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Tory LGBT group claims Ken Livingstone ‘riddled with hypocrisy’

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  1. “He treats LGBT Londoners as just another voting block who are wooed when he needs them, and dismissed and offended when he needs someone else’s vote more.”

    Yes are we surprised? He’s a politician. Politicians are everybody’s friend when there’s a election to win LGBT people, women, black people, Christians, Muslims, policemen, nurses, doctors, firemen etc etc. They are only actually interested in their own careers.

    If they’re only just realising this now then they’re seriously lacking in the brains department

    1. Ken was advocating the rights of the LGBT community back in the 1980s BEFORE it was popular! When it was UNPOPULAR. He used to get attacked constantly in the press for it. It’s the Tory party that is now very slowly starting to realise it can’t be openly homophobic any more. It’s the Tory party that is the real cynical operator!

      1. Yep, you’re right. He saw the huge untapped vote that we held.

        Got to give it to him, he’s worked us.

        Unfortunately for us though they are other sections of society with untapped voting potential that are getting more of his attention that we are … and as LGBTory have pointed out, several of these fly contrary to our interests.

  2. Colm Howard-Lloyd 13 Mar 2012, 4:25pm

    I’m not surprised the protest passed Ken Livingstone by.

    He decided to sneak into the venue by a back door to avoid answering questions about his dubious associates, or from another group who wanted to ask him about his tax avoidance.

    1. and of course you fail to mention that his supporters were out reminding people of Boris’ 3 men and a dog comment where he compared it to gay marriage – JUST as the civil partnership debate had reached its zenith. But then to mention that there were those highlighting Boris’ insults to the Gay community would be to be objective which you are clearly incapable of.

      Take another example closer to home: Ken presided over ensuring London had a free pride event when he was mayor. Amazing how short-term some people’s memory is, or to put it another way, amazing how powerful the stories in the Tory press are on those who should know better. Im starting to think we need a new pink press website, one which doesnt back up the tories so shamefully.

  3. Jock S. Trap 13 Mar 2012, 4:33pm

    I have to agree with this group. Ken is one very big hypocrite. He will not be getting my vote. If I wanted someone hypocritical and devisive then fine I would vote for Ken but Boris stands for London and all Londoners therefore is getting my vote 110%!

  4. Strange, I know of an article, which would have been an exclusive had they published it, about Ken Livingstone which was submitted yesterday to Pinknews. It was turned down because they “had nothing to balance it with”. What are they “balancing” this article with?

    This isn’t PinkNews it is BlueNews. And it is ‘Riddled with Hypocrisy’. It is clear that Pinknews has effectively joined the Standard in becoming a campaign propaganda mouthpiece for Boris.

    1. Stephen Gray 13 Mar 2012, 6:13pm


      I’m sorry you feel this way – we’ve had a series of opinion pieces from Steve Reed, Tom Copley, and Mr Livingstone himself and just last night we published an article outlining his comments on hate crime – we are hardly a propaganda mouthpiece for his opposition and will not be endorsing a candidate in the election.


      1. “we are hardly a propaganda mouthpiece for his opposition”

        What about the Not Ken Again website banner that was on the Pink News homepage?

        1. Benjamin Cohen 13 Mar 2012, 11:08pm

          Jess/ Joss,

          Advertising and editorial on PinkNews are handled completely separately, particularly for political advertising. The Conservative Party has advertised on since 2007. Labour and the Liberal Democrats have advertised since the last mayoral election. At the moment there are indeed anti Ken/ pro Boris advertisements running on PinkNews paid for by the Conservative Party. We are told that the Labour party will be paying for pro Ken advertising as well.

          In terms of your article, we can decide which articles we wish to publish. No one has the right to demand a platform on our website. Although I haven’t seen it, I understand that it fits into a genre of articles currently on the website and wouldn’t add anything to the debate given what has already been published written by Ken, his supporters or based on an interview with him. The decision not to decide to publish it has nothing to do with advertising and you are misleading by suggesting otherwise.

          1. You may try and pose this as two separate things – articles vs advertising – but to your readership they are the same thing! And there is no getting away from the fact that your paper’s reporting of the Labour candidate’s election event was carried as a pro-Tory news item! Not really very objective I would say!

          2. Oh dear Ben, I wouldn’t bother. You’ve printed an article that wasn’t pro-Labour so of course you’re in the wrong.

            And heavens to Betsy – taking ads from all parties – dear God you’re a monster.

