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Video: Australian politician’s gay brother slams attack ad

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Reader comments

  1. Somewhat reassured by tonight’s episode of Q&A (Oz’s “Question Time”) in respons to the ad. Everyone on the panel, including politicians from the left, right and centre, agreed the ad was a shameful indictment on the rightwing nurcase Katter. All said it was stupid politically and most felt it was irresponsible socially, given how isolated and demonised many rural gays and lesbins already feel.

    But best of all was the rather conservative old “Farmer of the Year” panelist who said it was clearly just a hateful anti-gay attack ad with no redeeming qualities. And that’s from a guy who doesn’t even support equal marriage himself!

  2. Yes, Elegir, the Farmer of the Year was a credit to his generation who obviously comes from the back-blocks. I feel this tawdry example of gutter politics we are seeing now across the political spectrum in Australia will be positive in the long run for gay and transgender people. I just hope we begin to move on soon as the very real problems facing the country ( ie climate change and greedy mining magnates ) begin to over whelm us.

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