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Liberal Democrat president speaks out on religious charity’s internship scheme

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Reader comments

  1. CARE do excellent work. Farron should be ashamed of himself for kow-towing to an unpleasant minority of militant haters.

    1. Dr Robin Guthrie 21 Mar 2012, 1:45pm

      Drop dead.

      1. I’ll second that!

      2. Point proven.

        1. slag I hope your pussy dries up

        2. Crickey, the troll retaliated!

        3. What an odious little woman you are.

          1. Probably just a Poe’s Law poster (the internet rule which states that people playing idiots on the internet are indistinguishable from actual idiots.)

    2. CARE do excellent work

      Are you one of their success stories, Jean?

    3. vile women like you need to realise your opinion doesn’t affrect any form of progress – evolve or die bitch

    4. Jean . . . I am a little confused!!!

      For some one who sees Gays and Lesbians as “militant haters”

      Why are you posting every day on a LGBT website?

      1. Don’t expect trolls to be capable of logic, JohnK.

        1. Lol . . . That would be the day!!!

  2. Care should be ashamed! They are an organisation full of hate!

    1. Tim Farron should be ashamed for defending the christian taliban!

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 21 Mar 2012, 2:08pm

    Pink News, again, please ban the individual Jean who does nothing but agitate, annoy and who tries to impose “her” religious beliefs on others. “It” is obviously a shill for Coalition for Marriage.

    1. On the other hand, Robert, ‘she’s’ sometimes the funniest thing on here. Well, ‘she ‘gives me a damn good laugh at lot of time!

    2. @Rufusred — think I disagree ! I’d go for David Skinner or Keith as the funniest things on Pink News.

      I assume of course that they’re different people.

      They are also the saddest things on Pink News.

      1. @Harry

        The net is closing on Keith …

        1. @Stu — * like *

  4. Farron goes out of his way to prove himself a prat again and again. How this idiot hangs on to such a prominent public position is a complete mystery.

  5. “cutting-edge Christian thinking”

    I spy with my little eye an hilarious oxymoron.

    1. Yes, you have to laugh. Am I the right century?

    2. Just read your comment, Joss, after posting the same thing. Well said We’re still laughing here at the idea of Christians thinking, let alone being ‘cutting edge’! Sidesplittingly funny.

  6. When I gews up I didn’t expect much and to know if I was born today I would have a path to marriage like everyone else. It will make a massive difference to everyone growing up today and these horrible wicked people want to deny LGBT people true happiness.

    they should all be shot

    1. Same sex marriage won’t affect me directly but I do know it will make the lives of others, much younger than me, so much better. Which is why I feel so strongly about it.

      1. Ray you’re never too old

        1. Provided you still have the marbles to consent, you are indeed never too old!

  7. George Broadhead 21 Mar 2012, 2:59pm

    I am appalled at people’s ignorance about deeply homophobic Christian lobby groups like CARE (Christian Action Research and Education).

    As it affirms on its website, CARE has its roots in the 1971 Nationwide Festival of Light which took place in Trafalgar Square on 25 September 1971 and was supported by arch homophobes Mary Whitehouse and Malcolm Muggeridge.

    It has oppposed every homosexual law reform since its founding and Farron should be well aware of this.

  8. “cutting-edge Christian thinking..” Fell about laughing at that one. Said with a straight (no pun) face too. Utterly hilarious!

  9. Farron speaks a load of old sh!t.

    He claims that the religious extremist group CARE provides valuable access to Parliament for young people,

    So what?

    CARE is an extremist group. A hate group. They are no better than Combat 18 or 1 of those extremist groups (the only diference being is that CARE claims that ‘god’ justifies its bigotry).

    Tim Farron is an utter moron if he believes that extremists like CARE are a positive force. CARE is a force for enormous damage to human and ciivil rights.

    If Farron genuinely cared about access to parliament for young people (which quite clearly he doesn’t) then he’d take the time to find an intern in receipt of a grant which is not provided by religious extremists.

    Farron says he is a christian. How extremist is he?

  10. Farron pretends to be concerned that only young people from wealthy backgrounds will be able to work as interns as most internships are unpaid.

    CARE pays a grant to its interns, sure.

    I presume Tim Farron has done some investigation into other groups who provide paid grants to interns, but who are not motivated by crazed religious extremism like CARE.

    After all CARE supports child abuse in that it suipports reparative ‘therapy’ for homosexuality.

    Does Tim Farron support child abuse? By defending CARE he needs to be asked this question.

  11. Willfully blinkered apologist

    1. ….at best

  12. I agree with you Jean. I am disappointed although sadly not surprised at some of the responses.

    1. cccuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnttttttttttt

    2. @John — you’re surprized at some of the responses to Jean’s nasty little trolling ?

      Really ?

      You know this is a forum for LGBT people ? It’s not a forum for nasty little bigots. Perhaps Jean and yourself should consider whether you should be posting here ?

      I consider you presence here to be as unwanted and distasteful as my bursting into your church and shouting you are disgusting individuals who deserve fewer rights than I enjoy.

      I would never do that, but you repeatedly do it to us.