      2. Valerie Emerson 14 Mar 2012, 11:21am

        Stephen. You are not reporting events objectively. Either Ken or Boris will be the Mayor of London. Ken, has shown 4 decades of support from a time we were villified, to now, he has pioneered the civil partnership register and making Pride free in central London. The real test, which you have abysmally failed to report, is that he remains, to date, the only politician who will do a walk around soho getting a warm reception from every bar he walks into, and then put on a packed event which is endorsed by club owners, community organisations, performers and Gay/Lesbian MPs.
        Boris on the other hand, has insulted LGBT people by comparing Gay marriage to being like three men and a dog, at the time we really needed people to back our right to civil partnerships. he has NOT been to pride this year, cancelled the pride reception, has never had a campaign event for LGBT communities like Ken’s. He wont do a walkaround/event & you should be taking him up about it. you’re not. viva blue news?!

        1. Valerie Emerson 14 Mar 2012, 11:29am

          Just look at your headlines – they take the importance of Ken putting LGBT people central to his campaign as he has always done, and reduces it to a tory agenda. For example only a tory would complain about an event costing £10 instead of hundreds of pounds! WHAT?! at a time of austerity Ken would have got a kicking if he had gone ahead with an expensive event. of course, you run with the question of the event being downgraded, instead of questioning why the Tories are not putting on an LGBT event. you had the chance to make up for it by reporting objectively on a packed out event with great speakers and pledges from Ken to support our community, but why do that when 7 tories are outside with an agenda of supporting a mayor who has done worse than nothing (see above, your higher tube / bus cost) is on offer? Pink News is not objective. Its pro – Tory. In a close election youve nailed your colours to the mast. you’re not impartial at all. Blue news.

      3. Pink Paper, having initially run the same hatchet job that you did in pink news, has now at least shown some balance. the term gets stuck in my throat because to give 7 Tories who should know better the same coverage as 200 people who were at the event is not balance at all, but perhaps they understand, unlike you, how unpopular it would be to be nicknamed blue news in the lgbt community? you may be doing a favour to the mayor that obviously are supporting, but people have started to notice, and they have not forgotten what the tories did and still do represent

  5. CrapPinkPaperBaiter 13 Mar 2012, 5:06pm

    I am no lover of ken myself

    But I have noticed a dedicated Boris Karloff, I mean, Johnson support campaign from this disreputable tory rag

    Try and be a little less obvious about it, eh guys?!!

  6. How sad that it’s between islamic fundamentalist loving Ken and Boris the bestiality baffoon. Why can’t someone good be standing.

    1. There are other candidates… Or were you being facetious?

  7. Ken Livingstone has support within the Gay community. So much so that it was felt appropriate to organise an event which celebrated all that he has done over the last 40 years in furthering gay rights.

    Boris Johnson has done nothing to promote gay rights, and in fact once said that if gay men could get married, then it might as well be extended to include “three men and a dog”.

    If you don’t think that is hypocrisy, then perhaps you would like to borrow my glasses and a dictionary for a few minutes…

    1. That Boris quote was taken out of context, he was stating the libertarian viewpoint that if the government has no place in dictating morality regarding marriage then it really shouldn’t be dictating in any terms at all what a marriage should be. He was being his typical bumbling buffoon but wasn’t actually saying that was a bad thing.

  8. Patrick Lilley 13 Mar 2012, 7:15pm

    Colm is worried up to 10% of Conservatives will vote for Ken!

    Hence the smears.

    More Lib Dems will vote for Ken then their official cadidate…

    KEN NEVER ENDORSED ANY CLERICS OPINIONS OF JEWISH /CATHOLIC OR MUSLIM LEADERS whose Abrahamic Bible says gays should be punished by death (cf Leviticus!) and that was 700 years before Mohammed was born!

    Ken has 30 years support for LGBT equalit ALL ON THE RECORD when the people like Colm Howard-Lloyd would NEVER have been out and Tory! But still Tories denigrated Ken for his support for equality. Why? They are losing the battle of ideas.

    Ken praised David Cameron for including out gays in their campaigns. Last night I even met gay ppl from the Mayor of Tower Hamlets office who is smeared on here regularly.

    LGBTory lies and Telegraph smears wont change the fact. Ken and Lutfur support equality

    The issues are cutting tube fares & crime, creating homes and jobs and Ken knows that and will use budget surplus to cut fares!

