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John Bercow praises gay equality progress during Queen’s reign

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Reader comments

  1. It was embarrassing and out of place. Silly man, trying to hijack a royal event to burnish his own PC credentials.

    1. F*** off you old witch, this is precisely the kind of thing he should be saying!

    2. Yawn, predictable and so boring. Bit of a one trick pony really and the nag is lame.

      1. In case Jean missed the point, or I didn’t make it as plain as I could, Jean predictable, boring, lame, and what else? Of course homophobic and delusional.

  2. Why are the tumb up/down arrows suspended?

    1. billywingartenson 20 Mar 2012, 7:48pm

      bottom line – anything that advances equality is good.
      compared to the RATZInger pope who in 2009 UNexcommunicated a bishop williamson, a holocaust denier.

      Who also babbles about protecting life – their smokescreen for their terrible crimes throughout history. eg the endless molestation of children, and the hatred of jews by the church, which both created and leveraged the election to power of old AH, btw a catholic .

      Time the vatican was dust and rubble – a memorial to hatred that makes the Islamics seem tame by comparison.

  3. The significance of this statement should not be underestimated. All cameras were on this man and this Tory stuck his neck out for equal marriage and respect for gays. If you scan the Telegraph articles/comments, you will see that this poor man is receiving a lot of flak.

    I thought his speech was stellar.

  4. Liz Windsor has not had anything to do with the advances in our rights.

    So why is this utter berk John Bercow tryinng to create some fictitious link between the old dear and advances in our civil rights.

    After Liz Windsor dies I sincerely hope Britain transitions into a democracy where both the head of state and the upper house of parliament are selected by democratic means.

    The ‘queen’ is a nice woman I’m sure.

    But Britain no longer has an empire and wasting such huge sums of money on Liz’s houses and security is an utter disgrace.

    1. Without her we might have had Thatcher as lifetime President. Imagine. And we’d still have to pay for her and the palaces.

      1. That makes absolutely no sense.

        1. Oh it does…Also is there need for a head of state?

    2. Agree..and how offensive to be described as ‘Your people’. Advances in human rights have nothing to do with the royals…everything to do with brave people prepared to stick their neck out…and lets not forget that phrase had a literal meaning at one time…the royal family only too ready to execute dissenters.

    3. John Bercow has been a fierce advocate of equal rights in Britain. He deserves better than to be described as an ” utter berk”

    4. While we live in a constitutional monarchy and the queen does technically retain near absolute power she hasn’t really used it and there’d be a civil war if she did. It’s a misnomer to attribute anything to her, we may aswell say gay rights have imporved drastically since the implementation of cat’s eyes. thank you cat’s eyes, your drivers are truly grateful.

  5. Kinda struck by the juxtaposition of “we’re all equal” with “Your Majesty”. There’s still the odd exception!

    Delighted he used the platform for the cause of equality, though.

    1. I think we are better off than she is. She didn’t choose her job, and her whole life is given up to her duty. She’s really a slave to the British people, in a guilded cage.

      She may be on a pedestal, but any one of us has more freedom than she will ever have.

      1. It’s inequality, from which ever angle you look at it, then.

        Btw, she could have always followed he uncle’s example. We should always be grateful for her sparing us Margaret!!

  6. This story is bringing out all the socialist-worker monarchy-hating trots! How many of them have served their country well for sixty years? The Queen has and continues to perform an outstanding role as our Head of State, long may she reign.

    1. I think you’ll find Republicans are to be found in more places than just the Socialist Workers Party. :-)

  7. My respect for this guy is growing almost daily. This is a controversy he could have easily avoided and kept quiet about. But he is demonstrating courage and integrity.

    Thank you Mr Speaker.

  8. He must not have used this address to promote a private cause. This is unethical…

    1. There IS no private when you’re in parliment, and gay equality is hardly a private matter. Anyway, I can’t see how ethics are involved in this at all. The only way this can be related to ethics is in the sense that he is fighting for a just, moral cause.

  9. If you havent seen this article in the FT this morning its worth a read – funny, direct and highly supportive of equal marriage:

  10. Thank Mr Speaker for speaking out with integrity and passion.

    The monarchy vs republican issue will be an ongoing debate for many a year – we have a monarchy and he expressed his views in a forum open to him that had huge publicity implications.

    Good on him!

  11. Although I do support gay marriage, I think John Bercow is a complete moron. Why would you mention gay rights to a Queen who is well known to disapprove of homosexuality? Her Majesty has supported CoE causes which are homophobic and is also from a completely different generation to the current society we have today which promotes equality for gays and lesbians. Stupid man

    1. We haven’t a clue what the Queens opinion is on homosexuality! OF course she supports CoE…She’s the head of the church. I have friends who are members of the CoE, but their not homophobic. There are gay people who are members of the CoE, does this mean they’re homophobic? Don’t be silly and don’t tar everyone with the same ‘homophobic’ brush because they’re members of the CoE.

  12. So much for the neutrality of the Speaker!

  13. I was reading a book whilst my mum was watching this. My ears pricked up when he said “This is a land where men and women today are equal under the law and where Your people are respected, regardless of how they live, how they look or how they love…”

    My mother even rewound it so I could hear it again. We were both very impressed by his speech!

  14. Was Mr Bercow in character for playing Dickens Uriah Heep?

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