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Comment: Why we’re building a coalition for equal marriage

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  1. I would love to marry my girlfriend one day.

    It make me upset that this may not be possible.

    I want to be proud of where I live, not ashamed, we are so far behind many other countries already allowing same sex marriage.

  2. Have already signed guys and am encouraging friends to do likewise.

    Great article, which speaks with confidence and authority about the facts in a dispassionate and honest way.

    Well done. Thank You. Lets all keep it going!

    1. I wish Lynne Featherstone or someone would contact the Mail and issue a rebuttal about a story which says that churches will be compelled to participate in same sex marriage. The usual suspects are commenting and even people who are in favour of *CIVIL* same sex marriage are being whipped up into a lather. We could do with a instant rebuttal unit to counter this scare mongering.

      1. Jock S. Trap 12 Mar 2012, 11:59am

        I know all we heard about esp from some media (BBC) is all the negative things the Church says nothing in support.

        Surely time for media to stop being bias and start to be equal in it’s reporting.

        1. SInce its all about seeking fairness, then ensuring fairness in the reporting of events might be a helpful place to start!

  3. We are now witnessing an attack on our democracy by Senior Clergy.

    They are still trying to perpetuate myths about gay people and twisting this issue by making people believe they will be forced to perform same sex weddings in church, which is not true.

    This is the church showing how close they are to their nasty, manipulative, self-serving roots.

    1. And it will bite them on the backside. Cardinal O’Brien’s spectacular own goal last weekend was only the start. The more they campaign against us, the more of them will momentarily let their respectable masks slip and tell the world what they really want, namely us back in the shadows and them dictating to the world what life people are allowed to live.

      All we need to do in response is keep the pressure up.

  4. I’m still holding out hope that same-sex marriage becomes legal in the UK. Besides Denmark, Finland, and Estonia, it should be next on the list of places to legalize same-sex marriage.

    If the UK does legalize it, England may be looking a new citizen, as I doubt the US and Japan will ever have completely equal rights.

    1. It will and within the next 2/3 years.

      1. It will indeed become legal. Its the right thing to do.

    2. Estonia? There will be a long wait before Estonia sees same sex marriage! But several other countries around the world will be introducing it soon.

      1. Well I read somewhere Estonia was the most atheist country in the world, so that’s why I picked them for my list.

        1. sorry but Estonia is one of the most homophobic countries in europe – you don’t have to be religious to hate differance – the estonians are a conservative and private people – being gay is okay so long as you don’t tell anyone.

          1. Oh, well didn’t know that. Such a shame since I heard that 75% of the people in Estonia don’t believe in a god (usually homophobia goes hand in hand with religion), and the fact that they’re right next door to countries like Norway and Sweden. Hey, I’m sure they’re more gay friendly than Belarus though.

            I guess Australia, Austria, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Switzerland, the UK, Uruguay, have a better chance

  5. Signed, tweeted and facebooked. I’m getting really tired of the same old tiresome rhetoric from religious groups these days. Good for Conor and James for setting this up and showing the world what a fallacious argument is being presented against gay marriage.

  6. Well done Conor and James. You’ve done millions of people proud!!

    I would urge you folks to get regular blogs going, expose the hate, incoherence and hypocrisy of our opponents and those, like the BBC’s news department, especially religious affairs correspondent Robert Pigott, acting like a mouthpiece for the Vatican today.

    We need as many people as possible to blog, write letters to MPs, to newspapers, and maybe we need a rally of LGBT solidarity. If there is any change in the proposals this week – the government & media must hear from us like never before.

  7. Fantastic Connor well said. 25000 signatures is awesome I’m sure there will be plenty more! Lee and I got married in October and why shouldn’t we call it marriage we are two people who love each other just like a heterosexual couple and we want to share that with everyone else x

  8. Dangermouse 11 Mar 2012, 10:52pm

    Enough is enough, it now we need to get up and fight for our rights now, like no other time.The bigots see this as their “last stand” and will be fighting dirty. NOW is the time we all need to raise our voices as one and not be treated as dirt by these evil anti-gay bigots. We DEMAND equal rights, not in a whisper but in a SHOUT !!!

    1. That is the kind of spirit I want to see across the nation. If more folks were like you, I wouldn’t have to be writing articles.