  9. I think Ken was rather unwise in his comments — and you do have to balance that against a very long career in which he has made his support of gay rights very clear.
    Contrast that with the Tory party which seems to be a rather late, but nonetheless welcome, convert.
    I think Joss’s comment is bang on the money.

  10. LGBTories are self-haters. What else to expect from them, but to seek refuge in a party that fulfills their expectations they have in life? It’s not easy to live around people who hate and despise you, but if you hate yourself, it must make things easier, since you’re always bowing down to your persecutors…

    1. As a side effect to that, they spend their whole time demonising those who work to dismantle the comfort of their self-hating zone.

      1. LGBTories should spend their time denouncing the rampant homophobia going on daily in their house of cards. but…. they just keep quiet, very low profile … don’t dismantle their self-hating castle.. and they are getting paid to do that too…

        1. Sister Mary Clarence 15 Mar 2012, 12:14am

          Oh yeah I noticed that in the headline story about Teresa May quoted in the Time about gay marriage definitely being introduced.

          I guess the Labout trolls are going to explain that away somehow …..

          1. Its very easy to explain that. For decades, the Tories opposed gay rights. Section 28, age of consent, Boris comparing Gay Marriage to beastiality etc etc.

            Despite this, society has been moving forward. Labour politicians like Ken spearheaded this, taking on the Tories, and their media attack dogs like the Sun who villified him in the press throughout the 80s when the GLC stuck up for gay rights.

            here’s the rub: by standing up for gay rights, they changed the political landscape. The Tories now have to be a part of that. Ill be damned before I thank the tories for this. And we are all damned if, like you we forget our history. Cameron, just before he took power, forged an alliance with Eastern European MEPs in homophobic parties. Dont let them pull the wool over your eyes. Oh, and Im not a member of the Labour party but I would any day back Ken over Boris. Its totally obvious why.

    2. Spanner1960 13 Mar 2012, 10:27pm

      Oh, wheel out that old cliché again.
      If gay people are not lefty, denim-growing, ex-Greenham Common hippies or waving ‘Socialist Worker” placards they are obviously ‘self-hating’.

      Well I’ve got news for you sunshine, some of us are gay, right wing and very happy with ourselves. Live with it.

      1. If that makes you happy, just keep bowing down to your homophobic masters darling…

        1. Spanner1960 14 Mar 2012, 9:07am

          Who said they were my “masters”?
          That’s the great thing about capitalism, you reap the benefits of your own hard work, unlike you lot that expect the rest of us to share it around while you sit on your fat fannies.

          1. That’s the great thing about capitalism, you reap the benefits of your own hard work

            don’t be silly we pay taxes to bail out banks who should have been allowed to fail if we were living in a true capitalist society.

            WE ARE NOT

          2. Hard work? Share? You don’t know the real meaning of those words … You must live in a bubble and believe money in your pocket can solve all your problems, and when it doesn’t, you spend your time complaining about foreigners and gipsies and blaming everyone who cares about real problems … that’s why you couldn’t care less if this government is throwing the old, sick, poor and disabled under the bus.

  11. Homophobia is no joke, but Boris had to have this EXPLAINED to him. Come on Pink News! Start reporting OBJECTIVELY on behalf of the community you are supposed to be representing!

    1. I am bewildered at the way Pink News has reported the excellent event at the Shadow Lounge last night. It was an inspiring event which brought together the diversity of lesbian and gay Londoners. Nobody really noticed the little straggle of Tories clutching their leaflets. I don’t understand why the paper devoted the vast majority of its article to rehash lies about Ken being homophobic, when everyone should, by now, know his record on championing lesbian and gay rights – leading the way on civil partnerships being just one major contribution. Why doesn’t the Pink News reprint what Boris wrote about them – suggesting it was similar to union between three men and a dog. How homophobic is this? Likening homosexuality to bestiality. I pointed this out to one of the little Tory men outside in the cold and also reminded him of Boris’ objectionable behaviour at the Stonewall hustings in 2005 when Boris couldn’t even bring himself to say lesbian. Come on Pink News – report OBJECTIVELY.

      1. Spanner1960 14 Mar 2012, 9:11am

        I don’t think Ken is homophobic per se, but nobody can deny he isn’t an opportunist, and will jump to wherever the next minority bunch will give him votes.

        The problem is, he is trying to balance two diametrically opposite crowds, the LGBT’s on one side and the homophobic Tower Hamlets Asians on the other, so if he is not careful he will simply end up dropping the lot.

