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Northern Ireland Attorney General: Ban on gay adoption will remain

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 22 Mar 2012, 6:02pm

    Absolutely disgusting. I hope NI eventually leaves the UK, no loss there.

    1. Thanks a lot.

  2. Only in the minds of the most catastrophically stupid is it better for children to languish in homes and temporary care, rather than find them a permanent placement in a loving environment. This is about perpetuating bigotry, not service the best interests of the most vulnerable children.

  3. Oh for gods sake, just hand it back to Ireland and let them get on with it, they’re beyond saving.

    1. You dumb ignorant man…..if we are beyond saving its because part of Ireland has been under British rule for hundreds of years.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 22 Mar 2012, 7:30pm

        I’m all for ceding NI back to the republic, the only problem is too many bigoted protestants dominate for it to become a reality through the ballot box. If more catholics moved there and became the majority then that would help matters of course, rightly so.

        1. Robert please keep your comments to yourself as you apparently know nothing of the Northern Irish Situation. I find your comments offensive and shameful to say the least. I am a Protestant with many Catholic friends who for your information would rather remain part of the UK. You have also failed to grasp that there are many biggoted Catholics in Northern Ireland too.

        2. Brian mark andrew redpath 25 Mar 2012, 3:03pm

          what because we have a few homophic people in power i think you should look closer to home there has been more homophoic attacks in mainland uk than in northren ireland and a lot more bigoits the people of northren ireland have been loyal to the crown and will remian that why oh and if the north was to rejoin the rest of ireland guess who would be footing the bill the rest of the uk

        3. More catholics would not help matters both sides are as bad as each other.

      2. I don’t condone the stupid and unhelpful anti NI comments, however since in Éire gay couples can’t adopt either, I fail to see how the British are at fault.

        It seems to be a problems with bigots and religion (as usual).

    2. This is very ignorant and yes it does come down to politics and religion however when it comes to this ban on adoption we should be brought into line with the rest of the UK. When Stormont was not in session and we were run from London this ban was still not flipped and therefore we could ask why this was not the case.

      Hand it back…..for your information the people from Northern Ireland fought to be part of the UK in the World Wars just remember the English were conscripted, the people from Ulster volunteered.

  4. If gay marriage were legalised in the UK how would that impact this decision?

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 22 Mar 2012, 7:27pm

      Good question. The powers that be in NI would probably try to keep the ban in place. When the consultation began, only England and Wales were mentioned, although I think it must or should include NI.

      1. It should but it doesn’t

    2. Paddyswurds 22 Mar 2012, 8:00pm

      It wouldn’t as the north of Ireland now has devolved government and all legislation is now under Stormont except for taxation.

  5. How is this even possible? What the hell is wrong with those people?

    @Valksy – I completely agree

  6. I am disgusted by the anti Irish comments published here, they are pure and simple Hate Crimes….. No more and no less than anyone coming on here to tell the users that they were paedophiles or perverts. If Twitter users can be prosecuted for Anti Gay comments……!!!

    1. Not really. There is one ill judged comment, but you trivialise the phrase hate crime with your assertion.

    2. Which are the comments you are concerned about ?

      1. The first comment in the forum as well as the one by Steve are offensive. Judging by your comment that I ‘trivialise the phrase hate crime with your assertion’ can I assume that its ok to ‘bad mouth’ people on their Nationality or country of birth but not on their sexuality?? Judging by the fact that I got 6 thumbs down I think its fair to say that I touched a nerve. Maybe we haven’t moved too far from the signs in lodging house windows in the UK in the 50s & 60s
        Its really nice to know that we have such heart felt support from my LGBT family in the rest of the UK!

  7. Goldiecox34 22 Mar 2012, 7:33pm

    Being Northern Irish myself I can say that this ruling does not reflect the beliefs or ideas of the majority of people i know. Moreover the previous comments calling for N.I to leave the U.K as “they’re beyond saving” are offensive and irrelevant. How would Northern Ireland leaving the U.K resolve the situation or improve rights for LGBT community in anyway?

    1. Well said.

  8. Paddyswurds 22 Mar 2012, 8:07pm

    The legislation as it stands works against unmarried or Gay couples. however legislation is in the pipeline which will change this. The Attorney was only stating what is possible under current legislation in this regard and that legislation is left over from the days when we had the gerrymandered Unionist only government. Marriage Equality will also be enacted here independently as the current envisioned legislation mooted in Britain is for England and Wales only.

  9. It does make me laugh when he claims that the welfare of the child comes first. So, in his opinion a child should stay in a children’s home or from foster home to foster home rather than the chance of adoption from a loving, commited relationship. How on earth is that in the best interest of the child?

