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30 gays arrested in Dubai say unconfirmed reports

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Reader comments

  1. Another example of religion asserting itself over the civil rights of citizens. Islam is most insidious in its hatred for gays and frequently calls for the murder of gays. I would never travel to a country where my individual rights were not respected. But these people that were arrested are citizens.

  2. Disgusting. It’s such a shame that some countries have to be run by religion like that. I am never going to travel to a country where it’s illegal to be gay. Very sad that people are arrested for something they don’t choose (sexual orientation).

  3. I hate Dubai, my partner and I will never travel there. Guys please avoid emirates completely from holiday plan. Where the people are religious idiots.

    1. GingerlyColors 17 Mar 2012, 6:12am

      I hate Dubai too. In fact I have hated it since 1979!

      1. Agreed – a loathsome place. I spent about 22 hours there once, which was about 20 hours too much. Still, I feel really sorry for gay people trapped there.

        1. GingerlyColors 18 Mar 2012, 5:56pm

          I will tell you my Dubai story. When I was 12, I went on a six week holiday to Singapore with my parents. The outward flight was no problem but on the return flight, we stopped in Dubai for refueling and change of pilot. The flight originated in Sydney, Australia and the d**khead pilot had flown out with a faulty warning system and the pilot who was taking over from him in Dubai refused to fly onto Paris and London until the fault was fixed. As a result we got stuck in Dubai for 36 hours, being shuttled to and from the hotel on a couple of occassions as we waited for the plane to be fixed. It’s easy to get into Dubai and harder to get out. If you do go, don’t get into debt, don’t make rude gestures to other motorists. Don’t kiss in public, not even someone of the opposite sex. Don’t have sex on the beach. As for gay sex, forget it!

      2. I have never had the joy of Dubai, but despaired in Abu Dhabi.

        I have to say that of the Middle Eastern places I have visited (all either on transit en route elsewhere or for work reasons) the two that I felt most comfortable in and least concerned about were Oman and Bahrain (sadly recent events in Bahrain make me think I had a peculiarly good experience).

  4. Did anyone proofread this article!?!? Very very sloppy!

    1. Trish Kirby 17 Mar 2012, 8:32am

      I so agree. It really annoys me.

    2. Sadly that’s a regular issue on Pink News. It’s not good enough.

  5. GingerlyColors 17 Mar 2012, 6:15am

    Dublin, not Dubai is the place to be. Ireland has made enormous progress in gay rights and is now one of Europe’s most gay-friendly cities. Not bad for a country which only decriminalized gay sex only 20 years ago. And what better time to be in Dublin than on St. Patrick’s Day?
    Two fingers to Dubai!

    1. Dublin is too expensive and cold, prefer costas

    2. Bloomsday is also a nice day to visit Dublin, unless one doesn’t like James Joyce.

  6. I’m sure the UK government will be right on this one.

  7. A worrying story. Lets hope those affected are all released safely and without harm

    1. Let’s hope their law breaking does not go unpunished though. Hotel owners must obey the law!

    2. Your total obsession with gay-related issues is worrying.

      1. And you should call a psychiatrist.

        One with AA knowledge and experience in old age dementia, preferably .

  8. Some people are Gay! Get over it!

  9. Perhaps the religious disorder community should learn to obey the law of the land and control their bigoted urges since they are the first to complain when hotel owners don’t in Britain.
    It works both ways. Some countries accept homosexulity, get over it!

    1. LOL @ Will

    2. Gays like to sue, homosexuality is money based not love based. basing your life on money is sinful, and practicing homosexuality is also……..

      Learn to respect other peoples religious belief’s and peace will follow.

      1. ‘basing your life on money is sinful’

        Tell that to Vatican and rest of your cr^p post is as silly as you

      2. Rocko, thank you for that sanctimonious and utterly ill thought out dribble.

        In fact, any student of history, or any learned individual at all for that matter, would clearly see that its religion that is money based.

        When you respect the civil liberties of others, then you can patronisingly demand respect for your beliefs. And when civilised people remove religion like yours from suppressing progress and democracy, then we’ll have the peace you so mentioned. Until then, you have much, much more reading to do….

  10. LOL! You wish!

    I laugh at you. Its a cheap one, you’re an easy target, I’ll admit. And the drink problem you have makes it a little mean to laugh at someone with such obvious mental health issues, but hey, we all get our kicks.

  11. I think Keithie-poo-on-the-brian confuses the emotion of rage with disgust.

  12. Robert in S. Kensington 17 Mar 2012, 4:02pm

    Pink News, will you kindly block “stinky-AIDS anus” from posting here. He is doing nothing more than harassing and making antigay comments on here which contribute nothing to the discussion. Clearly these are the rantings of a delusional, demented fool who is in dire need of long-term psychiatric care.

  13. When will people learn to ignore this troll?

    1. Meah, its fun to play with him….

      1. I can think of better ways to have fun than leave inane dribble comments to a troll who also leaves inane dribble comments.

        1. “I can think of better ways to have fun than leave inane dribble comments to a troll who also leaves inane dribble comments.”

          You choice, of course. But do not be so pompous as to presume to dictate what the rest of us can do.

          So, how about f***ing off and leaving us to our fun, eh? Bad enough we have to contend with the “inane dribble” from that reptile without your patronising judgement on top of it. Do not engage him if you do not want to, but allow others the same freedom.

  14. the penalty for being a loathesome bigot like the Bulls is financial hardship not prison and torture. thats the difference.

  15. My family have property in Dubai, its a lovely place, no homosexuality promoted in public, children safe, it’s brillitant. A very forrward thinking country.

    1. Dubai is boring, bland and artificial. Apart from the beaches, golf clubs and sterile shopping centers there is not a lot to do. Spending there more then two weeks is a torture.

      1. “boring, bland and artificial” – yes well that would some up Aiden’s family.

    2. We could wish Britain was more traditional but the gays will kill traditionalism, pity most of them think they are queer queens but don’t even respect what the Queen really stands for.

      1. What on earth are you trying to say? Your comments are all gibberish, is there any reason you weren’t able to attend school?

    3. artificial place with no life

  16. And you should learn English grammar

  17. I was in Dubai for three weeks in February this year. It is very modern as far as muslim countries go. However, no way in heck was I going to be myself there. I stayed with my married friend and his wife that paid for me to visit. Actually only about ten percent of the population is Emirate according to him, he has lived there for four years. No, don’t make any gestures at an Emirate because they will stab or cut you. Knives are their weapons of choice. There were two Britains killed by Emirates in two seperate arguments in the street. A decent place to visit but they are still muslims.

  18. Perhaps you would feel more comfortable moving to Dubai, Keith! We wouldnt miss you!

  19. stop all isalmic hate
    i will never respect this religion that always wants to stone us \
    Islam is a disgrace

  20. muslim clerics or catholic clerics or evangelical, it’s the fact as a gay person i feel safer and more respected in most muslim countries than i do in new york or most usa cities. but dubai in particular is a country built on actual slavery and injustice of the worst possible sort. and most dubai arab men exploit gay people for their own personal pleasure so the hypocrisy is compounded many times over. it’s a hateful place.

  21. Vijay Chavan 5 Oct 2013, 8:22am

    Gr8 job…….keep it going.

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