      1. Poo on the penis.../.,.euuugh! 12 Mar 2012, 12:11pm

        Thanks Adrian. Also thanks for supporting the polygamy community, the incestuous community an hopefully in future the consensual bestiality community…woof woof!

        1. 3 now? Seriously? Get help!

          1. Kris

            PN keep blocking his user name. He tries to get round it.

  9. Supporter of Marriage Equality 11 Mar 2012, 11:01pm

    But what about the marriage equality for siblings or for those in loving polygamous relationships?

    End the twin bans on sibling marriage and sibling civil partnerships. And end the ban on polygamous civil marriage.

    1. Commander Thor 11 Mar 2012, 11:12pm

      Troll alert.

      1. Supporter of Marriage Equality 12 Mar 2012, 12:41am

        Why? I support marriage equality for all.

        If you supporting abolishing inequality for some yet retaining it for others, then you’re a bigot.

        1. Supporter of Marriage Equality 12 Mar 2012, 12:41am

          Besides what harm would it cause you if siblings and polygamous people were able to marry?

          1. Oh really, go ahead and do it. There will be next to no demand for this so it doesn’t bother me. People orientate towards men or women or both. Almost always, people want to settle down with one person. A law that recognises the reality of nature’s diversity is best. Anyone supporting the status quo must also give thanks for the ultra-high divorce rate too. Which is far far higher than the number of polygamous relationships will ever be, by a factor of tens of thousands.

          2. But to your question, yes, accommodate them too.

        2. @Supporter of Marriage Equality

          So you support marriage equality for all.

          Thank you for supporting same sex equal marriage.

    2. jamestoronto 11 Mar 2012, 11:40pm

      @ So called Supporter” for those in loving polygamous relationships?” You’ve been talking to some Mormons who cannot abide equal marriage but want to take as many women to themselves as possible.

      1. Supporter of Marriage Equality 12 Mar 2012, 12:43am

        No, in this came it seems to be bigots like you that support the discrimination against siblings and polygamous people.

        What harm would it cause you if consenting adults married?

        1. If you think it should happen, start a campaign and lobby the government for those rights you think should happen.

          Do you support same sex partners marrying?

          If not, why do you support polygamous or sibling marriage and not gay partners?

          1. turd burglars clinic 12 Mar 2012, 11:47am

            HE DOES NOT THINK IT SHOULD HAPPEN. He wants to know why you are hypocritically opposed to it. Please explain your bigotry and polygophobia!

          2. If he does support polygamous marriage, why would he bring it up as a strawman argument. Its false, facetious and ignorant. Ah, yes … thats exactly what the person saying it is – false, facetious and ignorant – all makes sense now!

        2. Make sure you sign up then supporter


        3. Incest is a choice, sexual orientation is not, we dont have a duty to accomodate every choice but we have a duty to provide equality to those who dont have a choice when it comes to relationship

          1. incest, polygamy and bestiality are illegal in the UK.

          2. Supporter of Marriage Equality 12 Mar 2012, 9:10pm

            What a load of absolute piffle!

            But you have hit the nail on the head (unintentionally I’m sure) – incest is a choice – in fact engaging in any form of sexual activity is a choice and being a part of any relationship is a choice!

            What you’re basically saying is that relationships betweeen 3 women and a man, or between siblings are ‘icky’ and out of your polyphobia and hatred of poly people, you want to deny them equality. That is bigotry!

          3. @ supporter
            So you agree then that heterosexual marriage is discriminatory in nature and therefore gay people should have a right to marry, great.

          4. Bestiality – Your dog can’t say “I do”; so No, you can’t marry your dog or your toaster.
            Incest – Not many want to marry their sister or brother. And there is the issue of the children of that relationship. Laws of incest are there mainly for this reason. I don’t know if sexual attraction to siblings is considered a psychological illness???
            Polygamy – We can certainly find some basis to support it in the Bible. There are many countries in the world where polygamy is legal. Are people in these countries “abnormal”?

  10. In just a few weeks, over 125,000 people have signed a both paper and online petitions to keep marriage for Man and Woman.

    1. The anti-gay marriage lobby are certainly well organised and have really well funded orgs. I expect the CofE and the Catholic church have huge amounts of money to pour into ther campaign and orgs like CI etc seem to have bountiful supplies of money and backers…

      Afterall PT or BS etc are never going to get the same publicty and coverage as the Pope or CofE….

