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Government to unveil consultation plans for equal marriage in England and Wales tomorrow

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Reader comments

  1. My hubby and I look forward to adding our thoughts to this tomorrow.

    1. Will we all be able to submit our thoughts? x

      1. Yes. Government consultations tend to be open to any and all who wish to respond. Hence the 50,000 responses the Scottish consultation received.

  2. “A government source confirmed to the consultation “has always been about how to introduce equal marriage, not whether to introduce it”.”


  3. My pen is at the ready. Well my keyboard anyway. I’ve waited for this day for a very long time!

  4. Sarah Brown 14 Mar 2012, 6:56pm

    I would urge everyone responding to this consultation to push for the ending of the iniquitous practice of compulsory divorce for gender recognition of trans people, and restoration of the marriages confiscated under that policy since it began, 8 years ago.

  5. Depending on how the questions are drafted my response is ready to go (and am prepared to slightly re draft if the questions aren’t quite as I anticipate).

    Here we go.

    Warning though, if you think the crazy stuff the Cardinal and Archbishops have thrown at us (along with the anti-gay Institute) has been bad over the last few weeks, then I suspect when the consultation becomes real then we ain’t seen nothing yet.

    However, on the positive side they won’t know whats hit them. We are only just warming up.

    Equal marriage is just a few stepping stones away – the bigots, relics and homophobes won’t stop it – but they will try.

  6. I’m pleased to be a subject of ‘consultation’ but do wonder this:

    Exactly how many ‘consultations’ were there before marriage (being a bloke and a girl) was accepted as usual.

  7. cool cool cool

  8. The whole idea of a “consultation” is offensive. The “how” of introducing equality legislation has only one answer: “Immediately because inequality is not acceptable.”

    1. The consultation is not about whether equality should happen, which is why I will contribute to it (well one of the reasons)

    2. Agree with you David. But no harm in replying the way you suggest

  9. Does anyone know how we can get involved in this consultation? I’m on my year abroad in Spain at the moment so won’t be able to be in England whilst for the consultation? Is there some sort of e-mail address I can send use to express my thoughts? If you like it then you should be able to put a ring on it! Thanks, C

    1. Be thankful that you are in a country which was one of the first to introduce completely equal marriage.
      We lag so far behind in the UK and constantly pander to a minority of religious zealots; we even allow them to have almost 30 seats in our second house of parliament, none of them elected.

    2. @Christian

      Tomorrow the government will issue a consultation document online and there will no doubt be an online form to complete or email address to send it to. (if prior consultations are anything to go by)

  10. What’s wrong with today?

    Looking forward to it..

    Anybody live in St Albans?

    This MP needs to contact the LGBT community as well on the consultation and not just the churches

  11. Benjamin Cohen 14 Mar 2012, 8:34pm

    PinkNews will be helping explain how to respond to the consultation tomorrow.

    1. I look forward to giving comments against it and if posiable, voting agains it along with all my fellow signatories of The ORIGINAL Coalition For Marriage, rathet then the pair of homosexuals who ripped of the website in order to create a poor atempt to stop people having their opinion against.

      1. That will be the deceiving Anti Gay Institute side kick the Coalition for Marriage …

      2. “in order to create a poor atempt to stop people having their opinion against.”

        I’m sorry. Did a pair of homosexuals hack and take down the C4M website that I’m not aware of. Otherwise can you explain how the above statement is true. The C4M website is still there after all isn’t it?

    2. Awesome. There’s already a guide up at

  12. Craig Nelson 14 Mar 2012, 8:41pm

    Wahoo. Nuff said.

    I do think though that we do need to respond to the consultation. It is our chance to have our say on an important issue and we don’t want to be drowned out by bigots.

  13. YAY :D
    Okay, childlike glee aside for a moment…it’s about time. :3

  14. “..has always been about how to introduce equal marriage, not whether to introduce it.”

    Doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t ask whether respondents agree with the plan.

    1. According to the Guardian there is a question

      “The consultation paper will, however, also ask if the status quo should be maintained. …”

      Surely this is just like a poll and would just encourage all those who have signed the anti gay marriage petition to just simply answer this question only. Seems pointless question to me and would just mean they would get bogged down by replies and the whole thing will just be a numbers game…

      1. In Theresa Mays article in The Times tomorrow it seems crystal clear proposals to introduce equal marriage for same sex partners will happen

        “I don’t believe that the State should stop people getting married unless there are very good reasons — and being gay isn’t one of them. If we believe that commitment, fidelity and marriage are good things then we should not restrict them, we should let them flourish”

  15. I really hope that this law passes as I’ve been strongly considering moving to England. If this law is passed, I may within the next ten years.

  16. Spanner1960 15 Mar 2012, 6:58am

    I just REALLY hope they don’t go with this parallel concept of allowing straights Civil Partnerships and just scrap the entire thing.

    Doing that will just add to the confusion and blur all the outlines. Marriage for everyone.
    Keep it simple, stupid.

    1. I really hope they do go with civil partnerships and marriage to be available for everyone. Some people, gay and straight have hang ups about ‘marriage’, some people, gay and straight have hang ups about ‘civil partnerships’.
      Gay, Straight, Marriage and Civil Partnerships for everyone. Now that is keeping it simple, stupid!

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