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Malaysian MP calls for ‘gay rehab’

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Reader comments

  1. Can we not send these idiotic MP’s to rehab to cure them of the silly notion that being gay is an illness and can be cured?

    I am not sick! The only thing that is sick are these stupid ideas.

    1. Jock S. Trap 22 Mar 2012, 12:06pm

      Too right but sadly bigotry is an illness and luckily can be cured.

      1. If only it was, the world would certainly be a much nicer place

        1. Education is the cure to bigotry.

    2. You are right send the people who want to give this insane rehab to gays to the hang man I mean the rehab people first and make sure they get the full treatment, then see what they have to say if they are still alive.

  2. These people who think that sexuality is a highly mutable concept that can be altered or “cured” don’t realise that they are projecting themselves. They believe LGBT people can choose, because they can choose themselves, and assume that everyone is the same. Everything else the idiot minister says sounds like wishful thinking to me. As for the politics of Malaysia itself? Just more proof that religion poisons everything.

  3. Scaremongering, it’s another version of the “if gays are not stopped, everyone will be gay and the human race will die out” argument that the Catholics have been using in the UK against equal marriage.

    1. Keith Farrell 22 Mar 2012, 3:36pm

      funny how us gays can infect straight people, dont know how though, maybe we just have more fun with sex, we know how to please each other and maybe some straghts find out that they were not straight to begin with, because now they know real sex. of course we have to keep straight people because we cannot reproduce without the oposite sex, so maybe onday when gay people have taken over the world, we can have breeding farms, to keep our gay population supplied, hehehe, who knows what these straight people will blames us for next

  4. The world population is spiralling out of control- over 7 billion and rising. The UK population is forecast to rise 10 million in the next 15 years. If anything- we need MORE homosexuals not less!

    1. I agree, war, famine and homosexuality are natural forms of population control. However the increase in IVF etc means that being gay doesn’t mean that children are out of the question.

  5. Well I say “Noooo, noooo, noooo!”

    1. Damn, you got there first!

  6. “The Malaysian Film Producers’ Association said in 2010 gays could be depicted in films so long as they turned straight by the end of the feature.” Well of course, Hollywood did go through this phase too, with the added, spicy option of “or dead” to show its liberal credentials, of course.

    1. Honestly, we still play the lesbian drinking game today – Suicide, being a murderer, getting murdered, be insane, go straight – go ahead and down your drink because we all saw it coming and being blasted is one way of putting up with the second class status the western media still tends to place upon us.

  7. loveandcrust (chris lowcase) 22 Mar 2012, 11:43am

    nobody is that good in the sack, that a straight man or woman would forget about who they are and spend the rest of their lives sleeping with individuals of the same gender.

    IF not when it does happen, ill be the one to let yall know about it. (jokes)

  8. It is a shame that this Politician is not more concerned with the destruction of the rainforests and species like the Sun Bears in his country!

  9. Once again, the ruling party is allowing its intellectually challenged fringe to cozy up to fundamentalists in the hope of taking votes from the Islamist-dominated opposition.

    The ruling party is trying to outflank the fundamentalist wing of the opposition by allowing its own mouth-breathers to move ever further to the right. The opposition is split on social issues and has so far mostly refused to join the rhetorical gay-bashing – good for LGBT Malaysians, but bad for the opposition’s chances in the upcoming election.

    Baharum’s comments have attracted some derision, but mostly because his “statistic” is patent nonsense. Most Malaysians do believe homosexuality is an illness and that it should be suppressed. I suspect we’ll be scapegoated again, worse than this, before this election is over.

  10. Jock S. Trap 22 Mar 2012, 12:05pm

    Yet more punishment for being born the way we are. Shameful, totally disgusting.

  11. 30% of the country’s men are gay? Or are they just lumping any straight guys that don’t have a problem with gay people into that number in order to intimidate?

    Rehab Camps is obviously the new word for Work Camps.

  12. So by this twit’s calculation 30% of the men in Malaysia are breaking the law? New definition of ‘outlaw state’!

  13. The thing that is scary is the level of ignorance and bigotry on the topic of homosexuality in Malaysia.
    It could easily be fixed, all you need is some basic education about it.