        1. So a mayor should have to choose between representing gays or Asians?
          That doesn’t sound right. He/we might not agree with others’ views but they are still Londoners. Can’t Ken support them without endorsing their homophobia? Just like he can support gay people without endorsing the racism that no doubt some gay people have.

          And what’s Boris done to support EITHER?

          1. Spanner1960 14 Mar 2012, 2:05pm

            “So a mayor should have to choose between representing gays or Asians?”

            I’m saying exactly that.
            There are two things I don’t like about Ken Livingstone:
            His face.

          2. Tempted to ask ‘what about gay Asians?’…
            Seriously though, not sure a mayor who ONLY courts LGBT votes would get very far.

  12. PinkNews is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Tory party now. It’s devastating. I’ve respected it from the beginning but no longer.

  13. LGBT tories are nuts

    Ken is a politician fair enough he’s about the votes and nothing else. I must admit London was a bit safer when he was in power. As usual when there is a political shift to the right hate crimes usually go up.

    As paddick does not stand a chance i’d have to go with Ken

  14. The irony – on the ‘Tory LGBT group claims Ken Livingstone ‘riddled with hypocrisy’ page there is a picture of a handman’s noose with the words – Gay, in some countries this is a hanging offence.
    I’m still waiting to hear a plausible explanation from Livingstone as to why he worked for Iranian state media Press TV. The same Press TV that is owned by a government that engages in this barbaric crime against humanity. If Livingstone can’t explain his employ at Press TV then perhaps someone in the Labour party can come to his defence ? !!!!!! Thought not !

  15. LondonLGBTequality 14 Mar 2012, 11:05am

    It is really disappointing to see Pink News turning into Blue News in the run up to the election. Where is the critical coverage of Boris’s approach to LGB&T rights (cutting services, words but no real action on LGB&T rights across London?). Why did they write an article about a small, unrepresentative protest outside of Ken’s LGBT event that Pink News had been invited to and which was packed to capacity at The Shadow Lounge?

    Given sustained attacks on Ken in the past few weeks on LGB&T rights – with the ridiculous idea that the gay community no longer supports Ken – this story is deeply biased. It is also shocking that Pink News turned down an exclusive about Ken’s support for trans Londoners, in the days before publishing this article, saying they had nothing to “balance it with”. Why not ask Boris what his plans for trans equality are? Here is Natacha Kennedy’s great piece:

  16. LondonLGBTequality 14 Mar 2012, 11:06am

    By the way, the event was brilliant – great speakers, music and entertainment:
    • Amy Lamé said Ken he has always championed LGB&T equality
    • Stephen Twigg MP said Ken stood up for LGB&T rights and laid the foundations for the rights we have today
    • Phyllis Opoku-Gyimah (LGB&T Activist and Director, UK Black Pride) said Ken would be a Mayor opposing racism, fascism and homophobia
    • Angela Eagle MP got the whole crowd chanting sack boris and vote Ken and
    • Ken told LGB&T Londoners “I am proud we in London are at the front of the pack on LGBT rights”

    Then we danced the night away!

    1. Any chance of cuddly Ken taking a flight to Tehran and standing up for LGB&T rights in Iran ? !!!! Just asking !!!!

      1. LondonLGBTequality 14 Mar 2012, 3:32pm

        Any chance of Boris standing up for LGB&T people in London given that is meant to be his job?

        1. Justify his former employ for Iranian state television and if it’s plausible I’ll give you a tenner !! Everyone in the Labour party wants to keep quiet about it. Heads in the sand. It never happened ! Investigate WHY Press TV was taken off the sky platform by Ofcom. Solve this little puzzle and then you’ll know of Press TV’s connections to the Iranian govt.

          1. JohnRussell 15 Mar 2012, 8:37am

            Justify Boris defending Section 28 and publicly comparing gay mattiage to bestiality.

          2. Mark Michaelsberg 16 Mar 2012, 12:01pm

            John Russell – *Justify Boris defending Section 28 and publicly comparing gay mattiage to bestiality.*
            Boris Johnson did not compare gay partnerships/marriage to bestiality. His comments were taken out of context by people like you who find it very convenient to jump onto the anti Boris Johnson bandwagon when it suits. I cannot defend Boris’ previous backing for section 28 but like others in the Tory party he has moved on. Like Cameron he has accepted that the conservative party GOT IT WRONG on section 28. Contrast this with Livingstone who is unrepentant about his previous employ at Press TV. All he had to say was that he made an error of judgement by working for an organisation that is owned by a government that is not known for it’s benign views on homosexuality. He claims that by working for Press TV he was trying to talk to the Iranian people ! About what ? Gay rights in Iran ? I don’t think so ! Discuss !

