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Current guidance ‘could let schools promote bigotry’

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Reader comments

  1. I would hate to think what some of these faith school’s teach

  2. Everybody knows that Christians and Mormons and Evangelical Christians are teaching hate and bigotry and discrimination of LGBT children and adults and they have been doing so for a long time. The result if the Christians lie to cause fear and prejudice towards the LGBT people. This is an injustice to LGBT people and the courts need to stop the discrimination that Christians teach to their children and people that cause conflict and the deaths of gay children as the result of Christian children and adults who bully the gays.

  3. no school any where in the world must not be allowed to terrorize and stigmatize, children and students, thats aggrevated assault , and child abuse, hate is child and adult abuse and social services must get involved olong with the cps when children are stigmatized and traumatized by hate crimes and racist attacks from adults , faculty and admiinstration and other children, if you have an abundance of these problems the administration and fac;ulty and school is at fault for not fixing the problems and putting in deterrents anf programs and conferences with faculty and administration against hate crimes and racism, and sexual assault, most of it can be stopped immediately if they had, schools must be sued an administrations and faculty involved with the hate attacks and abuses, must be fired and reprimanded, lilke the aclu must get involved with the colorado, administrator who attacked school children for their year book photo, it was harsh, and abusive and racist attack on the children

  4. the administration in colorado must fire the administration, and aclu must see to it that the hatemonger administrator that horrifically insulted , and emotional ensulted out of hate and rage the children in the school lashed out in racism and bigotry at those kids and removed them form their posts on the year book which was wrong , the children must be reinsteted back onto the year book and the administrator reprimanded and removed, bigots and racists have no business working in public domains are around other people , if you cannot treat others fair and courteous, then you should not be in those positions and you must not be allowed to insult and abuse others because you are maliced and dark in your own bigoted souls, but the hipocrites would dare not care if the same person they mistreat, pull their ass out of harms way if they where in danger, they dare not care whos gay hand reached way down, and pulled their asses to saftey in a dangerous situation, or called for help for them,

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