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Petition to feature Alan Turing on next £10 note launched

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Reader comments

  1. Great idea! Someone who has made an immeasurable contribution to our country, in defense, and in kick-starting the information age, amongst I’m sure a few other things. Oh, and he was gay too :)

  2. I hope this suceeds? I’ve signed the petition.

    And I hope that he get some form of apology from the government concerning the way he was treated, that is if they have not done so already

    1. It mentioned towards the end of the article that he has received an official apology from the government, though he hasn’t been given a pardon because it was, at the time, against the law.

      Signed as well :) He’s done so much for this country and the world as a whole.

      1. Whoops, I missed that part, thanks Alex :-)

  3. Signed it, tweeted it, shared it on Facebook.

    I also think Frances Power Cobbe would be great on a bank note. Lesbian (well she lived with another woman for 32 years), feminist, social reformer, founder of the British Union Against Vivisection.

  4. Hmm. And replace Darwin? As a resident of Shrewsbury, where Darwin grew up, I’m in two minds!

    Perhaps Turing could replace the Queen? :P

    1. Are we allowed to have someone on two separate editions of banknotes? Besides, HRM of course.
      If so, me too. If not, absolutely Turing! From one of the founders of modern biology to one of the founders of modern computing. Wonderful way to commemorate them!

  5. Not much of a looker though, was he? Can’t we have someone more aesthetically pleasing on our money?

    1. Leigh Hamilton 21 Mar 2012, 2:52pm

      He played a big part in winning us the Second World War. I think you need to re-evaluate how you judge a person’s worth.

      1. Perhaps Jean would have been pleased if we’d lost the Second World War. S/he does seem to have a lot in common with Hitler.

        1. Don’t feed the Troll. It’ll only encourage it.

          1. This one doesn’t seem to have a capability to reply to anything anyone says so I wouldn’t worry about feeding this one

          2. @ Kris, she did respond to someone today who told her to drop dead! Shocking I know, the fact that she responded! ;-)

      2. @ Leigh: I have very little self worth. Its why I judge people by the superficial.

        1. Mildly amusing, but proof (if needed) that you’re nothing more than a common-or-garden troll.

    2. Jean . . . I see you are posting again today on Pinknews, and wanted to ask you three questions.

      Why do you focus on this “Gay mans” looks rather than his great contribution to our nation?

      Why are you not grateful for ths “Gay mans” achievements in keeping our nation safe during the second world war

      Since on another thread you appear to imply all gays and lesbians are militant haters, In what way was Alan Turing a militant hater of our nation?

      1. @ JohnK: It was in fact our government at the time that was a militant hater of him, in spite of everything he had done :/ I really dont understand why we cant live and let live and i sometimes wonder what he would think of his legacy if her were alive today? How would he feel about being considered for a place on the £10 note; accepted, happy, fearful?

        1. legacy if he were** wish there was an edit button. Sorry about the double post.

        2. I know, what our goverment did to him (Chemical castration which led to his psychological decline and suicide) was beyond belief . . .

    3. @Jean — Notice you haven’t a picture on your icon / avatar.

      As looks seem to be important to you, why not share your great beauty ?

    4. “Not much of a looker though, was he? Can’t we have someone more aesthetically pleasing on our money?”

      The tragic irony of a rather distasteful and debase internet troll using a computer to demean the father of modern computing….

      Puts Jean right up with there with Keith and Skinner for their god awful (pun intend) lack of education.

  6. excellent idea, have signed it! when i used to live in manchester i used to stop and have sit in the garden with his memorial- great man sadly abused by those he was trying to help.

    1. It’s in Sackville Street gardens. I go there sometimes and sit alongside his statute. It’s a really peaceful haven in the city centre, alongside the Village.
      He is portrayed sitting on a bench with a scruffy suit on and a half smile on his face and (and this chokes me up) he is holding an apple in one hand.
      It’s almost as if he’s reliving that moment, deciding whether to end his life or not.
      I feel like saying, ‘don’t, sir. one day, people will understand and no longer condemn.’

  7. Jean, his looks have nothing to do with the proposal to put him on English banknotes. (You think anyone cared about Darwin’s appearance when they decided to depict him?!) And besides, I think Turing he was a good-looking man.

  8. At the risk of boring you (I’ve posted this a couple of times before), could I remind you about the petition to grant him a pardon ?

    Please consider signing:

  9. The legality of fact Turing’s conviction is no excuse for not apologizing for the government’s egregious behavior. Apologies have been made in the past by other governments for the mistakes they made: for instance apologies to African Americans for the institution of slavery in the US; and to the State of Israel by the German government for the holocaust. The government doesn’t want to apologies for its institutionalized oppression of gay people because of the financial consequences that it may incur… law suits for damages. The German government had to suck it up, so should the British government.

    1. Spanner1960 23 Mar 2012, 1:02pm

      Oh get off your soapbox. What the Germans did in the war was against all common laws and the Geneva Convention. Turing broke the law, and he knew it. I am not saying that the law was right at the time, but that is how it was and one cannot change it retrospectively.

      Turing should be recognised for his great service to this country, and his transgressions simply be ignored and forgotten about.

  10. Apologies…. Article said Brown agreed to issue an apology…. (did he actually do it?)

    1. Yes he did.

      This £10 note is a great idea, and I hope it gets a lot of support from readers. A tweet from a top celeb might help get more signatures for the petition

    2. Yes he did. If you go to Bletchley Park, the written and signed apology from Gordon Brown is on display.

  11. Jock S. Trap 21 Mar 2012, 7:03pm

    A Very worthy cause and one I am Very happy to sign to contribute.

  12. Will Pink News please remember that the man behind the apology for Alan Turing was John Graham-Cumming. He is not mentioned in your article. I did mention this in a previous comment on a PN article about Turing

  13. What’s the URL for the petition?

  14. de Villiers 21 Mar 2012, 10:03pm

    It seems a shame to lose Darwin.

    1. Spanner1960 22 Mar 2012, 11:39pm

      Why? The Pope did years ago..

  15. Centennial of Turing’s birth. London Olympics. They’d be snapped up by gays and geeks and re-appear in distant places around the world (permanently out of circulation). Why isn’t some marketing exec promoting this forthwith?

  16. Putting Turing on the £10 note is an excellent idea. The e-petition now has over 7,000 votes.
    There’s also a petition to put a statue of Turing on the empty fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square, also a good way of honouring the man.

  17. Spanner1960 22 Mar 2012, 11:38pm

    Shouldn’t he be on the £9 note?
    Sorry, but I couldn’t resist it. ;)

  18. balloonable 23 Mar 2012, 10:03am

    I suppose this maybe helps forward acceptance of current gay people, but it doesn’t help Alan Turing one bit. Sometimes I think we’re just trying to make ourselves feel better about how he was treated.

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