      Has this pro gay marriage petition really had much major public coverage in the news…I doubt it!

      I don’t really like polls or peitions. They constantly change. Are never worded quite like you want them to be. Persoanlly I have a little bit of relutance putting my personal details on them etc. We voted for a party and all of them are in favour of marriage equality. 125000 is a tiny percentage of the British voting population. The parties should just get on with it.

    2. jamestoronto 11 Mar 2012, 11:49pm

      So? When you can add two or three more zeroes Then we worry. But you cannot and never will truthfully. You can jig your figures all you like but the truth is you are on the losing side of history. I bet you could get as many signatures for the re-intoduction of slavery or the abolition of the women’s vote. But you won’t win over progress and history.

    3. @Aiden

      If 125,000 people signed a petition saying that black people should be denied marriage – would you say that was a reasonable thing to do?

      1. No because it would be a heterosexual marriage.

        1. @Aiden

          So you think racism is wrong?

          Yet, you think homophobia is acceptable?

          Is that a correct summary of your views?

          1. Homophobia’ is a made up term to describe a condition that doesn’t exist. ‘Homo’ [latin] means ‘man’ [eg: homo sapien]; ‘homo’ [greek] means ‘same’ [eg: ‘homogeneous’ or ‘homosexual’].

            ‘Phobia’ of course, means ‘fear of ‘. I bet you are not afraid of being the same, being a man, men, sameness, or even of? I becoming a homosexual or homosexuals in general. ‘HOMOPHOBIC’ is a made up scientific sounding term that means: “You politically incorrect bigot! How dare you disagree with me!”

          2. @Aiden

            Firstly, the dictionary definition of homophobia (which I tend to take as more believeable than any rhetoric you seek to use – however well versed in Greek or Latin you may be) is:

            ho·mo·pho·bi·a   [hoh-muh-foh-bee-uh]
            unreasoning fear of or antipathy toward homosexuals and homosexuality.
            carrying out acts towards other people which are based on prejudice as a result of them being or perceived as being homosexual.

            So, your deflection dealt with …

            Do you accept discrimination and prejudice on the grounds of sexual orientation as acceptable but racism unacceptable? Would that be a fair reflection of your views?

    4. 125,000 are brainwashed morons

  11. Signed and passed on to friends and family…

    Though I think the next thing that is going to happen is the mass letter/emailing campaign by the opposition flock of sheep to MPs, peers and the GEO etc……

    Personally if I was an MP I’d prefer to get an email/letter with a personal story of how having marriage rather a CP effects me personally rather than the mass standard anti-marriage trival that they’re going to get…

  12. Nick Clegg supporting marriage equality in his speech at the Lib Dem Spring Conference (11th March 2012)

  13. In 2013 it will be 40 years anniversary homosexuality being finally removed from the list of medical diagnoses in 1973.

    Shortly before homosexuality was removed from the list of medical diagnoses however, the statutory legal definition of marriage which for the first time specifically excluded same sex couples, was adopted in the Matrimonial Causes Act also in 1973.

    It’s somewhat puzzling to me that this exclusive definition of marriage is still in force considering it was adopted before homosexuality was removed from the list of mental illnesses.

    In 2013, forty years later, it would be a great time to amend the exclusive statutory legal definition of who is eligible to marry to now include same sex couples as eligible to marry.

    1. It was introduced because of a transgender marriage/ divorce at that time.

      1. Yes, April Ashley. The case was Corbett vs Corbett 1971

  14. Nick Clegg speech at the Lib Dem Conference (11th March 2012)

    In this extract Nick talks about marriage equality:-

    1. I hope David Cameron and Nick Clegg are standing on each side of LF when she makes her forthcoming annocement on the civil marriage consutation..

      I think DC needs to make another firm announcemnt pretty soon on “gay” marriage and firmly put the church in its place (sorry I should have said to ease the churches’ concerns)

  15. PS: Stonewall Award material, I think.

  16. Too bad, we Americans can’t sign this petition.

    I would be willing to bet a million dollars that the Coalition for Marriage’s petition had tens of thousands of American signers.

    This whole anti-gay marriage campaign in England has American right-wing Christianists’ dirty little fingerprints ALL over it!

    1. I think this is the problem at Oxford ( There can be little doubt that ‘American right-wing Christianists’, as you put it, have made a serious move on the UK since Obama became president.

