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Madonna pledges to defy St Petersburg anti-gay law

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Reader comments

  1. Good on her!

    1. Darth Dacre 23 Mar 2012, 1:04pm

      She should respect the request of locals to abide by a boycott of St Petersburg.

      Maybe we should all return to calling it Leningrad, just o annoy the fascists running it.

  2. Great . . . fantastic news!!!

    Lets send Lady Gaga as well.

    1. Lets not. Gaga is too busy creaming money of suckers on her Twitter.

      1. Lol . . . Elton then!!!

        1. What does Elton John care about gay rights?

          Marriage Equality… uh uh
          Millionaire’s Homophobic Wedding… Check

          Let’s send Daniel Radcliffe he’s a charming fellow and he seems to care more about gay rights than Reg Dwight, plus he’s probably quite a lot cheaper…

          1. I think you are missing some thing here . . .

            “the power of celebrity!!!”

            Caring about gay rights does not necessarily get you publicity

    2. David Myers 24 Mar 2012, 9:09am

      Now wouldn’t that be a fine concert – Madona and Lady Gago – together!

  3. It would be mean much more if she cancelled her concerts and closed her gyms. Oh, no, that’s no good, it means commitment.

    1. I presume a lot of her gay Russian fans who live in St Petersburg may think differently about the concert.

      The gyms I have no idea.

    2. Not so, if she did that she would soon disappear from the public eye, and so would het message for equality.

  4. James DuPlessis 22 Mar 2012, 8:19pm

    More power to her. Hopefully she will also shine the light of shame on Jamica, the Island of HELL. I am traveling to England from Canada, but I will NEVER travel to Russia!

  5. I hate Russia. Losers!! Except the gay people. I would never visit such an ugly country.

    1. Don’t forget Russia has had a difficult history and is still undergoing huge social change since the Soviet times. It is shameful what is happening in St Petersburg but it’s no different from what happened here in the 80s – not that long ago – brought about by some people who are still in power. Is Russia uglier than the UK and the USA?

  6. Madonna is a bit late to the standing up for human rights party, but this is as good a place as any for her to start. In a way, if there had been no Madonna, there might not have been a Lady Gaga. As Lady Gaga has set the bar so high for LGBT activist involvement, perhaps Madonna will step past her comfort zone. If she holds a press conference and scolds the politicans, the way Lady Gaga scolded Senator McCain over DADT, then some good might come from her efforts.

    1. Little monster alert….

  7. Cancelling the concerts and getting her chums in the corporate world to withdraw their support of Russian cities would be better and more powerful But putting on a concert Not free??

  8. Rayne Van-Dunem 22 Mar 2012, 10:28pm

    In re: Yuri: Isn’t this looking a gift horse in the mouth?

  9. Thats good madanna needs to be like lady gaga and so do other actresses and actors when it comes to doing more face to face charity and human right initialtives, theirs activism against racism and bigotry must be put into action, their are also donations they can make at the al forney centers for lgbt teens and help erect some in other places go on tours setting up benefits and projects for charity and equality causes not just grab a guitar and sang about it only, even tho thats positive, their are children who needs their active suport in more ways than that, like this kid in Georgia being wrongfuly assaulted emotionally and literally by the school , the aclu must get down there immediatlyl, and get a gay alliance set up in the young mans schools for the saftey of all of the lgbt children the person who attacked him in the faculty and administration must be fired, these assault on kids in schools must never be toloerated and no facullty or administration must stigmatize kids

  10. Sec, is doing the right thing in the Exxon mobile case, all institutions and business must be investigated for discriminiations of minorities an lgbt and immigrants, harrassments an assauts and discriminations of anyking to them must be reprimanded and lawsuits filed against the organizations Glaad must get involved, as well, Stay focused people do not get sided tracked on the serious abuses of people children has losst their lives because of it, people lives, dont get mixed up in sex games an trafficking with hetersexuals, you date in your own gay communities an stay famliy oriented people, sexual deseases are everywhere, and people are getting murdered an rapped by hooking up to just any hetersexual gang or group, they have a lot of malice and decept going on, aimed at mainly women and children and even gay men for their sex dangereous thrills like matthew shepard stories, stay focused on the saftey of your families, and getting good human rights poliitcians in, and the racist out

  11. Doug Pollard 23 Mar 2012, 4:12am

    Gee thanks Madge: now how about handing over your cheque from the oligarchs to Nikolai Alexeev to fund gay rights activism in Russia? Or are gestures all you can manage?

    1. Glass half empty?

  12. Right, another pop star making money selling “activism”. If she is so against the policy then close the gyms and stop making money off the very people who helped bring in the law. Also if your serious about bringing your message to the people, make your concert cheap and give the proceeds to the LGBT orgnisations. Words are not actions my dear… Put your money and fame where your mouth is.

  13. Just a correction – homosexuality (along with abortion) was actually legalised following the 1917 Russian revolution as part of a genuine socialist programme. Only when Stalin took power in the 30s and began trashing the social gains of the early years was it recriminalised. We shouldn’t let the spectre of Stalinism obscure the fact that many of the rights we struggle for today under capitalism were won through mass working class action nearly a century ago, socialism is not the enemy of social progress (quite the opposite I’d argue), elites clinging to power are.

    1. Absolutely right!!

      Socialism is a very liberal and progressive movement which even has the ability to evolve to bring as fair a society as possible, capitalism however has stopped evolving and like the bible will soon be outdated and useless!

