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Call to recommend gay and trans protections in new Commonwealth Charter

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Reader comments

  1. Of course the Commonwealth should have a commitment to equality including orientation.

    1. Sad to say it, but with so much of the Commonwealth being in either Africa or the Caribbean it’s an uphill battle. Kudos to Tatchell for trying though. At least he’s raising awareness and preventing LGBTI rights being secretly swept under the carpet.

  2. Personally, I would like to see a list of the names of anti-gay commentators posted on the Commonwealth’s website.

    Also, a distinction could be made between commentators who do have an expert opinion, and those whose only expertise is homophobia.

    Hate is not an expert opinion.

  3. They need to put something in it to include stopping the Christian and Muslim religions from spreading their lies and hate about LGBT people and using their influence on governments to write oppressive laws against LGBT people who are the minority.
    The time for freedom has come for LGBT people and to stop all discrimination against them.

  4. Another Hannah 14 Mar 2012, 8:18pm

    The commonwealth shouls be disbanded I think if it is only going to be a device for the propogation hate campaigns.

  5. We definitely need LGB hate crime laws/protections/rights and T hate crime laws in every country. Sadly that won’t happen in countries controlled by religion.

  6. any islamic or black stat does not recognize US , but regardless of the countries , there is 10% LGBT every where , it is just their primitive hateful conducts, mostly religious based that inspires the hate , so the best is to stop lthe lies that are the religions . there is no god , it is a fairies tale

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