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Peter Tatchell named Secularist of the Year

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Reader comments

  1. Well deserved. I love the way PT immediately highlighted the greater problems secularists have elsewhere.

    1. Right on.

      Congratulations, Peter.

  2. George Broadhead 19 Mar 2012, 12:12pm

    “Worldwide, organised religion is the single greatest threat to human rights; especially to the rights of women, LGBT people, atheists and minority faiths. Religious-inspired dogmas persecute Christians in Pakistan, Sunni Muslims in Iran, Shia Muslims in Bahrain and Jewish people in much of the Middle East.”

    Well said Peter! This is precisely what LGBT Humanists and Secularists, including groups like GALHA (the Gay & Lesbian Humanist Association) and the gay Humanist charity the Pink Triangle Trust, have been saying for years.

    Warm congratulations on your award and more power to your elbow!

  3. Congratulations Peter Tatchell. Well deserved.

    The most accurate sentence in the article is a quote by Tatchell which says:

    “Worldwide, organised religion is the single greatest threat to human rights”

    Very, very true.

    Organised religion is a cancer that brings nothing but hardship and despair.

    Organised religion has no redeeming features at all.

  4. Mumbo Jumbo 19 Mar 2012, 1:30pm

    As ever, respect to you Peter.

  5. Alastair J, Mainland 19 Mar 2012, 2:10pm

    There are so many things of importance that people dare not say. In Scotland its known as the Calvanistic wall of silence, and causes untold misery for many even today. My thanks and congratulations go to Peter Tatchell for daring to confront such dark barriers and treating many powerful individuals as Mow Mowland did, with a twist of ridicule, by making people see how childish some peoples actions are and how destructive fear mongering is when we dare not say a thing. Congratulations and thanks Peter.

  6. Paddyswurds 19 Mar 2012, 3:01pm

    Congratulations Peter, well deserved.
    How about a knighthood now Ma’am? This man deserves one.

    1. He’s a Republican though.

      He’s reject it, if a knighthood was offered to him.

      1. Paddyswurds 20 Mar 2012, 11:23am

        …Whether or not he rejects it doesn’t negate the fact it was offered and hence the honour stands. Similar if you like to being nominated for an Oscar in the arts world, considered to be almost as good as winning one.

  7. Patrick McC 19 Mar 2012, 3:24pm

    A well-deserved accolade for Peter. In case you are not already aware, the Peter Tatchell Foundation could really do with your financial support – please check out for further information.
    Peter – enjoy the day!

  8. Well done Peter for pointing out that Christians and Catholics are the greatest threat to human rights today in the world, Catholics and Christians attack women’s rights and LGBT rights and minority faiths rights as well as Atheist rights. Secularist need to fight to keep these people and groups free from religion that want to take over the governments. You can see what happens when religion takes over government in the middle east and all must bow down or be killed by their religion. That is slavery not freedom. The Catholics and Christians are fighting a war to make all people Christians (even Muslims) or die in the attempt, this is written in their Bible and they too will destroy any who do not bow down to their religion.

    1. Diesel Balaam 19 Mar 2012, 6:37pm

      Your comment is a little strange, but along the right lines. It is in Islamic countries where the most danger lies for LGBT people and atheists, whereas there is a measure of tolerance in most (post) Christian western societies.

    2. I remember mocking a South Asian I know for her ignorance in apparently being unaware that Catholics are Christians and here you are, doing the same thing. If you mean Protestants, please say so.

  9. Diesel Balaam 19 Mar 2012, 6:59pm

    Peter Tatchell has worked tirelessly for LGBT rights and the rights of oppressed people everywhere, so this is well deserved. However, we should remember that he is also a politician and hasn’t been above stamping on freedom of expression when it suits his agenda. So two cheers only from me, I’m afraid,

    1. Examples of the ‘stamping on freedom of expression’ please, before we join you in your two cheers.

  10. What an inspiration this man is. Thank-you Peter, your selfless efforts for all of us will always encourage others.

  11. GingerlyColors 20 Mar 2012, 6:59am

    Forget the Oscars, Brits, BAFTAs, Grammys and all these award ceremonies for luvies. Lets hear more about award ceremonies for real people like Peter Tatchell who do make a real difference to our lives.

  12. Beehave Hazell 24 Mar 2012, 10:05am

    A true Saint ;)
    Thanks Peter for all your hard work.

  13. with every passing year – My respect and admiration for Mr Tatchell grows and grows –

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