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US embassy in Baghdad backs emo and LGBT murder vigil

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Reader comments

  1. Watt Tyler 12 Mar 2012, 5:46pm

    Murder of 16 civilians by 1 rogue soldier big news. over 100 LGBT and emos almost no coverage. What does that say about the BBC?

    1. Watt Tyler 12 Mar 2012, 5:49pm

      What’s worse the 100 were state sanctioned by a government we put in power! No coverage!!!! 16 Afgans top story all day everywhere. 100 LGBTs and EMO’s no coverage, something is seriously and I mean SERIOUSLY wrong here. Are Iraqi LGBT/Emos worth less than a quarter of Afgans?

    2. jamestoronto 13 Mar 2012, 3:19am

      Not just the BBC. This report has not surfaced anywhere except in the gay media.

  2. Whilst a message of support is good. I would love to know what the US embassy would be doing if they were killing people because they belonged to another minority group, say like, if they were Jewish. I think there would be more than a message of support.

  3. Sadly, I wonder if publicizing American opposition to the anti-LGBT witchhunt might actually encourage the militias.

  4. jamestoronto 13 Mar 2012, 3:26am

    The Iraqi government will not stop this atrocity because the alternative would mean a return to the Sunni-Shia massacres. Gays provide a convenient scapegoat to both these factions.

    The western Coalition removed a brutal dictator only to leave another equally odious monster in his place.

  5. Are there actual goths in someplace as primitive and backward as iraq? or is it just anybody who has paler skin, maybe a covert racism emerging, who is massacred ?

  6. GingerlyColors 13 Mar 2012, 6:50am

    The mess in Iraq has been caused by America and it’s allies including Britain. That country is a failed state with populations divided along religious and ethnic lines. The only future for Iraq which was carved out of the Ottoman Empire following World War I is a complete break-up of that country with parts of it being annexed by it’s neighbours and the creation of a new Kurdish state as well as a large region reseverved by NATO as a ‘safe haven’ for the persecuted peoples of the Middle East including the LGBT community.

  7. We live in a world where the value of LIFE is meaningless.

    People cannot stop killing. Especially innocent people/kids. It must be stopped.

    Life used to be precious, not now.

    We must change our attitude towards each other and learn to live together, peacefully.

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