    2. Spanner1960 14 Mar 2012, 2:09pm

      I surprised you didn’t start singing “Keep the Red Flag Flying”.
      It sounds like a depressing collection of political has-beens in a mutual back-slapping event.

      1. Patrick Lilley 14 Mar 2012, 5:24pm

        There were no more than a dozen friendly Tories outside the event for Ken and and nearly 200 inside I think… its good that Conservative can make their point. But when many more people were listening to community speakers, poets, out gay members of the Shadow Cabinet were speaking to an audience who paid to be there on a Monday night…what is the news values here. Less than 12 people protest = photo and articlle and hundreds more inside… whatever it was it showed interest in a democratic election.

        Ken praised Cameron and Boris too! But its true they only embraced the gay community AFTER New Labour changed the political weather in regards to openly gay politicians, civil partnerships (Led by Ken!), equality legislation so you Spanner cannot be sacked or refused services simply because you maybe gay.

        Trust me, the weather can change again. Gay men are still being murdered in central London for being gay. There is lot MORE that needs to be done. Ken is right about that!

        1. Not just that Patrick, there was an anti-boris stunt right next to the group of LGBT Tories which had three men and a dog with a placard saying ‘Boris says this is Gay marriage’. The fact is that Pink news have taken a phone camera picture from the Tories to be more representative than an amazingly positive event with wide support for which the Tories have no equivalent because they know they would get a hostile reception, and small attendance for their backward mayor and his backward agenda. That the editor claims impartiality in this election is a joke on a par with the evening standard being impartial when its run by mates of Boris. The Tories are in full swing using their connections and their money to stitch up elections. It stinks that they have the LGBT press helping them. Really stinks. Dont think it has not been noticed.

  17. Dom Sanchez 15 Mar 2012, 12:20pm

    Oh dear! Seems Labour’s trolls are out in force. Ignore them, PNs. Your reporting is balanced and fair. I voted for Ken last time round but I’ll go for Boris in May. Ken has had his time. He’s past it now. Boris has turn out, to my surprise, to be a good Mayor.

    1. nothing like a bit of ageism to show your true colours eh? Of course, you probably take your lead from Richard Barnes, who when faced with the constructive question of why the Tory Mayor was scrapping the pride reception that ken put in place, called him a ‘pensioner’ and a ‘tired old retread’ nothing so nasty as a tory who has been rumbled I say. And that from the head of the Mayor’s Older people’s strategy!

      If this had been said by Ken or one of his advisors, no doubt there would have been 7 tories with a press stunt that would splashed across the news pages for that too….of course, when Barnes says it, its reported here as if he is in the right, rather than on the right

      Boris a good mayor? do you use the tube? More pricey – less service. Boris has got to go.

  18. What a sad bunch some of the people posting comments on here are. Having been raised their whole lives on a diet of Tory hatred, being told that every Conservative was ready to castrate the gays and push them over a cliff (or other such nonsense) they are faced with a proudly pro-gay (and lesbian, bisexual, transgender) party that more reflects modern society than ever – indeed, some might say, is driving policy faster than the wider public is ready to accept.
    It’s rich that Labour supporters – and Ken supporters specifically – seem to be so opposed to protests when they are not carrying Socialist Worker placards. You can’t be selective about democracy, it extends to all. i hope the pro-Labour lot had a fun evening. i congratulate the Tory protesters for standing their ground. And I think it rather pathetic of Ken to use the back door lest he be confronted by the evidence of his past widely differing attitudes.

  19. amy crawford 16 Mar 2012, 3:42pm

    of course if you want to see who you are really supporting when you focus on the tory lgbt crew, see this video of guido fawkes, his chicken and his camera man, who were also present with LGBTory, here calling a Ken supporter the C-word repeatedly a few days later.

    Clearly he takes his lead from his odious mayoral candidate. If this had been a Ken supporter it would be splashed all over your pages and probably national news by now. Seeing as its a Boris supporter of course, you will conveniently forget about it. I notice your not ken again banners are even more prominent now… sickening.

  20. why are people demanding objective reporting? every single newspaper out there has a bias why should pinknews be any different?

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