

  8. The reaction to this is what I would call special treatment. Gay sex or not…it was an indecent, classless display. A gay cruise isnt a mobile Folsom Street, if we wish to have respect as gays…we should be prepared to give it first.

  9. Dunno why the LGBT community feel fine about visiting countries with such a bad record on gay rights. Then again a few rich queens more worried about screwing and getting a tan can’t be that concerned about others human rights.

  10. Robert in S. Kensington 22 Mar 2012, 1:22pm

    I have no sympathy for the two men arrested. Public sex, be it straight or gay is illegal in almost every country. This sort of thing only incites homophobia. We’ve already seen the rabid homophobia while the marriage equality consultation continues. What these two men did was nothing more than hedonistic and selfish. Haven’t they heard of the saying…”get a room”? In this case, a cabin whey they can shag their way to kingdom come without causing offence or a disturbance.

    1. But for all we know they may well have been in their room, just not drawn the curtains – ?

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 22 Mar 2012, 2:21pm

        Rehan, maybe, but how much can be seen through a cabin window from a distance? They’re much smaller than windows in your own home. I suspect it was in full view of everyone.

        1. But don’t some staterooms have balconies and full-length windows? I’m just saying we really don’t know the details here (the details of the situation, I mean!).

  11. johnny33308 22 Mar 2012, 1:59pm

    Once again people….why do any of you spend any GAY money in places that hate us, places where our very existence is against their laws? How stupid of us to help those who would harm us to prosper…our gay money is ALL we have to use as a weapon and you give it to our enemies!!! The travel company should be out of business if it continues to ignore such issues. Stop supporting our enemies with your Gay money!!! WTF is wrong with you people? This is the only power you have…wake up! DO NOT SPEND GAY MONEY IN HOMOPHOBIC PLACES or on items from homophobic places…you are helping the enemy!!! People cannot possibly be this stupid….don’t use this travel company since their profit is more important than YOUR safety! Use your heads, people…..

    1. To be fair, these guys obviously did not spend their time in Dominica shopping!!!!

  12. Power with out responsibility is a , bad combination. Gay people love to compare our struggle to the civil rights movement then behave like this.

  13. Clearly the Dominican republic is a backward hellhole which should be avoided at all costs by anybody with a shred of human decency.

    That said I had little sympathy for the couple,

    They were having sex which was viewable from the dock?

    If that is the case then they are both complete morons.

    You don’ve have public sex in a homophobic dump and expect to get away with it.

    I don’t believe tor a moment that these men were not aware of how backward the Dominican Republic is when it comes to LGBT rights.

    So why did they have sex in public then?

  14. These men acted like morons.

    When you visit a foreign country, you abide by their laws not ones you decide will work for you.

    By the way, they were arrested for public indecency and most countries, including the US, have public decency laws that apply to everyone, gay or straight.

    1. Dominican Republic? It was Dominica, one of the UK former colonies!! Better Geography please!

    2. johnny33308 23 Mar 2012, 10:33am

      If they were seen from the dock, then they were indeed morons…pull the shades, please…..few want to see people having sex….have some common sense…..still, don’t spend your money in places we are not welcome…that is also common sense….

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