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Second MP pulls out of CARE internship scheme over charity’s ‘extreme views’

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Reader comments

  1. The lines are clearly being drawn.

    It is clear that CARE, the anti gay Institute, C4M and their supporters are choosing to be on the wrong side of history. Its clear they lie, manipulate and deceive. Its clear they support, endorse and actively encourage treating others as sub human.

    Its clear those who do not wish to be associated with such vitriol and bigotry should reject any association with such organisations.

  2. Phillip Dawson 16 Mar 2012, 12:11pm

    Thank you for featuring my petition! Slowly the MPs are realising that being associated with an organisation which funded a gay cure event is not something they want to continue to do.

    1. Thank you for your work on exposing the lies and immorality of CARE

  3. Craig Denney 16 Mar 2012, 12:19pm

    The Archbishop of Canterbury has ‘resigned’ because he could not take the pressure.

    Come on they are dropping like flies and now we should go in and finish them off!!!

    1. Craig Denney 16 Mar 2012, 12:43pm

      Sorry I’m an ex-soldier and what I really mean is we should not allow these bigots any breathing space, they are in disarray and are falling apart. Allowing them space to re-group would be a mistake.

      We have the opportunity here to silence these bigots for ever.

  4. Liz Kendall MP is clearly a person of great dignity. It just goes to show how slippery these right-wing so-called ‘Christians’ can be and how nice people can be tricked into giving them tacit support. This is the problem at Oxford ( where Exeter College will soon be hosting a Christian Concern conference. Undoubtedly the authorities there were tricked into this just as MPs have been duped by CARE. It really is a serious problem at the heart of British cultural and political life.

  5. David Burrowes needs to be expelled from the Tory Party.

    He is neo-fascist scum when it comes to LGBT rights.

    He is more suited to being a member of the BNP.

    1. Not very often I agree with you when you use inflammatory language, dAVID.

      With you 100% on that one!

    2. That’s a bit unfair on the BNP. ;-)

  6. Paddyswurds 16 Mar 2012, 12:40pm

    …Those infected by the Abrahamic cults will always have and always will be on the wrong side of history and indeed reality and it is reasonable to assume that they are not about to change course any time soon. The current bru ha ah around Marriage Equality is dare I say as an atheist, a “god” send to them and hqas brought them and their fictional cults back on to the world stage, even if it is only to eventually receive the slap in the face such bigots deserve.

    1. Dave North 16 Mar 2012, 3:58pm

      There is some goon over on the Telegraph comments talking about “maladapted genes” with regards to gays and blacks and how “His People” are being tarnished.

      The moderator is not removing this clearly racist homophobic nonsense.

      Disgusting paper.

      1. Dave North 16 Mar 2012, 3:59pm

        Forgot to mention that once these “genes” have been found that they should be excised.

        Lovely stuff.

  7. If the religious can deceive themselves into believing the nonsense in the bible or other religious texts are factual, then it is easy to understand the mendacity of the religious. They think everyone should be forced to share their bigoted and preposterous beliefs. CARE and C4M are both a collection of very nasty people.

    1. Dr Robin Guthrie 16 Mar 2012, 4:01pm

      Had a “discussion” with some religious anti-gay woman over in the terrorgraph.

      Despite informing the stupid idiot multiple times that I was atheist, every response came back about how her god was caring for me.


      The arrogance of these fools.

  8. hateful and religious does not fit
    religious and intelligence does not fit

  9. Why don’t MPs like David Burrowes show some integrity and stand as “Christian” candidates at elections instead of hitching a ride on the back of mainstream parties and then attempting to impose their religious views once in office.

    Could it be that the know they would never be elected and miss out on the “mammon” paid for by the duped tax payer? C’mon guys put your money where your mouth is.

  10. “CARE” is a word we like to think is good but in this case they have twisted it to fit Christians who hate LGBT people and use prayer and psychiatry and psychology to force gays to change who they are. Real LGBT people do will not change using any of the above and they know it. This makes them criminals who knowingly take money to abuse and harm gays of all ages. CARE needs to be arrested and put on trial for crimes against humanity. They contribute to discrimination against LGBT people. No body should support CARE.

    1. Dr Robin Guthrie 16 Mar 2012, 4:02pm

      “use prayer and psychiatry and psychology”

      No. They are not even using that. They are using snake oil and there god.

