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Women’s Institute declines ‘potentially offensive’ Coalition for Marriage ad

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Reader comments

  1. Bill (Scotland) 12 Mar 2012, 4:21pm

    The WI undoubtedly sees this as a dangerously partisan advertisement to take, apart from which there will be many WI members who have sons or daughters who are gay or lesbian or who have other family members who are.

    1. Not forgetting the members of the WI who are gay as well!

    2. Well said, Bill.

      My Mum is Secretary on her local WI Committee and quite openly talks about her Son and his ‘Hubby’. She has handed out copies of articles I’ve written for ‘not straight’ publications to ask for crit. And yes, there are a few same sex couples in her branch, tho some prefer to be known as ‘just friends’ +wink+.

      If the advert had run, I think the Letters to the Editor page of the magazine, tho maybe not quite as pronounced, would bear a resemblance to as if they had run an Ad for Huntington Life Sciences.

      The WI is not all ‘cupcakes and coffee mornings’, they have teeth when they need them, and this is one occasion that whilst they didn’t openly bear them, they certainly growled a bit.

  2. **The Coalition for Marriage said: “It’s a surprising and unnecessary decision. Most ordinary members will see this as an over-reaction.”**

    Translation: “If you don’t think the way we do, you are wrong, wrong, wrong. And we’ll happily have a tantrum.”

    1. The term “ordinary people” seems to used frequently by bigots. It’s as if “ordinary people” are regarded as being simple and uncomplicated with non of the complex attributes of humanity. They may as well say “the bog standard Joe will see this as an over reaction”. Yet in the next breath the bigots will talk about the “dignity of humanity”.

  3. Good on the W.I. I have a new found respect for these ladies!

    The Coalition better get used to being rejected too, not every publication will be willing to publish the adverts!

    1. Well done the WI for standing firm and not being coerced by The Coalition for Marriage and I am sure you bake great cakes too!

  4. Good for the WI. And typical for the Coalition of t0sspots, who fail to realise that we LGBT people do not stand alone – we have mothers and sisters and aunts and grandmothers and all sorts of people who don’t want to participate in their vilification of us.

    1. well said!

  5. Go Girls!!

  6. Well done the WI

    When you upset the WI – then things arent looking good for you (remember the slow clap of Tony Blair?).

    It seems the C4M have upset the WI

    1. Jock S. Trap 13 Mar 2012, 4:37pm

      Remember Who? ;)

  7. Mr. Ripley's Asscrack 12 Mar 2012, 5:42pm

    Notice mind control happening… “most ordinary members will see this as an over-reaction”… Look into my eyes, your christian leaders have informed you all to over-react”! Evil plan laugh. I live in Scotchland so the only insight I have to the WI is, unfortunately, Calendar Girls… But good for them telling the CI to FO!

    1. My four experiences of the WI are Calendar Girls, the slow hand clap of Tony Blair at the WI conference, some fantastic cakes at a conference I was speaking at once and seeing judges from the WI on Masterchef.
      The WI are an organisation which is evolving, but that clearly has moral standards. They have exercised those moral standards by condemning the C4M.

  8. Who do the Coalition for Marriage think understand the WI membership best? The WI…or the Coalition for Marriage?

    Another foot/mouth moment from the anti-equality side. I wonder how many people they’ll alienate before this is through?

  9. Jock S. Trap 12 Mar 2012, 6:23pm

    Good for the W.I. Bet that’s another positive thing the BBC doesn’t report.

    1. If you don’t like the BBC don’t watch or record live television and then you don’t have to fund them with your TV license. You can just use the Internet to catch up on what you’ve missed. You’ll probably spend a lot less time watching rubbish u have no interest in.

      1. Absolutely, haven’t had a TV for yonks and I don’t miss it one bit. Anything worthwhile is usually available online without even the hassle of having to record it.

        For example, Will Young was good on last week’s Question Time; not even the Daily Mail hack could find much to say against his support for equal marriage. (starts at 26:30)

        Another person to keep an eye on is Owen Jones (see 16 Feb edition of QT).

        I think we’ll being seeing a lot more of him. A razor-sharp intellect and highly telegenic as well, he certainly provided a contrast to the stodgy, podgy MPs in their expensive suits.

        It would be interesting to see Owen promoting gay rights by making mincemeat of one of the usual homophobes such as Sad Annie or Cardinal O’Brien !

        Let’s hope he gets the chance somewhere, preferably before the Marriage Equality consultation closes.

