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Letter: Mark Zuckerberg, please allow users to list their gender as ‘other’

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Reader comments

  1. surely just put your gender as whats ever between your legs? is it really that big a deal?

    1. Yes. It i a big deal. And to us, gender is in our brains. That’s where the problem lies: if it fit the physical sex we wouldn’t have a problem at all, would we?

      Ignorance, on the other hand, can be cured, you know. By educating yourself. You should try it.

      1. & you use a transphobic attack at someone trying to give an informed answer. Cisgendered people always think in terms of 2 genders. Intersex people & some other transgendered people don’t want to fit into the bi-gendered world which is why ancient cultures in various parts of the world like nepal recognise a third gender

    2. Some people arn’t either, between their legs or not.

  2. Shaun, to some of us it is a big deal. I would like to disclose that I am transsexual. Many may not want to, but, for the rest of us the choices available are insufficient.

    By the way, what about Intersex people?

    1. I personally don’t have mine set to show a sex at all. Hopefully, because it’s obvious! So my question to you as a transexual: would you rather not put the gender you identify as? :)

      1. Steve, the thing is that some of us identify either as fluid or none. Gender is not necessarily binary for all of us. I, for one, cannot identify on a scale that demands that I is one or the other and I loathe every time I have to choose. No matter what I do, it is a lie.

        1. Thank you very much for your reply. You’ve already moved my understanding on.

  3. Shaun, that’s an extraordinarily cold and ignorant remark from someone cruising the PinkNews. That is no less offensive as the bigots asking us to stop acting Gay, and if we acted straight, we wouldn’t have all of these problems.

    It is always a “big deal” when anyone is denied the fundamental rights and liberties to merely be themselves, and not be forced to hide as a second class citizens so the idiots won’t feel uncomfortable.

  4. Don Harrisoin 22 Mar 2012, 10:06pm

    Shaun obviouly what is between your legs is much larger than that in your skull. In case you wondered, that is where the rest of us have brains.

  5. WE already see this happening here in the USA.

  6. Keith Farrell 23 Mar 2012, 8:56am

    I think this would hurt a lot of people. Unless equal rights are enforced throughout the world, people could get murdered for being who they are. I think gender should be removed from facebook

    1. Paddyswurds 23 Mar 2012, 11:21am


  7. I think it’s really important that facebook allows people to put on the information they want and leave out what they don’t want public. It’s possible not to list your gender openly at all but facebook still uses pronouns when referring to you sometimes. It’s important for people to be able to chose how they are referred to – and it’s not hard to add other choices just like they did with civil partnership.

  8. Facebook is a breeding ground for bullying. There have been news reports on some horrendous pages set up and ridiculing/bullying public figures or just regular people, Facebook has been slow to act on these in the past, its a facility run by kids for kids.

  9. Paddyswurds 23 Mar 2012, 12:37pm

    facebook has a very effective setup arrangement aand if these people weren’t so lazy or indeed stupid they would see just how easy it already is to hide ones private data. Why bother entering any gender if you fell so aggrieved. Better still why not stay off facebook altogether if it causes you so much stress.

  10. I wouldn’t hold out hope for Facebook changing anything any time soon, as they have the worst team ever for this sort of stuff, just like with removing offensive pages on the site. But good luck nonetheless. I think it is important; a lot of people who are transgender don’t identify within the binary, that is to say don’t identify as male or female. They may identify as genderqueer, bigender, agender, neutrois, genderfluid or a similar non-binary identity. They could also be intersex. Gender isn’t as simple as boy or girl, as many people have grown up thinking. It’s not about what’s between your legs, it’s what you think of yourself as. It’s important that visibility and education about non-binary gender is increased to disprove the binary myth. It’s important that non-binary trans people and intersex people are also accommodated as much as binary trans people, as they are just as worthy of attention and care.

  11. Mark has so many billions and he doesn’t want to bleach his teeth?
    Look at how yellow they are.
    Mark should feel ashamed of himself,
    he doesn’t seem like he bathes either

  12. Who cares if his teeth aren’t bleached white?
    Anyone including my gardener can bleach his teeth like paper. He’s making a public statement.

  13. How can you be “Other”? You’re either XX or XY – regardless of dangly bits, which may have gone wrong.
    Anyone who doesn’t know if they’re male or female has a neurosis and need help sorting it out. They tend to have other issues too, like drug addiction or over eating to the extent that they need to be transported in a wheelbarrow; and that’s not easy in full drag.

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