    3. @John — there’s a BBC article:

      on trolling with a link to the Communications Act 2003 -(Section 127):

      which governs the internet, email, mobile phone calls and text messaging:

      + Under section 127 of the act it is an offence to send messages that are “grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character”

      + The offence occurs whether those targeted actually receive the message or not.

      1. As I said Harry, the net is closing on one of them … I was so happy when I got the call today from the police.

        1. Good work, and much appreciated.

  13. Everybody knows that Christians use exclusion as part of their psychological war on LGBT people. Christians attack openly and in hidden ways people or groups who are not Christians. Christians will lie and tell you this is not true but it is. This story is proof.

  14. Phillip Dawson 21 Mar 2012, 4:56pm

    I started the petition because I felt it was wrong that MPs should accept support from a charity which sponsored a gay cure even.

    I think it is important to state that not all Christians share CARE’s “Statement of Faith” so should not all be tarred with the same brush. As an example, David Lammy MP, who is a Christian, has already severed links with CARE when he found out about their sponsorship of the 2009 event.

    I am pleased to hear Tim Farron’s office will look into this matter further. He has announced on Twitter he will not have an intern next year but we hope he will go further and categorically state that he will no longer participate in the Leadership Programme.

    In a radio interview, Andrew Selous MP told me that CARE’s sponsorship of the 2009 event wasn’t an issue because it was a long time ago. However, the public records show that at a leadership and governance level CARE is linked to Anglican Mainstream, which promoted the “gay leper” event this January.

    1. Farron is so prissy – and so proud of his working class roots – what’s that got to do with anything – he’s such a hypocrite.15

    2. Thanks for what you have been doing to expose CARE and all associated with their militant anti-gay attitudes.

    3. “I think it is important to state that not all Christians share CARE’s “Statement of Faith” so should not all be tarred with the same brush. ”

      Tim Farron has not declared that he will never again use a CARE intern.

      It is safe to say therefore that Tim Farron endorses child abuse (CARE is an extremist group which encourages mental torture – aka ‘reparative therapy’ on vulnerable teenager).

      All those MP’s who maintain links with CARE are actively supporting child abuse.

      Tim Farron should be ashamed that he is supporting child abusers.

      Despicable little turd of a man.

  15. Darth Dacre 21 Mar 2012, 5:59pm

    The scheme appears to be a training ground for getting theocratic fundies into parliament to undermine our secular democracy further down the line.

    There’s no such thing as a free lunch, or a free intern.

    1. Its CARE with a long term aim of turning the UK into a theocracy

  16. Dave Ferris 21 Mar 2012, 6:55pm

    I have today sent the following email to Mr Farron:

    “Dear Mr Farron,

    I have today read your defence of the CARE internship scheme. I suggest you seek a cure for being a LIberal Democrat. Your statement adds to the accumulating evidence that there is a seriously dysfunctional lack of connection between what a Liberal Democat says and what he or she does. “

  17. Andrew Page 21 Mar 2012, 9:20pm

    I heard a few weeks ago that Farron had decided to drop his interns and would receive no further help from CARE (he actually told a concerned fellow Lib Dem this on the phone). I tried to contact him via e-mail to confirm this but he did not see fit to reply.

    Imagine my disappointment today in reading this. I am appalled that my party president can take this line while claiming to be supportive of LGBT equality. Farron is perfectly well aware of what CARE stands for and what its record is – I’ve told him myself many times.

    Receiving help even if “just interns” is a gift (worth £5,500 apparently) and to me Farron’s willingness to accept this support amounts to taking blood money. I remember the impact of CARE’s role in the vicious homophobic campaign to “keep the clause” and am deeply uncomfortable with any MP or MSP accepting help from them.

    1. By endorsing CARE, Tim Farron is endorsing child abuse (there is no other way to describe the reparative therapy on gay teenagers encourage by CARE).

      Someone who endorses child abuse like Tim Farron does, truly is the scum of the earth.

      He needs to be fired as LibDem president.

      The BNP will have him I am sure.

  18. Craig Denney 22 Mar 2012, 1:46pm

    All the hateful info you need about Christian Action Research and Education (CARE):

    1. Craig Denney 22 Mar 2012, 2:05pm

      The money coming into CARE’s coffers is falling, in 2009 they received £2.5 million and in 2010 2.3m and in the latest report they received 2.1m

      It will be interesting to see what this years income will be after all of this bad press?

      See the Charity Commission’s report here:

  19. Phillip Dawson 22 Mar 2012, 1:48pm

    Tim Farron has said on Twitter (not in a public statement) that he will look beyond CARE for sources of paid interns next year. It’s not saying he won’t have a CARE intern again, but it’s a step towards that. Thanks for everyone for keeping up the pressure, including Harry Small, who got Tim to make this statement;

    1. Stephen Glenn 22 Mar 2012, 11:44pm

      If I’d been elected as an MP in either of the last two General Elections I suspect that CARE would have been all excited about having another Christian on the inside of Westminster. I suspect they would have been somewhat looking the other way when they found out that I am a Christian involved in politics who also happens to be gay. I hope that as Phillip Dawson has pointed out that Tim Farron does look beyond CARE and take a paid intern from somewhere else, but that he is careful about who that someone else is. If he is in doubt all he has to do is ask me or any of the other LGBT+ Lib Dems in the party.

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