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European delegates to Mr Gay World 2012 revealed

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Reader comments

  1. images, y u no be clickable?

  2. This is news?????????

    Truly tragic and pathetic.

    1. Oh lighten up, for goodness’ sake. If the title suggests an article that won’t be to your taste just don’t read it.

      1. Oh I know.

        But Pink News pretends to be a NEWS site (you know a site which features news as opposed to stripper tales like this one.).

        That fact that some airheads are going to Africa to take their clothes off is NOT news,

        1. I agree it’s not exactly news but I see PN’s remit as reporting anything referring to or pertaining to LGBT people, and therefore this isn’t unacceptable. After all, there was a review of Derren Brown’s current show, which isn’t exactly news either. Why not just see this as being the equivalent of an update in a weekend paper’s style supplement?

  3. Great that the 40-somethings are being represented!

    I love an older man myself! So much sexier and tend to have their baggage sorted out.

    Any takers, gentlemen?

    (Sorry, Stu!!) ;)

  4. Johannesburg? That horrid city? Why not in Cape Town?

  5. Don’t forget the lube boys. x

  6. Paddyswurds 20 Mar 2012, 12:39pm

    This is just so much shyte! Since when did this sort of titillation become news. This is one of the (myriad) reasons no one intelligent buys the Sun. This is also contributing to the myth that all Gay people can think of 24/7 is sex and air head muscle boys. Lets begin showing the world we are also cultured and intelligent and should be taken seriously.

    1. If anyone is stupid enough to believe one contest sums up all gay attitudes and aspirations, I can’t be bothered to worry about them.

      And not all ‘muscle boys’ are airheads, that’s the sort of observation that makes some people think all gay men are spiteful and bitter old queens!

      1. You say that though Rehan and to be fair until the 1980’s Miss World was seen as the ideal for a woman to achieve. Women themselves took it very seriously and still do.

        I agree with Paddy, although it’s only ‘one minor competition’ and good luck to everyone who’s in it I do think it has a damaging effect.

        After all, it’s comparable to all the media representation of the ‘perfect’ body which makes others feel inadequate. Look at the rise of eating disorders amongst both children and adults (some recorded cases being as young as seven years old) because of the size zero phenomenom.

        1. During the stage competitions and particularly in the personal interviews, the jury will focus on the delegate who:

          shows an interest in the world and people around him;
          displays patience, has a compassionate and considerate nature;
          embraces change, or things and people different from his own frame of reference, experience or cultural background;
          can articulate his thoughts and conduct an intelligent conversation;
          has a basic innate charm and sparkle;
          is special, and authentic;
          has poise and is secure with himself, without coming across as arrogant;
          is the ambassador that his nation and local community is proud of;
          can be a diplomat of goodwill;
          has natural leadership skills;
          he inspires his peers and people around him;
          is willing to take risks and become something larger than he had imagined;
          is willing to have fun, push his personal comfort zones, and meet many wonderful people around the globe

          1. check it out at —

        2. But I would suggest the conventions are rather different for women striving for men’s admiration and men striving for other men’s admiration. For one thing, size zero doesn’t affect men (or does it?). Do people find Mr Universe objectionable for the same reasons?

          Ultimately, it’s just one contest. And though it’s not one I’d ever want to attend I, like most other gay men, can’t pretend I don’t enjoy the sight of attractive and not fully-dressed men from time to time.

  7. johnny33308 20 Mar 2012, 7:26pm

    Really, South Africa is NOT a place for gay anything based upon the sort of rabid homophobia that existes in that desolate place….I would never go there or spend money on South African products…way too many LGBTIQ murders there….I don’t care what their constitution says, their people hate far too much….

  8. Hey I want a Mrs. Lesbian pageant! It’s not fair only the guys get the eye candy :P. Oh, and bi women are welcome. *cough*Aferdita Dreshaj*cough*.

    1. I thought there were lesbian pageants? Shows you how out of touch I ma with my female kin.

  9. Why don’t these pageant things ever have anyone that I actually want to look at?

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