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God Hates Fags church protests Radiohead gig

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Reader comments

  1. I don’t see the connection.

    1. The connection is that Radiohead are very famous and if they picket their concerts the entire world will hear about it, thus the looneys will get some more of the attention they crave.

      1. That is exactly what this is all about…

      2. Ah, I gave them a shot and listened to several recent albums, never having heard them before. I didn’t care for them. They sounded old (as in from the 70’s) and sad (as in all their songs seemed to be stick-your-head-in-the-oven songs). In that light one could draw the connection that that Phelps lot would like adore them considering that they’re also old and sad. They don’t sound to me like a band that would attract a typically gay audience, per se … more a low common denominator type audience. Their songs don’t have the sense of adventure that I look for in music, and so if they’re a big pop band I think I’ll leave them to people that don’t require a sense of adventure to be entertained. But I still don’t see the connection. Maybe that Phelps lot are bitching for the sake of bitching?

  2. Radiohead 1 : Dickheads 0

  3. If there was a god, I am pretty sure that he/she would not be advocating some of the crap these lunatcis get up to!

  4. The Westboro Baptist Church questioned the band’s ‘song-writing abilities’??!!?? Truly bizarre!!! I guess with homophobia increasingly being exposed as the neo-fascist doctrine it has always been, these weirdo churches need to move on to other topics in order to keep their market. What next . . . CofE questions Queen’s ensemble?!?

  5. Westboro are best ignored. They are simply litigious media whores with an internet troll mindset.
    All publicity is good to them, otherwise they would have packed it in years ago.
    I found this interesting account of how they do business on another site
    It seems that homophobic fire and brimstone preaching is less important to them than waiting for someone to take the bait and react. Then they take them to the cleaners with their collective legal expertise.
    If it wasn’t for the lawsuits they would have to get real jobs.

    1. Very interesting article. It really explains a lot. What I still don’t understand is how they can call themselves a Christian church ( Baptists do claim to be Christian) when they stand against the most basic of Christian principles, that being love of your neighbour,

      1. Never underestimate the ability of the fundamentalist to cherry pick or exploit the inconsistant bits of the Old Testament that suit their agenda.
        If they can find a verse in Romans, a verse in Deuteronomy and a verse in Leviticus that supports being a bigoted a-hole, they can safely turn their back on all the “love your neighbour” stuff or claim that refers to other neighbours. “Don’t pass judgement on others or you may be judged yourself” is the other bit they think only applies to other people.

      2. Being from the same town as the WBC, your first statement sums it up: Ignore the bastards!

  6. I don’t understand how Radiohead’s work relates to what Westboro are about. Its all a bit random. If they (Westboro) didn’t appear desperate and nuts before they certainly do now.

    1. As I said, if you think of them as professional internet trolls with legal degrees it makes sense… they provoke a violent reaction in the public whilst playing it just this side of legal then use their combined law degrees to sue anyone who steps outside the laws when retaliating. They exploit every loophole.
      Not all their trolling scams work, but those that do make them big bucks and that’s money in the church coffers.

  7. The WBC is doing so much for us, I wonder if they are really moles?

    1. I totally agree! They are helping the LGBT community long term more than they realise.

  8. Whys is Pink News promoting homophobia,

    The Westboro Baptist Church is comprised of 1 family, has about 70 members, and is ONLY relevant because idiots like the editorial team at Pink News, cannot help giving them the oxygen of publicity, they need to survive.

    Appalling to see that Pink News is doing its bit to ensure the survival of this group.

  9. Their bizarre behaviour gets more ridiculous as time goes on doesn’t it? God Hates Radiohead too now? Classic.

  10. Flapjack is correct. These folks are just con artists waiting for someone to attack them so they can sue. I doubt they even believe the crap they spew.

  11. I don’t wish harm on most people, but WBC needs to die. They are really low on the human totem pole.

  12. It’s probably something as asinine as the fact they’ve got ‘head’ in their name…

    That said, these nutcases should be allowed to keep doing their thing. Allowing wingnuts such as these to spout their ill-conceived (and in this case, frankly hilarious) homophobia will only escalate the downfall of religious institutions.

  13. These loons are a great asset. Any sane person would tend to support whatever they oppose.

  14. “Freak monkeys”? They should know.

    Like all trolls though, they should just be ignored.

  15. Really hope Radiohead played “Creep” for WBC. The chorus especially seems very appropriate for that “church’s” protesters.

  16. Spiritbody 13 Mar 2012, 7:02pm

    Dont look for a link between Radiohead and the downfall of the human race due to its acceptence of homosexuality- there isnt one. These fools dont need a link. Its all about attention. I know the media will always report on thier dumb activities cos it often makes for sensational reading. But how good would it be if they did some picket or whatever, and it just wasnt mentioned ANYWHERE! A total WBC white wash. They’d be so pissed off.

    1. Precisely, that’s how we know that their whole “god hates fags” routine is a deliberate ruse to get people riled.
      Trolling, phishing and scamming the public with frivolous lawsuits is their primary concern, rabid homophobia from their point of view is simply a means to that end.
      They may well be homophobes, but it doesn’t explain their more random targets. Cold hard cash explains it all.

  17. Not helping themselves are they!!! Twits! (I was being VERY polite there)

  18. chris lowercase 13 Mar 2012, 10:03pm

    cant really see why they would be interested in a radiohead gig. id rather be stuck outside a stadium listening to radiohead rather than lady gaga though.

  19. Hodge Podge 13 Mar 2012, 11:43pm

    Surprised they can afford to go to a Radiohead gig nowadays. Favourite band ever but £65 for the manchester concert is ridiculous.

  20. Typical of the Baptist Church nothing but a bunch of morons to start with.

  21. Nobody is going to take you seriously unless the WBC have picketed you – its a badge of honour, sort of. If the WBC have picketed you then you know that you are doing something right. Being a bit of a fogey I had absolutely no idea who or what Radiohead actually were, but now I know that they are doing something right and I may even buy one of their recordings – just to show solidarity, you understand, not to actually listen to.

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