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Agency apologises for ‘tofu is gay meat’ ad concept

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Reader comments

  1. Let’s be honest – Tofu is pretty gay…

    Let’s not be too precious about ourselves. If you can’t laugh at yourself you may be missing the best joke around.

    1. balloonable 22 Mar 2012, 10:33am

      Laughing at ourselves is one thing, other people laughing at us is another.

    2. Is it? In a gay lifetime I’ve never encountered it except in passing on supermarket shelves and, I suppose, by accident in East Asian restaurants. In what way do you think it’s gay? I would’ve said gay meat is cock.

      1. “I would’ve said gay meat is cock.”

        Can I get an AMEN!!

    3. I’ve never seen tofu out and about down Old Compton Street. Do you think it goes to those seedier places down in Vauxhall?

      Diiiirty diiirrtty tofu :D

      1. I am sure I have seen it in Chariots … I am certain that was tofu.

  2. It is rather chucklesome! An apology has already been made it appears solets not dwell on it!

  3. Benjamin Cohen 22 Mar 2012, 10:38am

    As a gay ovo-vegan (i.e. and eggetarian) I found this advert hilarious. I consider being gay to be a rather good thing, I certainly enjoy it and I consider not eating meat (I’ll leave the double entendres to others!) to be a rather good thing too :)

    1. I think it perpetuates two stereotypes, of gay men not being manly and vegetarians not being manly. That’s definitely what the “joke” is based on.

    2. You want equality then it’s zero tolerance there are no jokes about black people for a reason

      1. Really? Seriously lets not get too sensitive. Above all keep a sense of humour, otherwise we are just going to end up looking like we can’t take a joke. I wasn’t in the slightest bit offended by this ad.

    3. Seconded. Meat is gross. Tofu is delicious. Made me laugh, despite the homophobic intent.

    4. You are NOT a vegan. Vegans do not consume eggs. Dont confuse people with your incorrect label, its offensive to real vegans, and damaging to our image.

    5. Rachel Haytread 23 Mar 2012, 6:42am

      Vegans, by definition, do not eat eggs. Give ’em up Benny Boy! NIce picture, although I do hope your tie isn’t made out of silk or your suit made from wool – vegans don’t use these either. Sorry to come across as a humourless twat. I can assure you I’m not – just a twat.

  4. Why would ANY company think such an advert was appropriate.

    It speaks volumes about the kind of agency that Scholz & Friends is.

    Saying something is ‘gay’ as an insullt is the type of juvenile, schollground bullying that has no place in society.

    Scholz & Friends apparently is a company where maturity, common sense, intelligence or common decency are alien concepts.

    1. loveandcrust (chris lowcase) 22 Mar 2012, 10:53am

      i do find it hard to believe nobody did the ‘ooft… is this… ok?’ thing.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 22 Mar 2012, 1:33pm

      I just don’t get the equation between Tofu and Gay men, full stop. I don’t know any gay men who eat it and those people I do know are mostly straight women. Maybe German gays are into it, who knows? It reminds me of that other ridiculous saying that “real men don’t eat quiche”. So what does that imply, there are few straight Frenchmen even though it’s eaten all over France by men and women alike? It is not only insulting but immature and a cheap shot to get a laugh at the expense of one group of people. I don’t even consider either of these attributions a joke, just an exercise in crass stupidity and ignorance.

      1. Me and my boyfriend both eat tofu.

        1. Rachel Haytread 23 Mar 2012, 6:45am

          So do I.

  5. loveandcrust (chris lowcase) 22 Mar 2012, 10:50am

    it isnt exactly drawing links between homosexuality and incest or anything. but its obviously upset a lot of people so im glad they have said sorry. i’ve got a prety easy going attitude to humour, but i probably wouldnt make this add even remotely public.

  6. Clearly this add is a result of Germans not having any sense of humor.

  7. Gay = bad, crap, rubbish. Well done Scholz & Friends, that’s very 2012 of you. Act up. Ban all of their products they promote and get in touch with each and every marketing director and creative director they report to and let them know how you feel!

  8. The sequel I suppose will be that quiche is a gay omelette in a pie. Don’t let’s get started on fairy cakes. That one’s just pregnant with innuendo. Faggots and mash? The mind absolutely boggles. Cucumbers? Sausage links? Bananas? Corny, yeh I know (an ear of corn?). They’ll sell a lot of food to people who think that the three letter word “gay” defines them as a person — but after all they are indeed targeting the shallowest of the shallowest.

