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Brighton police warn teen over homophobic comment drive-by

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Reader comments

  1. There, I knew it! Jean’s only 17!

    (This’ll only make sense to those who’ve seen the other threads.)

  2. I bet he an estate dwelling pesant

    1. You’re full of class resentment today, James! – ?

      1. A new block of flats went up earlier this year nice ones with balconies in a really nice area. Now there is rubbish on the balconies including a massive sofa. The car park has newish cars like BMW & smart and the bins are always overflowing. Proper scum who value nothing get everything.

    2. Replacing one form of ignorance and prejudice with another, is so mature – eh!?

    3. I live in an estate where people don’t have a large amount of cash. What’s that got to do with it?

      1. Not everyone is scum but you can’t tell me that there are not people who are generally nasty lazy and greedy. The worst thing about where I live is the people who live in the council flats. It’s really nice first thing in the morning as they are still in bed but from around 6pm it’s like a war zone. We get helicopter about 3 times a week usually between 2am – 5am

    4. Jock S. Trap 21 Mar 2012, 6:57pm

      Your point is irrelevent since homophobia comes from many people from different walks of life.

      It’s the person that needs sorting not the class of someone which you so deeply seem to focus.

  3. Shouting abuse is wrong, but police should not be regulating speech. Orwellian.

    1. Too right pussyface.

      I should be able to say I hope the cancer kills you and not worry about the police

      1. de Villiers 21 Mar 2012, 10:01pm

        You’re such a nasty individual. Dark to the core.

        1. Thank you darling I do my best

    2. The law considers MY right to not be verbally abused to be more important than YOUR right to scream abuse at me. You are not injured by not doing so, I am injured if you do. Does that compute to the ridiculous melon you have balanced on your shoulders.

    3. So you would be okay with someone yelling abuse at you then so as not to have the abusers speech regulated? Yet when someone said you should drop dead on another thread you appeared to take issue. So which is it?

    4. He shouted homophobic abuse so the police gave him a warning for it, seems fair enough (hardly Room 101 and a death sentence). people forget that free speech rights are there to protect political freedoms not so that you can go around shouting hurtful language at innocent people. I have free speech so that I can express the opinion that communism is a fairer/less fair system or that abortion rights are right/wrong, not so that I can go around causing offence deliberately to minority groups.

    5. @Jean — I see. Thank you for sharing !

      Murder is wrong, but police should not be regulating action

      I wonder if you could give us more of your wisdom ?

    6. It depends on what’s being shouted Jean, threatening language is not protected by (any form of) free speech. If he’s just drove past and shouyted “fag” or something else brilliantly witty then you’re right.

    1. -2 for posting a mistake. Idiots

  4. Jock S. Trap 21 Mar 2012, 6:55pm

    It’s good that the police are taking this crime seriously. Such hatred doesn’t belong in any decent society only amongst the bigotted savages who clearly remain uneducated.

  5. Good! Nice to see the police taking action over abuse in the streets like this. It’s all too common sadly.

    1. Yes definitely, and it was the kind of low key but effective way of policing that should be encouraged.

      Three cheers for Brighton Police. No fuss and no drama.

  6. Bout time they tackle these homophobic kids. They think they can say any abuse they like and get away with it. My partner and myself were abused for years and years in this way in the 80’s and 90’s and the local police just ignored our plight.

    1. Rashid Karapiet 23 Mar 2012, 10:59am

      I hope nothing will be done until a better word is found for this – ‘Homophobia’ is a bastardised concoction which tries to dignify an ugly activity. What’s wrong with ‘gay-bashing’ or ‘queer-bashing’? Likely to offend all those bleeding-heart straight liberals, comfortably behind their lap-top screens?

  7. michael, liverpool 21 Mar 2012, 8:35pm

    Whilst I’m glad to see the perpetrator being punished, this story exposes an inconsistency in the law.

    The law at the moment is uneven regarding different types of hate crime. Perpetrators of racial and religious hate crimes can be charged by police with specific offences such as racially or religiously aggravated harassment or assault, whereas perpetrators of homophobic hate crimes cannot be charged with a specific offence of homophobically motivated harassment. Instead, homophobic offenders are charged with existing offences such as assault, or “allowing one’s vehicle to be used in anti-social way” as in this case, and then
    homophobic motivation is taken into account during sentencing.

    The law needs fixing to charge and expose homophobes from the outset!!!

    1. Actually Michael, that is not correct. The offence of a homophobic hate crime carries the same penalties as any other hate crime. If the perpetrator in this instance was a youth, then that would probably be why they were reprimanded instead of being charged.

  8. why was he not charged – the guy who made the disgusting comments on Twitter about the footballer who suffered a heart attack was charged – why are these cases against the LGBT community not treated in the same way -its hate crime period

    1. the fact that in this case the perpetrator was a minor is significant.
      With that in mind, he would be unlikely to be charged, unless he was known for committing similar offences before. That would be the same, regardless of the target minority.

  9. Good news. Always glad to see police officers who are doing their job by taking this kind of abuse/hate crime seriously, as it should be.

  10. sounds good, but what were plain clothed police officers doing outside the gay bar I wonder????

    1. er, patrolling maybe?!

    2. Plain clothes police officers are often used in town and city centres whre there are lots of pubs and clubs on weekend nights when there’s likely to be trouble. It was just fortunate that they happened to be in the right place at the right time on this occasion.
      I would have loved to have seen that little t**t’s face when the police turned up on his doorstep!

  11. Ok, I can sort of understand the cops warning the guy who made the remark. Something like that has potential to escalate. I don’t see why they hadto drag the driver into this as well.

  12. Spanner1960 22 Mar 2012, 11:37pm

    Quiet news day PN?

  13. Rashid Karapiet 23 Mar 2012, 10:50am

    Oh, per-leeze not Mr.Jockstrap yet again trying to be taken seriously – Does no one else see how pathetic this is?

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