  14. In 1940s, Adolf Hitler established Extermination Camp to kill countless gay men. Today, Malaysian government is trying to rectify homosexuality via rehabilitation.
    I am a Malaysian gay man who is forced to deal with oppressive regime of the nation and society. It is true when they say clerics should not be allowed into politics. Look what happened to my nation, people like me are like worthless trash, no different than second class citizens. People here think that being gay is a choice. But logic tells me people were not borned with religious beliefs. If you worked at Befrienders, most callers are distressed gay men with suicidal ideation. We are dying here. All hopes is lost.

    Being gay is not wrong. But to the clerics and homophobes here, they will do everything they can to make life a living hell for us. This is just depressing.

    I am not a Muslim, but I am not immuned to this discriminative routine too.

    1. Keith Farrell 22 Mar 2012, 3:49pm

      time for you guys to stand up for your rights, please start with these ministers who hate gay people so much. vote them out of office. I am not saying we need to take up arms to fight them, maybe just getting all the gay people to stand together and vote for one party which will give you rights. If this minister is right and 30% of your population is gay, add another 30% for all the family’s that suport and accept they gay children plus 10% who dont feel there is a problem with gay people, and make sure you get them to vote in the next election for one party which promisses you all equal rights, so it is just a matter of knowing which party and use this idiots own figgures against him, but you will have to moblise the whole nation. You can win

      1. It is actually not easy to assemble the GLBT community in order to unify and fight oppression. This is attributed by the fact that most of us are used to living in our comfort. It translates to be discreet and the authorities will leave you alone. Thus, gay men here have chosen to be silent and just go with it. Ignorance is bliss. And it feels awful to say this but, I guess most of us are just used to oppression. There is no justice in the first place for Malaysian GLBT society. Anal sex and oral sex are illegal in Malaysia. In 2007, Ministry of Health was warned not to promote the use of condoms to stop the spread of HIV in the public. Plus, a Malaysian Muslim gay man who comes out on Youtube last year received death threats and the authority did nothing to protect him. And recently, several drag queens were beaten up by mobsters but the police made no arrests. The Muslims are taunting the GLBT community for years and the public supports them. It’s a living hell here.

  15. Robert in S. Kensington 22 Mar 2012, 12:56pm

    It’s not so far removed from the Christian Institute, Family Education Trust , CARE, the RC and CoE cults in our own country. C4M is another one with much in common with them pandering to fear and spreading lies and deceptive information about marriage equality and who we are. They get all of the headlines as if they’re winning the cultural war on our rights and nobody counters them.

  16. 3 in 10 people in Malaysia are gay?

    What’s the best way to get to Malaysia?

  17. If 30% of the population in Malaysia was really gay (clearly this number was pulled out of the air) then the gay community worldwide should start moving to Malaysia – with those sort of numbers we could stage a revolution there and take over the country.

  18. But where’s ‘Jean’? ‘Her’ comments are always so hysterically funny! We ended up spilling our coffee in the office here yesterday larfin’ over ‘her’ contributions! I’ll bet ‘she’s’ sipping an alcohol-free glass of champers even as we speak after reading this article. Come on Jean, get your monster-raving-loony joke/comment up here right now!

    1. I’m sure she’ll show up, it just takes her a while to get out of that jacket that fastens up the back.

  19. rehab the sick muslims before they all go on rampage killings

  20. Gay ‘rehabilitation’ centre? Sure, why not put “Arbeit macht frei” over the door too.

    Stupid man.

  21. The “gay rehab” is a scam to destroy LGBT people. The people who do this “gay rehab” are criminals. They make a mix of the Christian or Muslim religions and add psychiatry to it. That is like mixing gas and fire it will destroy what ever it touches. It has been proven that ex gay therapy does not work and never will and in fact it only makes LGBT people worse off. Gay rehab is a crime against humanity and needs to be reported as such and demand that these evil mad men stop destroying the lives of innocent gays.

  22. Robin Evans 22 Mar 2012, 8:03pm

    What a jerk….

    1. Robin Evans 22 Mar 2012, 8:04pm

      I mean pinknews is the jerk for reporting this trash….

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