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New anti-homophobia Sports Charter logo unveiled

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Reader comments

  1. Lynne – “The new logo launched today will help everyone who loves sport spread the message that homophobic and transphobic abuse and discrimination is never acceptable”

    Pink News – “The sports charter was launched in March 2011 and commits its signatories to work towards ridding sport of discrimination and abuse against gay, bi and transgender people.”

    So why is this piece titled only “New anti-homophobia Sports Charter logo unveiled”? Transphobia is not a subset of homophobia, it’s important to recognise in its own right, and it’s only two extra words…if you could change this, it would be appreciated :)

  2. Up above the streets and houses,
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    Rainbow, All along the the streams and rivers,
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    Red, the colour of a sunrise,
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  3. Yeah, homophobic and transphobic are two separate things, as sexual orientation and “gender identity” are not even close to being the same.

    I hope in the future sports fans and players can be less homophobic, as I am someone who plays and watches sports. I plan on getting involved in professional wrestling, and I most likely will be the first out lesbian in the business.

  4. Ben Cohen is so hot.

  5. Certainly I support trans rights, though at least in the uSA the trans community is 5 – 10 years behind the gay community re rights.

    As for the logo – what a great idea.

    Here’s another Idea – we need a modified song as a gay anthem. Rmember the song “I’m going to the chapel and i’m going to get married etc etc………..

    Time it becomes the “court house” and our anthem.

    BTW who the fxxx would want to get married in a church. gay or str

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