  14. Filthy skank. She’s long forgotten about the men from Paris is Burning who invented vogueing.

    They were the poorest of the poor and never got a penny from her.

    Everyone should see this

    1. Ummm Malcolm McLaren didn’t actually line their pockets either James and he got in there first. I’ve seen Paris is Burning, its an amazing film but why should one person (especially a ‘pop star’) be held accountable for what happens to a group of people he/she has little or no connection with? If anything we should pity their situation in that they made little or no effort to better themselves beyond the vogueing balls they held.

      1. You asshole. Theie legacy will live on long after you are dead. If you bothered to watch the film you’d understand that new your in the 90’s was not the best place to be poor, gay or blatino

        1. Lots of places in the early 90s weren’t exactly heaven on earth for the LGBT community. My point was and still is why do you feel someone like Madonna should be accountable for what happens to people she has had no real involvement with? She also dressed up as a cowboy at one stage in her career, so by your reckoning she should be funding retired washed up cowboys. Then she did a whole geisha schtick for about half an hour, so…? Then there was the time she dressed up as an 1920s gangsters moll……You obviously need to do your homework James, its become a well acknowledged fact that the director/producer of Paris is Burning shafted those who participated in that film, the performers etc who appeared in that film got next to nothing for appearing in it so if anyone screwed them over it was Jennie Livingstone. But its far easier throw pot shots at the Madonna machine really.

          1. If anything we should pity their situation in that they made little or no effort to better themselves beyond the vogueing balls they held.

            I have no time for you so sod off

          2. Wow James! that was a well thought out and mature response to the points Ida made I’m sure she has been told and in fact won’t be starting a debate with your amazing wit and intelligence.

            Learn to debate properly or don’t debate at all….. Simples

          3. Also can you please try not to call people filthy skanks.

          4. Hamish the day i have to take debasing lessons from you ill give up anyone who can study those his didn’t try hard enough is scum. they struggled and fought to survive and i will not dignify and arguments that they didn’t. geddit?

          5. Hamish do you “geddit”? Is it in English?

          6. I’m not saying they didn’t fight to survive and Ida didn’t either, she said they were ripped off and they should have fought for there percentage of what was rightfully theirs, which you can’t say they did because they didn’t the reasons why they didn’t are unclear but that doesn’t change facts.

            And you obviously need debating lessons as you are not debating by stating your opinion and refusing to listen to anyone else’s, That is pompous and immature way of looking at the world. If you disagree with Ida’s opinion point out to her the flaws in her argument with factual evidence and logic. “I have no time for you so sod off” is neither enlightening nor effectual in making your point known.

            Lesson over hopefully you’ve learnt something …. though I doubt it!

        2. he said they were ripped off and they should have fought for there percentage of what was rightfully theirs,

          Their not there

          This site is full of idiots

  15. Keith Farrell 23 Mar 2012, 8:49am

    I cannot understand this, either you agree with them and do business there or you stand for equal rights and refuse to do any form of business with them, would it not be better is Madonna said to the whole contry, I will not do business with you unless you retract these laws, then I would support Madonna.

    1. That would be a small footnote in a newspaper in comparison to what will happen if she goes to St Petersburg and protests whilst there.

      I personally hope they threaten her with arrest for propagating gay propaganda because that would raise so much more awareness of the issue all over the world. Let’s just hope they are this stupid

      1. Or even better – do the concert, condemn homophobia and donate ALL the proceeds to Russian human rights organisations.

        However I suspect she won’t make any financial contribution.

        She does not seem like someone who is particularly generous.

        As for her commitment to human rights.

        Well once she purchased her black babies, her interest in Malawi seems to have disappeared – she’s abandoned her school there.

  16. Good for her.

    I also expect her to donate ALL the profts from the St Petersburg show to LGBT charities in Russia.

    This woman is almost (but not quite) as greedy as Elton John.

    A multi-millionaire American speaking out against homophobia in a backward dump like Russia is all very well.

    But she will still make millions from the show.

    Madonna is plenty rich. She can well afford to donate all the proceeds from this show to Russian human rights charities.

    Otherwise her condemnation of homophobia is as meaningless as Eltion John’s explanation as to why he prostitutes himself as a wedding singer for homophobic extremists.

    Put your money where your mouth is Madge.

    Otherwise you are profiting from homophobia and deserve every condemnation.

    1. She’s not profiting from homophobia this is very different from Rush Limbaugh’s wedding.

      The people who go to her shows and buy the tickets are very unlikely to be homophobes and quite likely to be gay, (although in my opinion they’re pretty stupid, either way, to pay such ridiculous sums of money for said tickets).

      If any of her fans are homophobes they might want to take a long hard look at themselves and what they’re buying into, because her last video and several of her other videos are overtly homoerotic.

      You don’t make millions from one show, one tour perhaps but I agree, people who make millions should do a lot more to give back to society.

      The comment about buying black babies is pretty awful and tasteless

  17. David Myers 24 Mar 2012, 9:07am

    You rule Madonna. Go girl go!

  18. Hey Madonna! If you really care about this then join the boycott! DON’T go to St Petersburg and make some blathering statement about how awful this law is. Do what the organisers and protesters want and boycott the city! Oh, right, you can’t boycott Russia because it would affect your income -material girl indeed. PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS, AND DON’T GO.

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