      2. Jock S. Trap 13 Mar 2012, 12:41pm

        That not the point though is it. The BBC is funded by UK licence payers therefore they should Not be bias they should be giving arguement for both sided and reporting as such. The BBC is supposed to be inpartiual therefore why is it only reporting the Catholic Churches angle? Why not the Times in support? Why not other religions who support? It’s not about not watching the channel it about them not taking a view when they expect their money to come from a variety of people with different opinions.

        They have on occasion refused to support charity or group because of view so how come the Catholic Churches view is different?

        Until the BBC become an independant company that pays is own why they should be thinking of the view Not their own bias opinions and reporting.

        1. Well you’re right Jock, but a good way of letting them know that you don’t appreciate their service is by refusing to pay for you license fee.

          It’s a much more proactive response than having a moan on a forum they aren’t going to pay any attention to…

  10. With their 50s mindset the “Coalition for Marriage” would have been taken aback by this. They would have expected a welcoming reaction from those nice, married compliant girls. Not women who can think for themselves.

  11. Shows how much money they are going to pour into this campaign if they are asking all kinds of mags to put their advert in…

    1. I bet they didnt bother seeking advertising on PN or in Attitude! ;-)

    2. Father Dougal 13 Mar 2012, 12:57am

      What about an advertising standards check: decent, honest, truthful. Do these standards still apply?

  12. Alastair J, Mainland 12 Mar 2012, 9:16pm

    I adore my lady friends, this shows how they simply aint stupid. Janet Street Porter’s letter in the Independant was a cracker. As Frank Carson would say it the way she tells them.

  13. Out of interest how well “advertised” is the pro marriage equality petition?

    It would seem surprisng to me that we don’t have the full support and signatures of :

    All trade unions
    All political parties
    All student unions and most students, I can’t belueve 90% of the thousands of uni students wouldn’t be for marriage equality and would be willing to sign our petition.

    The percentage of young /working people supporting marriage eqality is huge and it’s obvious the C4M are good at targetting oldish/religious groups/mags.

    if all student unions, trade unions etc were passing on the marriage equality petition then surely we should be able to surpass the anti one?

  14. I doubt even the Westbro Baptist Mob could stand up to these wonderful, formidable ladies!
    When you’ve had the total pleasure that my (now) HUSBAND and I had several several years ago on a tour of Greece, hearing a group of them belting out “Jerusalem” at the tops of their voices in the Tomb of Agamemnon (with it’s incredible acoustics), you KNOW they are a passionate and strong group!! With them helping, I think the walls of Troy would have fallen a great deal quicker!! lol
    I feel we should ALL say a great big thank you to all the Grande Dames of the Women’s Institute for their assistance and support and resilience!!

  15. GingerlyColors 13 Mar 2012, 6:33am

    The WI are seen as a part of traditional English life with their Jam and Jerusalem but shown themselves to be willing to evolve with society by showing the Coalition4Marriage that their brand of homophobia is no longer welcome among their ranks.
    Unfortunatley, I don’t think I will be buying any of their Calendars though – not quite my taste!

  16. Nice one

  17. Brilliant. The WI ladies are a lot more progressive than the flower-arranging and bake-sales would suggest. I have never forgotten their wonderful hand-bagging of Tony Blair when he blatantly tried to use their conference for self-promotion. Bravo!

  18. Girl power! Thanks WI xxx

  19. “normal” members ….


    >.> so sick of these people

  20. The arrogance of this hate group to think that it speaks on behalf of the WI membership! How dare they make that kind of assertion!
    It’s about as pathetic as their claim to JC Penney that families would be offended by Ellen Degeneres being an advertsing figure for the company.
    Good for JC Penney and the WI that they will not be intimidated by the lies of the religious hate groups.

  21. And here was me thinking the WI had grown some when they did the naked charity calenders! Seems I was wrong!!!

    1. Yeh..completely ignore this blind babbling fool! lol I miss read! Hahaha

  22. Not sure what happened to my previous post here! seems it didn’t send…thank goodness. My glasses are broken and so I miss read the heading! lol

    My original post read: “I thought the WI had grown some when they did the naked calenders…it seems I was wrong!” oooops

    Sorry WI …… WELL DONE!!! You most definitely have grown some!!!

  23. Hurrah for the W.I! Never – and I repeat never – mess with a woman who can make jam, arrange flowers, ice buns and know how to make a decent Victoria sponge. They’re also secretly trained ninjas, you know…

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