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St Petersburg governor signs ‘gay propaganda’ bill into law

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Reader comments

  1. Christopher Kay 13 Mar 2012, 2:59pm

    I read the article and just shed a tear.
    How could they?

    1. Mr. Ripley's Asscrack 13 Mar 2012, 5:51pm

      If it was good enough for the UK in Thatcher’s years, so it’s good enough for Russia now! I always said they were living in the past (1988 it turns out!)

  2. Whilst this is HORRIFICALLY retrogressive step, it will in time come back to bite them (both fiscally and culturally) with far greater damage than this piece of s*it legislation. I look forward to seeing the dissension that arises from the tourism board, the liberal fractions of the city and indeed the civilians themselves. They’ve made a grave error and it shan’t be forgotten in a hurry.

  3. “Freedom” perhaps means you are free to believe and talk about views that we agree with. Now aren’t you lucky people glad we are no longer oppressed by Stalin. What a joke.

  4. Barbarians.

    I feel so desperately sorry for gay St Petersburgers.

  5. This now requires a response from all gay tour operators and tourists from the UK and the USA. We are not welcome in St Petersburg therefore we will not go to Russia. I will not pay them to oppress gay people like me because we are part of the greater family of LGBT and we say NO to homophobics of all hues.

  6. Should we be surprised given Russia’s response to the crisis in Syria; I suspect human rights don’t figure high on the Russian’s list of priorities…

  7. Just awful :( Manchester needs to cuts its ‘twin city’ status with St Petersburg for this.

  8. Jock S. Trap 13 Mar 2012, 4:24pm

    Disgusting, plain and simple!!

    1. Ignored

  9. People they are Russia they put people who speak out on anything about freedom in Siberia or a mental hospital to keep them quiet. They have been doing this for a long time now. The solution is to start a ‘Radio Free The Gays Europe’ to broadcast into Russia to support our LGBT Russian brothers and sisters.

  10. Mr. Ripley's Asscrack 13 Mar 2012, 5:54pm

    So mud huts get broadband these days? Yawns, then pops the lid back on the troll-feed.

  11. What a dispicable piece of human trash you are in aplauding misery and opression!! Oh and the ‘Poo on the penis ‘ title, well you would have a title like that as i see alot of your hetro buddies getting well stuck into the arse scene with their female partners! The DVDs, on line video clips and top shelfs of your local sex shop are crammed with the stuff its so popular …and for anal the girls get even more money! Get in there….u love it!

    1. By proportion, heterosexual women have the most HIV.

      The Bible also says “Love your neighbor as yourself” and “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. You should try being more like your Jesus and stop spreading hate.

      1. John 8:6- They were using this question as a trap, in order to have a basis for accusing him. But Jesus bent down and started to write on the ground with his finger.
        7- When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, “If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.”

        Also said by Jesus….
        Mark 30- Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.
        31-The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[b] There is no commandment greater than these.”

        Jesus also never mentioned homosexuality once

  12. Bored and ignored. Fk off dear and get a life.

  13. @ Poo. Are you suggesting you agree with the ‘kill the gays’ bill which justifies the murder of people based on their sexual orientation?

    1. Ignore him – you’d get more sense out of a rock, Abraham. He’s a sad attention-seeker.

    2. I don’t believe homophobes have any business in executing people for naturally being attracted to the same gender

      1. I’m attracted to adult women, not children. And it’s acceptable because when I have sex with those women, they are adults and they are consenting.

        And you can’t fight them. It’s impossible to change your sexual orientation. You can’t make some heterosexual, bisexual, or homosexual.

        The Bible also says shellfish and pork, clothes mixed with two fabrics, and lying are immoral. And I take no morals from a homophobic, sexist, racist “God” who murders people.

    3. @ Poo. You have just said that you think homosexuals should be executed. Do you really think homosexuals should be executed?

