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Gillian Anderson reveals gay relationship as a teenager

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Reader comments

  1. Gillian Anderson is an amazing individual. She is kind, caring and brutally honest. Thank you for being you, Gillian.

    1. Absolutely. A proud, mildly bi lady. I bet there are more mildly bi folk at both ends of the spectrum then most would care to admit.

      1. Mild bi? Like a mild chicken korma?

  2. The truth is out there!

  3. Agent Scully got lost in the hairy Bermuda triangle then.

    1. David Myers 15 Mar 2012, 12:11am

      Go away troll!

  4. Enid Suckit 14 Mar 2012, 12:54pm

    I wish I was a lezzer – she does it for me

  5. Great lady! Loved her on Graham Norton’s show recently. Come back Scully!

    Oh, and Trust No-One…

  6. And there I was thinking it was just pings from my “I wish”-dar rather than my gaydar… Good for her.

  7. I tried dating girls too but I knew I liked the boys!

    I like her honesty though, good on her!

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