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‘Married man’ rule for gay pensioners addressed in marriage consultation

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Reader comments

  1. I think its the inequality between men and women that should be addressed rather than civil partnership rules.

    1. My thoughts, exactly. It is the whole pension system that is outmoded and based on the idea of man going to work and wife staying at home.

  2. Sometimes issues like this force the elemental truth about GLBTI discrimination out to the surface – the truth is that gender norms are at the core of this whole issue. People thinking that they can tell other people what to do based on their sex.

  3. It amazes me just how many issues are highlighted by debates like this. Why should it matter what sex you are? If your spouse dies each person (widow or widower) should receive the same pension percentage. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the same-sex marriage argument but has a lot to do with what is and isn’t fair. The cost of living is the same no matter what sex you are surely?

  4. This will be another one that the Daily Mail and co will get on the bandwagon and claim that gay couples are not equal, you can imagine the headlines now can’t you

  5. I’m astonished that British men have allowed this blatant gender discrimination to continue. Why do women get their pensions at 60 while men get theirs at 65; when men pay more in and die earlier. You have laws against gender discrimination in the UK so why has the MANY gender discrimination issues in pension rights not been addressed?

    I remember a few years ago when a transgender woman sued, and won, the right to female privilege in receiving her pension five years earlier than she would have as a man. The gay blogs rejoiced without a single person pointing out the gender discrimination that was at the heart of the issue. The legal action should have been against the sexism of the law and not on the transgender issue. Had the gender bias been fixed then the transgender issue would have taken care of itself.

    So men of the UK, why have you not demanded that this discrimination be ended? This has to be at least as important an issue as marriage equality and other gay rights.

    1. The Pensions Act (2011) has already set in action the process of equalising the state retirement age. It’s not a change you can make in one go immediately, because people will have been planning their pension arrangements and other finances around current retirement ages, but under current legislation, by the end of 2018 the retirement age for both sexes will be 65.

  6. Peter & Michael 20 Mar 2012, 11:41am

    We have been saying since 2005, that Civil Partnership rules are not equal to marriage, will these continue when Same-Sex Civil Marriage is allowed?.

  7. Bisexual woman in Edinburgh 14 Apr 2012, 7:30pm

    I wonder what’s behind this weird gender discrimination? Perhaps it’s something to do with the idea that women are the main ones who raise children, and more likely to give up their jobs to do so? In which case they should either make legislation more flexible to cover anyone who has given up their job to raise a child, or just scrap the whole idea and treat everyone equally. There are so many different factors to marital finances, after all.

  8. Bisexual woman in Edinburgh 15 Jul 2012, 11:13pm

    If they make it equal but don’t want to lose money, they should go for an average. Since there are far more female widowed pensioners around than men (women live longer, and in mixed-sex relationships the norm is for the woman to be younger too), this would bring the average closer to the amount given to women in mixed-sex relationships. So women in mixed-sex relationships would get a bit less, while men in mixed-sex relationships and everyone in same-sex relationships would get quite a lot more.

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