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Source: Iraqi government complicit with alleged emo and LGBT massacres

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Reader comments

  1. Anyone surprised? Islam is just a 600 or so year earlier variant of christianity (they worship the same bloody thing), and what was christianity getting up to 5-600 years ago? What a shame we cannot learn the lessons of history and have to repeat the bloody brutality and chaos in the same of some fictional bloody construct (good grief how I bloody despise ALL religions for the harm they have done to the human race).

    1. No surprise , i’ve had alternative looking friends in london targeted by islamic extremists based on their dress. Recently a friend had some muslims crowd around him in a supermarket dissing and informing him “allah not like” and that in britain , he should now dress as they see fit. It probably explains why you never see flamboyant street style in london anymore..

      1. I dont think it does to be honest…

        people aren’t flamboyant on the streets anymore simply because of how conservative everyone (including young people) are currently…

        While the two things are related I dont buy the idea that this is ‘all to do with Muslims’….

        There’s quite enough of that kind of Islamaphobia going on on the Pink News comments board as it is thankyou very much…

        1. And why wouldn’t someone have a ‘phobia’ of a belief system which wishes to destroy them? You’re not suggesting that islam is okay with the LGBT community are you? As far as I am aware, LGBT rights throughout the muslim world are non existent, being gay is usually punishable with prison, torture or death.

    2. I think you meant to say later, not earlier.

      The religions that originated in India tend to be much better adjusted to human sexuality than the Abrahamic ones.

      Make the State religion Buddhist, and have compulsory meditation in schools every morning to combat exam stress.

  2. Emo??!! Another personality for people to order through the post?

    1. …er…

  3. Gay Middle East 11 Mar 2012, 2:34pm

    You can see the HIT LIST referred to in the article here:

  4. Absolutely appalling. Why would anybody want to do this? Totally awful.

  5. Totally disgusting. The USA and its allies must get more hardline with these wretched countries. Either they learn to tolerate different peoples or they should be given the Iran treatment of isolation and more. This just makes me so sick.

    1. Paddyswurds 11 Mar 2012, 4:20pm

      There are a lot more Pol Pots, Hitlers, and Stalins in the world than can be imagined, it is just that they have no power. These religion freaks use their cults to exert some power…imagine these people with real political power. One shivers in horror at the very idea.

  6. Sadly this is the Arab mentality when they are in different shade of islamic interpretation. They hate each other beyond any rationality and will kill, maim or harm anyone or anything to score political and religious points. Murder and violence go hand in hand with a shameless scrabble for power in Iraq between tribes of individuals still in the 12th Century.

    1. and some actually believe that killing anyone who is different will guarantee the killers a place in heaven. Revolting notion.

  7. Lyuba Allenivna Tereshchenko 11 Mar 2012, 6:05pm

    When people ask me why I strongly believe in the right to bear arms and self-defense, they shouldn’t have to ask me after reading this.

    People, defend yourselves. Do NOT depend on law enforcement or military if they have been compromised.

    1. GOP twats.

    1. David Myers 13 Mar 2012, 7:57am

      Thanks for posting this link. Everyone should share this on their facebook page and tweet it as well. This is something we all should get behind.

  8. The bloody idiots…!

    “the punishment of Allah will be accomplished by the hands of Almojahdeen.”…

    Kinda contradiction in terms doncha think?

    Don’t you think!?

  9. Yeah there’s no way me, being an alternative looking lesbian, is going to the World Cup in Qatar

  10. Islam is a SICK Religion.

    So backward and antiquated.

    When is it going to modernise itself and move into the 21st century.

    1. My guess is that would be, never.

  11. So will the International Criminal Court be issuing a warrant against any government criminals, and if not, why not?

  12. This shows just how much journalism is an untruthful propaganda device in this country – not a mention of this on news, and how our interfering military policy has CAUSED this.

  13. GingerlyColors 12 Mar 2012, 4:23pm

    As Dr. David Starkey recently mentioned during Question Time about countries not wanting to be liberated, I too wonder why we bother. Just look at the recent desecration of British war graves in Libya, for example. Iraq has just got worst for everybody, not just the LGBT community since Saddam Hussein was deposed. Please enlighten me, but as far as I knew , Saddam Hussein didn’t seem to have an issue with homosexuality in Iraq when he was president, although that does not condone the rest of his bahaviour.

  14. Why is this not on the “News” OMG Something needs to be done to stop this why is this not made more public I bet the majority of the population have no idea this is happening

  15. No sign of this terrible news on the BBC website, not even their Middle East section, so i have asked them to rectify that and report on this human shocker!

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