  11. Paul Brownsey 16 Mar 2012, 4:27pm

    It is about time the LibDems stopped fielding Gordon Macdonald as a Parliamentary candidate. He has stood both for Westminster and Holyrood, The Scottish LibDems own website says this about him: “He works as Scottish Parliamentary Officer for the Christian public affairs charity CARE and also as a Policy Officer for the anti-euthanasia coalition Care Not Killing.”

    When he sat on East Dunbartonshire Council he tried to get the Council to refuse to allow civil partnership ceremonies.

  12. Mp liz kendal you are to be commended as the other gentleman who has come into the light of these wicked groups who use the titles of christian networks when they really are klan groups around the world hidden behing robes, secret swatsticas, networked even into terrorist occult in foregn countries of terrorism, like the church of gods check their history and ties i did, their brutality comes from either the klan or the terrorist in african nations who are the least uncivilied countries along with alq;ueda, iran, germany, ru;ssia, abusers of people islam muslims, abu;ser of their own people and other ab;user of women and the lgbt people and ab;user and racist abuses more than one person, and group racist or embedded with darkness and dangerous souls and hold un warranted malice implanted by prior kllans and southern evils of history bad upbrings and teaching in religious satan orders, of hate and malice who commite atracities and sex pedephilia of their own, we are seeing it now

  13. you cannot continue to be silent to ab;uses of people and their families for the hatemongering false religions, anyone can go on internet and get a pastors certificate and even make one up like i know other have done, anyone can read a book for six months an aquire a; man made certificate for reading about man made doctrines they have constived and afflicted to say and meet their own personal requirement mostly as men, this does not make the individuals behind a jcpenny cross and robe a; good person, at all, the man and woman behind the robes character and actions against or for humanity, and charity of goodwill without abuse ad injustice and equality and fairness, almsot every mass murdererin out nations has said before they where arrested they where all christians and many of them had paper certificates saying they where some type of pastor, well hell yes, you where a minister, ministering evil and ab;use a minister of satan and evil, evil delivers abuses and harm to and of people,

  14. First of all you had better define an ask somebody what gay is, the hetersexual bigots, look at women who love women, tey dont have to play a role for you they are just women who love women, the same sex, not brutes of hairy men, not dick that a gay woman loves only gay women like me, and gay men loves and is only sexually attacted to men, not breasts, he may think you look nice as a woman but he do not want you in his bed, bisexuals mess with the same stuff hetersexuals do, many of them, but a few still seek to have a monogomas family atmosphere with only the individula they are with at the time whether male or female, others are wild and dangerous sexually harrasser like the hetersexual men, same pot same kettle, thats why the gay communtiy cannot even allow bisexuals to get away with bigotry against their 100% gay family members as well, it all goes back to the root of their sexual disfunctions of wanting to violate an be in the bedroom of all they want to -their advances unwanted

  15. There must be whistle blowing of all religions of hate and abuse they poison the minds of children and defamate and start wars and disruptions in countries and comunities, instead of bringing the people to gether in love and kindness as they should, they are not real christians they just like to use the name called christian, like the kkk uses that name to, but they are rappest and murders from history to now but the kkk has religions erected and running hate instead of going under trees in robes and hats as they did before, they must be uncovered like this network and like like all of these large firms have been also pulling away from these hate networks promanding as christian networks tory the republican denounced the religious right a few months ago and is standing for equality as well because he finally got it , the evils of republicans and hate religions cannot be justified, their just maliced abusers, and harm others out of jealousy.


  17. You should see the number of comments on this discussion forum 3308(!) and many of them vitriolic racist, xenophobic and homophobic comments. There are a few great gay people giving them as good as they get. I am finding it quite entertaining with my popcorn watching it! Would love to see Will, Iris, Spanner or anyone else joining in!

  18. The comments listed below- are they a representation of tolerance within a society supporting equal opportunities and freedom of speech? When was a threat to ‘silence them forever’ a demonstration of reasoned discussion?
    CARE has a history of offering positive help to many in a variety of ways? Is there any evidence of this from the history of its detractors? Or do facts not matter when the word ‘homosexual’ is mentioned? To shout the buzz words of the moment doesn’t offer any real contribution to this discussion,but it does reveal a bullying attitude towards any individual or organisation which doesn’t agree with active homosexual relationships.

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