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Blogger publishes Archbishops’ anti-marriage equality letter ‘how it should have been’

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Reader comments

  1. Love it.

    I dare an RC priest to read it out this coming Sunday, or for someone to read it for them as a protest!

  2. Gene in L.A. 14 Mar 2012, 5:34pm

    I cannot go along with “the obligation to marry,” for anyone, regardless of sexuality. The church has for too long assumed a right to command, where it should be serving.

  3. Dennis Battler 14 Mar 2012, 5:42pm

    Useful suggestions – still at issue is: a) the misconception of the history of marriage b) the original intention of marriage of wife to man created as “ownership” c) for the purpose of building the tribe’s forces to do battle. Note: with billions of people on the planet that’s well covered and any thinking person knows (oops there I go presuming thought and common sens is involved.)
    Now, to address same sex marriage in history: According to the “Martyrologium Romanum” they suffered martyrdom soon after the deaths of Sts. Peter and Paul and were buried near Rome. Their existing Acts are not genuine and agree to a great extent with those of Sts. Nereus and Achilleus. The veneration of the two saints is very old. A mass is assigned to them in the “Sacramentarium” of Pope Gelasius.

    CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Sergius and Bacchus
    Soldiers, martyred in the Diocletian persecution in about 303. Universally venerated in the East

  4. Mr. Ripley's Asscrack 14 Mar 2012, 7:44pm

    Lame, sorry, maybe if he actually shouted his protests inside the church…

  5. Don Harrisoin 14 Mar 2012, 8:22pm

    The RC church is losing a large amount of its membership.
    There will be many who are wavering their faith who see through these unthruths might well be pushed over the edge.

    1. Rayne Van-Dunem 15 Mar 2012, 6:28am

      I’ll only believe it when old churches are purchased, shorn of their Abrahamic iconography and relaunched as “museums of ethics and empathy”. Buildings which everyone can go through without interfering with their own adherences or feeling bad.

  6. fact: up until the 16th century, the “church” recognized same sex marriages in church with a marriage ceremony included in the official church missal. parish church records in french parishes in the middle ages show that unrelated males and unrelated females wed in church and raised families. ALSO in the greek church as well as the Latin. the ceremony is called “brothering” and brotherted pairs co parented children under the law. FACT.

  7. Gene Touchet 15 Mar 2012, 12:27am

    Yes, “obligation to marry” is a bit difficult to support.

  8. religious vision of discrimination and hate
    i stick it up my ass

  9. Maybe somewhere there is another universe where this is the letter that was read out…

  10. Thanks everyone for your kind words, and insights. On the ‘obligation’ to marry – I agree. At the time I was writing as-if Nichols and it felt correct to “say” that. Not my opinion at all, really.

    The email this has generated has also been positive, with exceptions of course. One I’d like to share — a UK woman wrote me that “phobe” means irrational fear, and that there was absolutely nothing irrational about fearing homosexuals. I agreed with her and told her that it was, indeed, rational of her to FEAR ME. Kill them with kindness, I say.

    Check the blog if you’d like. Trying to keep it interesting.

    Thanks again, and thanks to Pink News,

    Joe Delmonaco/Flaneur Blog

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