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  1. Fair enough.

    Although there does seem to be a Tory bias to this site.

    Whenever (every 2 weeks on average) yet another extremist bigot crawls out of the woodwork in the Tory Party, please actually contact LGBTory to seek a comment from them. If LGBTory refuses to condemn Tory homophobia then it’s evidence that LGBTory is nothing but a meaningless PR groups. And that alone is a big news story.

    Also please stop ‘sourcing’ (stealing) so many stories from US websites. And if you do ‘source’ (steal) a story from a US website, please make an effort to make it reasonably relevant to your main UK based audience.

    The current practice of using US stories to fill your pages looks cheap and amateuris

    1. Benjamin Cohen 21 Mar 2012, 11:45am

      We have always covered international stories. We actually have as many US readers as we have UK readers so we will continue to cover US news stories

      1. I am a Brit in the US and love the perspective of both UK and international news on this site.

      2. Your US news stories never include stories about Gay African Americans

        1. Not true – although I do agree that there is instead a wealth of stories about African American homophobes.

          Proper and fair balance from now on please, Pink News!

      3. Your US news stories are copied almost directly from US websites though.

        I mean Towleroad and Queerty cannot be happy that their work is being ‘homaged’ in the manner it is,

        1. Or alternatively you need to change the tagline to youtr website.

          If the US and UK audiences are the audiences you are aiming for then it’s false advertising to call your site ‘Europe’s largest gay news service’.

          I mean it’s not like there are many European stories on here.

  2. Does anyone believe in neutrality of news outlets? Not even news agencies such as Reuters are neutral … if you really want to get your balancing act together you need to work harder …

    1. Benjamin Cohen 21 Mar 2012, 11:46am

      If you can point out where any PinkNews staff authored piece is biased, I’d be interested to see them. I never have

      1. The perception of some readers is that PN is biased … trying to make a case for neutrality appears to underestimate their capacity to decide for themselves … Can you point me out to any apolitical news outlet? I’d be interested to know …

      2. Pink News is not biased in the sense that it openly endorses certain candidates or parties.

        Its bias is more subtle.

        In terms of the coverage it gives to certain parties the Tories clearly win – they get more positive news stories about them than either Labour or the LibDems, despite beng the party with the foulest histoy of homophobia, and the fact that it still the natural political home of homophobia – Callmedave notwithstanding.

        But take the example I have used earlier about LGBTory – Pink News seems to have that group on speed-dial and are happy to quote it when some pro-Tory article runs.

        However anyone who can read, will see that there is a horrific strain of toxic bigotry runnning through the Tory Party.

        Why are they not ever asked to comment on their party’s bigotry. I mean if LGBTory refuses to call for the suspension of extremists like David Burrowes from the party, then that in itself is a major news story as it illustrate that LGBTory is PR window-dressing

        1. I think it’s a futile exercise to pretend neutrality. Only gullible readers will buy into the idea. There are no neutral news outlets out there. At the same time I think it’s commendable to appear as neutral as possible. In the news market, PN is a niche outlet with an interest in the pink market cake. I’m not expecting PN to publicise its cash flowcharts and I’m not expecting it to claim neutrality either. From my point of view I sense peeps at PN are still outnumbered in relation to the paper’s ambitions. If the paper is vying for more neutrality, it wouldn’t help trying to be the mouthpiece of loud unphilanthropic rich queens trying to have the whole cake for themselves.

  3. I was appalled to see the recent large banner ad from the ‘NotKenAgain’ group which was there for what felt like quite a while.

    My concern was how large the ad became whenever you got your mouse anywhere near it and that, when clicking thru to their website, it took quite a while to fathom who the ad was actually FOR.

    This struck me as decidely dodgy – it was in fact an ad in support of Boris Johnson’s London Mayoral Campaign but this was in no way clear from the ad itself at all.

    There has been a recent spate of Ken bashing on the comments boards – often out of step with the actual stories – much propaganda being quoted as fact to the point where it appeared pretty clear to me that certain groups were using Pink News boards as a way of spreading dis-information among the gay community.

    Shortly after I had noticed this the ad appeared – all very ‘timely’…

  4. I have absolutely no problem with Pink News having political ads but I do object to:

    1) Ads not clearly showing who they are actually in support of (especially if they are negative campaigns as in the ‘NotKenAgain’ Ad
    2) Not having a political balance of various groups; again especially in this case of an incumbent Mayor – Boris Johnson – who has done less for LGBT people than his predecessor and using Pink News as an opportunity to smear his key opponent’s campaign & historic contribution to the LGBT political struggle.

    Lies and disinformation on key LGBT issues have no place inside Pink News regardless of how much money the campaign has put into Pink New’s coffers to pay for the advertising space…

  5. Strange to read the claims of bias to the Tories, I sometimes thought that Pink was biased towards Labour!

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