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Gay Tories challenge MP’s ‘no mandate for equal marriage’ claim

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Reader comments

  1. Just goes to show how much thisman doesn’t know about his own parties manifesto! I heard him on LBC radio yesterday bleeting on about apples and pears, I thought I was listening to the Covent Garden Market radio for a brief moment.

    Just again proves how out of touch he is with the realities of modern life! He is a shameful, bigoted man!

  2. Can he also be challenged on his use of the Catholic Voices poll figure of 80% to support his point of view on Newsnight?

    As previously discussed on here, the poll was incredibly misleading and I feel it is irresponsible for Mr Bone, as an MP, to be using this “survey” as part of a serious debate

  3. It shows how much he knows about his party’s policies if he was unaware of the equality aspects of the Conservative election manifesto.

    Perhaps his constituency party may wish to consider if he is suitable to continue standing at the next election since he clearly fails to maintain an awareness of Conservative policies.

    Perhaps PN would also persist in seeking comment from Bone and ask him for his response to LGBTory and to justify his inaccuracies in his deceptive comments on Newsnight last night or to justify his offensive comments in the chamber of the house of Commons recently.

  4. don’t you lgbtlties get all uppity now! they have probably been reading the comments here and been pushed top make a statement

  5. I presume that, using the same argument, this clearly principled man must have voted against the NHS bill that was not only not mentioned in his party’s manifesto, but pretty much ruled out by statements from David Cameron.

    After all, he wouldn’t want to come over as having double standards would he?

  6. Paul Halsall 16 Mar 2012, 10:36am

    The more Mr. Bone gets on TV to complain, the better it is for LGBT people.

    Even people who waver on this issue do not want to be associated with such a raving lunatic.

  7. Peter Bone seems determined to lead the fight against progress and marriage equality. Perhaps we should refer to the two sides in this argument as the Roundheads against the Boneheads.

  8. Doesn’t being a conservative believing in small government, relative freedom of the individual and social stability give them a mandate?

    Or is he one of those tories who believes that freedom means just the freedom to exploit?

  9. Anyone invoking antiquity as a reason for denying marriage equality has already been defeated – It demonstrates that they have no clear understanding of what marriage was and has been in the part (hint, completely consenting loving relationship between equals is a VERY modern iteration). His assumption is probably that everyone who votes for him is as ignorant as he is. A marriage equality changes nothing for most people – A better analogy is “a granny smith is an apple, a golden delicious is an apple and no one is going to make you eat either of them if you don’t bloody want to.”

  10. MPs will have a free vote on the issue. Therefore, it doesn’t really matter whether it was in the manifesto or not.

    If he wants to vote against the proposal then he is free to do so. His constituents are free to decide at the next election whether they still want this buffoon to be their MP.

    1. Hopefully his constituency will vote him out, if his constituency party do not have the balls to deselect him!

  11. I think Mr.Bone needs to be fed to the dogs!

  12. “While apples and pears are in fact more genetically similar than apples and oranges, they are used to imply difference in many European languages. In English, the two are commonly associated with the Cockney rhyming slang for ‘stairs’.”

    Thanks for that information, PN. ;)

  13. Does LGBTory support the expulsion of extremist bigots like Peter Bone and David Burrowes from the Tory Party?

    If not then why not?

    Surely they believe that far right extremism such as that espoused by Burrowes and Bone are utterly unacceptable in a mainstream politicial party?

  14. Saw this evil homophobe on newsnight with others of his breed, but there was also a gay catholic of catholic herald being anti equality. Talk about the enemy within, in the same ilk as the nauseating homophobe christopher biggins.

    1. People like Christopher Biggins, nauseating. “Oh you would prefer me to sit at the back of the bus? Thats fine, thank you for letting me on anyway”.

      No thought for younger generations of gays who may benefit from marriage equality.

      1. Yes, biggins openly homophobic rhetoric on marraige equality is being used by those ,such as this mp , to substantiate their claims of how all their gay friends do not want marraige equality. I have more disgust for these , pathetic, weak gay uncle toms who support oppression of their own community than this mp and his ilk.

  15. The correction is useful and shows Bone up for the fool he is, but it is essentially irrelevant.
    No government requires a mandate for the equality of its citizens before the law and equal rights. These things are the foundation of liberal democracy under the rule of law, not its consequence or a gracious favour conceded by it.

  16. Robert in S. Kensington 16 Mar 2012, 7:22pm

    What this bonehead is doing is helping the Tory Party to a defeat in 2015. As fellow Tory Francis Maude said recently. The Party will be “unelectable” if it doesn’t support it. He’s right, if the last general election result is anything to go by. It will need every gay vote it can get come 2015.

  17. Robin Evans 16 Mar 2012, 9:01pm

    Is that Bone or Boner??? ;-)

  18. Does LGBT tory know which Tory Mps aren’t going to vote for marriage equality and are they working on them to change their minds?

  19. i think mr bone should keep his trap shut its coming whether you like it or not mr bone. just be honest with yourself your a closet case

    1. Try the equalities manifesto. They had one of those dedicated to equality

  20. You should see the number of comments on this discussion forum 3308(!) and many of them vitriolic racist, xenophobic and homophobic comments. There are a few great gay people giving them as good as they get. I am finding it quite entertaining with my popcorn watching it! Would love to see Will, Iris, Spanner or anyone else joining in!

  21. Am I the only person to think that he looks like Waldorf (as in & Statler) from the Muppets? Quite fitting seeing that he is a muppet! Peter Bonehead!

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