    1. Aren’t you missing the point? The ad campaign was selling meat by saying, essentially, anything like tofu is for poofs. You’re right though, it appears to be targetting the shallowest of the shallow.

      1. Possibly, BUT — have you ever tried to eat vegetarian in Germany? :-) I’m *ridiculing* it on two levels — first that they have to bring any sort of innuendo into it to get our attention, and then they’re playing off general shallowness. To me the offense is less on the words and far more on the suggestion.

        1. I think you’re still missing the point.

  9. Tasteless. In every sense.

  10. It may not be malicious, but it does perpetuate the concept that gay=bad/lesser, and that’s not good for equality. As a joke between friends it wouldn’t be too bad, but as a proposal for a major chain of restaurants, it’s pretty worrying that this agency got so far as to product what looks like quite a polished concept.

    It’s scary how often completely inappropriate proposals come out of agencies and sometimes I feel that the creative teams are just a bunch of artistically capable lads, larking about and getting paid for it. It’s good that this one made it to the public so that Scholz & Friends will hopefully do something to change the culture of their creative teams.

  11. Jason Brown 22 Mar 2012, 12:10pm

    ‘Gay meat’ is not real meat, therefore Gay men must not be real men, which is offensive.
    Also I eat a lot of meat so I feel confused.

    1. Absolutely the point! How would straight poeple feel if we went around and called everything that was dull, bland and boring “straight”! Idiot agency!

      1. Don’t forget rehashed, straighties love to rehash all kinds of crap.

  12. Robert in S. Kensington 22 Mar 2012, 1:11pm

    Tofu is overrated anyway, hardly any taste to it. I tried it once and wasn’t impressed, much like mozzarella, unless it’s buffalo mozzarella of course.

    I’m all for humour and laughing at ourselves, but why did this ad company single out gay people in the first place? I don’t know that many gay people who eat tofu anyway. Those I do know who eat it are straight, mostly women.

    1. Tofu is ace.

    2. Tofu can be pretty horrible but so can meat. Ma Po Dofu is the greatest thing, you possibly tried the wrong dish.

      I know heterosexual men who eat tofu and they’re not vegetarians what a mindf@$k they would be to the owners of this restaurant.

      1. Rachel Haytread 23 Mar 2012, 6:47am

        I make my own tofu. What does this say about me?

  13. Dolphins are apparently gay sharks. Go figure.

  14. Me, being a lesbian and a vegetarian (who will be a vegan when I have more money to spend on the foods/nutrition), I’m pretty damn offended. The ad is pretty much saying being gay is not as good as the “real deal” and it’s wimpy, which is not true of course.

    1. Rachel Haytread 23 Mar 2012, 6:52am

      Eating vegan is even cheaper than being veggie. Fresh fruit, veg and grains, a regular munch on Marmite on toast with dairy-free marge for your vitamin B12 – you’re set for life girl!

  15. I’m sure the whole of Japanese people were so pleased with this ad…

  16. Conor McGahon 22 Mar 2012, 10:58pm

    What is worrying is the idea that fired this advert and the collective acceptance that brought it so far through the marketing team that it came close to being aired. How many people were involved in thinking this was a runner?
    That’s the worrying thing for us in the gay community and let’s face it, it is everywhere if you scratch the surface.

  17. de Villiers 23 Mar 2012, 10:45am

    This is a parallel word – the eating of tofu and other chopped and shaped products rather than real food.

    Each to their own, but being vegetarian seems to be being against food and pleasure – confit de canard, tartiflette savoyarde, saucisson, paté de fois gras, bouillabaisse, cassoulet, chapon, navarin, blanquette de veau all with good glasses of saint emilion, bourgogne, gigondas, pouilly fuissé.

    I cannot see the link between being gay and not enjoying pleasure.

    1. You do know, don’t you, that the English word pudding (as in ‘black’) comes from the French boudin?

      [Sorry, way off-topic.]

  18. Christopher Coleman 30 Oct 2013, 3:23pm

    The firm might “regret that the feelings of homosexual people were hurt”, but they do not seem to be concerned about the feelings of the many millions in the Far East for whom tofu is a regular part of their diet.

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