      1. Sadly it does, when it fact if anybody should be executed it’s homophobes ;P

        I feel a little sorry for the person, they’re been brainwashed by an evil book yet can’t even act like their hero, Jesus

      2. I was kidding about the executing homophobes, unless they’re homophobes that execute tons of homosexuals, then they deserve it

  14. This is absolutely disgusting. This is something I’d expect from a country run by Islam, not Russia. I don’t even know how this is a law. My thoughts and well wishes go out to you bisexual//homosexual St. Petersburgers, and I really hope you consider moving, even though you should be free to be yourself in your own hometown. I hope that with international backlash and a possible loss of tourism revenue, that the homophobes that made this law possible reverse their decision. I know for one that I am never setting foot in St. Petersburg as long as this is a law (which is a shame because I wanted to visit there), and I will recommend everyone I know and meet to do the same, and I also will not and recommend not buying anything from there.

    1. Well, welcome to reality. Modern homophobia is an invention of Christian cultures. No religion is as clear on what to do with gay people as the Christian one (death). Russia is a very strict Ortodox Christian country. This is nothing compared to what they have been doing over the past 20 years. No surprises for me.

      1. Well, modern Christianity is usually far less homophobic than Islam. Most Christians would not want to kill LGBs. But I don’t like Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Bahai’s, Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witness ‘s stances on homosexuality/bisexuality and same-sex marriage. Yeah, it’s such a shame countries have to be that way, and I hope it kills their tourism.

  15. Dutch Pinoy Couple 13 Mar 2012, 8:03pm

    We are going on a GAY Cruise in July and one of the stops is St Petersburg… I think I will just stay on the ship.

    1. I was thinking about going on a lesbian cruise this summer in the Finland-Russia zone. I’ve decided not to now.

      1. It was stopping in St. Petersburg just to add that.

      2. Every other cruise besides a gay cruise is a straight cruise. Nobody discriminates against you based on your sexual orientation.

        1. You also have completely recognized marriage, you don’t get fired for your orientation, you don’t have people beat or murder you for your orientation, etc. You have everything else, get over youself

          1. yourself.*

        2. Ignore the above

        3. You lie dear no gay person could stand your stink, so again we are bored and must now ignore the mental case with the obsession with excrement, that’s you P O T P or as we like to call you Pathetic Obsessive Twisted Pisspot. Now do fck off dear and play with the traffic. Bye.

    2. Dutch Pinoy Couple 13 Mar 2012, 8:20pm

      I’ve sent the gay tour operator which charters cruise ship an email a few weeks ago regarding the “gay propaganda bill” asking them what they are planning to do about the sorry development in St Petersburg. Still waiting for a reply.

      1. Well, to be fair, they did make the arrangements before this law was even written I’m sure. Maybe they’ll choose another city instead, as I doubt any gay person is going to get off of that ship. If they don’t change it, I’d either stay on the ship or get a new cruise.

    3. A GAY only Cruise? Why go on a “GAY only” cruise? The cruise ships i’ve travelled with have welcomed ALL walks of life, sexualities and colours… What’s the advantage to a “gay only” cruise? Other than the obvious….

      1. Dutch Pinoy Couple 13 Mar 2012, 8:56pm

        Who said GAY only? Everyone is welcome.

      2. Some cruises aren’t exactly welcoming of same-sex couples sharing rooms, holding hands, a quick kiss. I’d also only go to a cruise with no children on board, and that’s hard to find all-inclusive cruises that do that.

  16. Hey Homophobe-

    If you have such an issue with homosexuals/bisexuals and same-sex marriage, then don’t go on an LGB news website. There are plenty of websites that cater to your close minded and barbaric views.

  17. This is fantastic news, standing up to the militant homosexual agenda, David Cameron take note, if Gay ‘Marriage is legalise, you will not serve another term…

    Well done Russia.

    1. He’s probably resigned to not serving another term already. He’s not stupid.

      So whilst he’s there he may as well do something that will ensure his term is celebrated for decades to come. Come on Dave, let’s get that bill drafted and passed :)

    2. Aiden is so boring and we are now ignoring you, drabula queen of the insignificant. Now fck off dear and get a life. Bye.

    3. Militant- vigorously active and aggressive, especially in support of a cause

      Of course we’re going to be “militant”, we want equal rights and we’re not going to sit around and be quiet about being denied them

  18. GingerlyColors 14 Mar 2012, 7:01am

    One massive leap backwards for St. Petersburg. What’s next on the city’s agenda. Renaming the city ‘Leningrad’ perhaps?

  19. They obviously don’t want the tourist dollar – this is one more place I will not be visiting.

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