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THT’s myHIV site to let users find and recommend best HIV services

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  1. This is a great initiative for anyone living with HIV, & is particularly important in light of the Health & Social Care bill, which will see more fragmentation of HIV services.

    Traditionally the health of HIV +ve individuals was concentrated in thier clinics; this is now changing with more non HIV related illnesses being referred to the GP.

    The members community forums provide an invaluable resource to +ve people and the network of community contributers is helping empower those living with HIV in terms of getting the care they want, becoming more confident about thier HIV status and above all reducing isolation by enabling local contacts to be made.

    The MyHIV project ensures that people are getting information, monitoring tools, other resources & peer support all in one site.

    Thisis good value for money and will ensure that the ever dwindling resources targetted at HIV positive individuals is used in a way that benefits more people up and down the country.

    1. ………..and lets not forget the effect this kind of intervention has on HIV prevention. By sharing personal experiences the community forum members are able to discuss openly their concerns about forward transmission of HIV, which often means they feel more confident taking control of the situation and discussing these issues with potential partners. This has to be a good thing in terms of prevention.

    2. We should also take into consideration other site and applications which are not EJAF funded, refer

      Other Forums like and allows for patients to further engage.

  2. Keith,,,hiv free always!!!. 12 Mar 2012, 2:38pm

    Not a service I will ever need!

    1. good because you would not be welcome to use the community forums because of your disgusting views on gay men, HIV and other STI’s. I’m sure you are more than welcome at AA meetings tho!

    2. No, you need a service of a very different kind.

      I know a very understanding therapist if you’re interested?

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