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Unitarian chapel in Manchester celebrates first civil partnership licence

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Reader comments

  1. Well done, Rev Barraclough.

    Its good to see you standing up for the rights of LGBT people. I read your comments in the Manchester Evening News (and thought they were articulate and responsible).

    “She said: “I do not like religion being used in the name of hatred of any kind. Homophobic religious people are in a powerful position to give a very bad name generally to religion.

    “It gives fuel to people who say all religious people are nutcases. Some of us are not – and try to live by the ideals of kindness and truthfulness in the name of God.

    “Amongst the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-gender community, there are religious people just as there are in the straight community, and they want religious weddings. It’s a religious right.””

    1. It’s actually sort of funny, because these people believe in a Bible that calls them unnatural, that they won’t inherit the kingdom of God, and that gay men should be put to death. That seems pretty hateful to me and it’s absurd that a gay person could still follow that religion. Their God also was sexist and murdered millions of people. Again, hateful.

      1. Mary Marriott 13 Mar 2012, 4:12pm

        you are talking rubbish if your assertions are about -as they seem to be – the unitarians.

        they beleive nothing of the sort nor is there anything in the news report to suggest it

  2. Great to see the Rev Barraclough publically standing against the vitriol of the (as she puts it) “nutcases” in religion.

    Interestingly the anti-gay Institute (who call themselves the “Christian” Institute are not just seeking to continue apartheid against LGBT people but they are continuing to use Peter and Rosemary Bull to pursue their theocratic agenda of seeking special rights to have Christian Sharia style law that sets them apart from the rest of the population. The Bulls are about to launch an appeal to the Supreme Court (of course they will lose again – its scurilous of the anti-gay Institute to use the Bulls in this way):

  3. Excellent news, one church down several thousands to go!

    1. Or the other protests (some of which have been mentioned in the comments on here!)

  4. Father Dougal 12 Mar 2012, 1:46pm

    The Unitarians have always been in the forefront of the total acceptance of gays.

  5. Hopefully five years from now it will say ‘Unitarian Chapel In Manchester Celebrates First Same-Sex Marriage License’

    Although I think that anybody who is gay/lesbian/bisexual can’t believe in the Bible

  6. Peter & Michael 12 Mar 2012, 3:07pm

    A motion by Lord Ali was passed in the House of Lords to allow Same-Sex Marriage on religious premises last year.

  7. Alan Gerrard 12 Mar 2012, 4:22pm

    I attend Cross Street Chapel, and it is one of the most welcoming churches I have ever attended, LGBT people have always been welcome at this chapel and long may it be so.

  8. Anna-Jayne Metcalfe 12 Mar 2012, 6:27pm

    This is great news, and a real credit to the church in question.

    I don’t think I’m letting the cat out of the bag too much by revealing that the Metropolitan Community Church in Bournemouth ( is also in the process of registering to perform civil partnership services (or weddings, as we prefer to call them…).

    I would hope that many more churches will follow once the current hysterical rhetoric from the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches subsides as they realise that equal marriage does not mean the end of the world, in much the same way that the Civil Partnerships Act and Gender Recognition Act didn’t.

  9. Thank God there is a religion that is practicing what they preach in the Bible. Keep up the good work ULC.

  10. I think if the govt opens up religious marriages to the Quakers, liberal Jews, unitarians etc then I think a lot of gay people will want to do them.

    I can’t help thinking that people are going to delay their wedding until that happens and also the cost and hassle perhaps of registering your church to be a CP venue may not be worth it.

    I presume there would be not cost etc involved to any church just wishing to perform a marriage, straight or gay if they ever get the chance of doing “gay” marriages.

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