    The only interest that serves is the of the bigoted QC who would rather a child remains in the system for as long as possible screwing up the life of that child possibly forever. What a selfish, arrogant man he must be!

  10. What do you expect from a place that keeps voting in the vile, corrupt, hypocritical, backhander-taking DUP into office? They can hide behind their Churches and Bibles all they like, I for one see right through the deceit. Nasty and on the take, the lot of them.

    1. And to clarify, “the lot of them” is the DUP, not the people of Ulster. Mind you, we all get the government we deserve so they share part of the blame.

  11. cathyjuliet 22 Mar 2012, 9:58pm

    This is a good article but the situation is a bit more complicated.
    Unmarried people, gay and straight, are allowed to adopt in NI, just not as a couple. If they are in a couple, only one partner can be the adoptive parent, which is obviously not ideal for the adopted child. Civil partners, on the other hand, cannot adopt AT ALL. This stems from an ambiguous clause introduced by the legislators in the NI version of the Civil Partnership Act.
    The links in the article give more info which is worth reading if people want to understand exactly what is happening. NI publications The Detail and Rights NI also give more background.
    And please can we have moral support from our LGBT brothers and sisters across the water when we are trying to get rights that the rest of you got just a few years ago. There is a progressive LGBT community here, trying to bring about change. Whether it’s within the UK or as part of Ireland is possibly a different argument?

    1. Well said.

  12. Conor McGahon 22 Mar 2012, 10:42pm

    This is no place for Catholic v. Protestant, Unionist v. Nationalist history.
    In fact that’s half the problem with the place, and I know, having practiced Disrimination law in Belfast for years. Quit the side-tracking and political jibes.

    The issue here is geographical inequality being used as a justification to prevent change and THAT is unsustainable.
    It is the UK ( whether you like the title or not) which is a signatory to the European Convention on Human Rights and which pledges to uphold Equality.
    What this article doesn’t explain is that this is a High Court sitting in Belfast, hearing a Judical review of local/ regional regulations. The route of Appeal lies ahead and the inequity of treating NI differently to the rest of the UK will of itself be an appeal argument.

  13. Actually, Shane, I am Irish, and I do not see any anti-Irish comments here. Some are (rightly) against the prevailing right wing religious inspired bigotry that exists in the NI assembly. Anyone making the comment about whether NI remains in the Union or joins the Republic at worse might seem to be viewing the situation a little simplistically, and either way is irrelevant to the situation here, but I think that’s more of a political statement, not necessarily a racist one towards Irish people north or south of the border.

    1. “Oh for gods sake, just hand it back to Ireland and let them get on with it, they’re beyond saving”

      THEY are beyond saving…..I think that the intend here is fairly Anti Irish,,,,maybe I’m splitting hairs but being Northern Irish myself I feel offended

      1. Okay, I can see how a statement like that could be seen as insulting – but its irrelevant, NI is a democracy as is the Republic, and no matter what throwaway comment someone makes, it will remain in the Union as long as the majority want it like that.

  14. Miguel Sanchez 23 Mar 2012, 2:22pm

    I hope a bolt of lightening coms down and strikes these people with common sense.

    We gays don’t teach children hatered or bigitory but rather love, understanding and compassion.

  15. Darth Dacre 23 Mar 2012, 11:15pm

    And Children’s Homes in Ireland are SO much safer and better for children than a loving, caring home with 2 gay men or women. Kincora Boys Home scandal was probably the tip of the iceberg.

  16. Guys, the reporting of this case has been somewhat one-sided. It is worth noting that during the hearing, Judge Treacy also told the attorney that as far as he could see, the current situation in N.I ‘smacked of legislative homophobia’. However, the BBC, apparently a public service and supposedly unbiased service, failed to report that. In addition, the case went on for another day, during which the commission got a chance to have their concerns voiced – namely that it IS in the best interest of a child to allow LGBT people in a civil partnership to adopt. The current legislation permits them to adopt as single people, however, once they make a commitment to each other formally, neither of them is eligible. This, it was argued, is in no way, in the best interests of any child and only serves to provide them with the very thing which adoption seeks to avoid – insecurity and uncertainty!

  17. They will lose in court. Guaranteed. In France a lesbian couple lost at the ECHR because the law discriminated against straight people too.

    And Marriage law is devolved, the DUP & UUP voted no to civil partnerships. So it will be a very very long time before there are any gay marriages in Northern Ireland.

  18. And another thing. All the Protestants on here DEFENDING their people. Are you deaf and blind!? They vote for openly and proudly homophobic parties! They HATE YOU.

    If I were Protestant, the thought of all my friends and family voting for those two parties would break me as a person.

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