      1. Because Obama stands in their way. They are losing at home, so expending more funds abroad in Europe, Asia, and particularly Africa.

    2. It contains made up names or the names of people that didn’t even know they signed!
      That’s how they make their numbers.

  17. Signed it.

    Great article and really encouraging comments on this thread.

  18. turd burglars clinic 12 Mar 2012, 8:44am

    Meanwhile , those who wish to se polygamy legalized between CONSENTING ADULTS areand polygaphobia towrad the labelled trolls??? How does that work then. How do you homosexualites justify your bigotry toward the multiple partners community?.

    1. Wibble.

    2. Are you seriously posting under 2 different names now? What is wrong with you(Don’t answer, I don’t care).

      You’re labelled a troll for other reasons, not to do with polygamy. That’s not a discussion we’re having. Only you(or the other you as it were)

    3. Dave North 12 Mar 2012, 9:54am

      Still not taking your Schizophrenia medicine I see.

      Very wise.

      You shouldn’t take it on top of gallons of alcohol.

    4. Incest is a choice, sexual orientation is not, we dont have a duty to accomodate every choice but we have a duty to provide equality to those who dont have a choice when it comes to relationship

      Post a reply →

      1. polygamy is also a choice

        1. turd burglars clinic 12 Mar 2012, 12:03pm

          Polygamy is illegal and is therefore not a choice. If you hold that whatever consenting adults do is their own business, why are you against consensual polygamy?

          1. The point is that homosexual relationships are legal.

            They just are treated by the state under current legislation with segregation and a sense of apartheid. The state are seeking to remove that segregation.

            Your twisted and demented link to polygamy and incest has no analogy to homosexuality and is a total non sequitor strawman argument.

            Why do you insist on asking about polygamy if you do not support it?

            If you don’t support it then you won’t want it to happen. If however you do support it – surely you want same sex marriage?

            If there were ever to be a demand for polygamy then the stepping stone toward that woulde require same sex marriage to be permitted.

            You would sound more sane if you were seeking something a) there was a demand for and b) that you actually want.

            You sound even more deranged than the Cardinal!

          2. Polygamy, incest etc is a choice you thick moron as in you have a free will to engage in it, whether it is legal or not is another matter, sexuality is not a choice

    5. When will people learn? DO NOT FEED THE TROLL.

    6. Do you support same sex marriage?

      If not, why would you support marriage of incestuous partners?

      Do you really want incestuous marriage?

      It does not seem to make sense that you would want that and not support equal marriage for consensual same sex partners.

      So unless you actively support same sex marriage (which given your attitudes on here, it is plain you do not) then your comments about incest and polygamy are non sequitur.

      1. Poo on the penis.../.,.euuugh! 12 Mar 2012, 12:16pm

        I do not suport same sex marriage but you cannot explain why you are opposed to polygamy and male sibling marriage can you, without appearing bigotted?

        1. So if you do not support same sex marriage, why do you keep asking about polygamous marriage if you do not want it?

          It doesnt make sense to ask whether someone wants something you think is wrong.

          1. Ah so you ARE a troll, merely playing games?

    7. I am a homosexual, that is why I wish for marriage to be extended to us.
      I am not in a polygamous relationship and I don’t want to marry my siblings, that is why I can’t and I don’t wish to comment about this. If polygamous or incestuous people want to make a case for equality, I think they should be heard.

  19. George Broadhead 12 Mar 2012, 9:17am

    John writes:

    “I expect the CofE and the Catholic church have huge amounts of money to pour into ther campaign and orgs like CI etc seem to have bountiful supplies of money and backers.”

    You are quite right John. Both the Cof E and the RC Church have between them billions of pounds worth of assets and that is one reason why they are able to exert such influence despite their declining membership – in some parts of the world at least.

  20. Robert in S. Kensington 12 Mar 2012, 10:33am

    Already signed and forwarded. 25,000 is a good start but we need to surpass the 136,000 on the opposing side, and soon. Where are our celebrities in the entertainment world? Why aren’t they weighing in and helping? Can’t they see we’re under attack, can’t they see that religious denominations are meddling in the political process in which they have NO business? Since when did religion get to tell the government, any government what it should or should not do? Who do we vote for? Clergy? I think not. About time more MPs ahd hopefully David Cameron speak up and put them in their place. This is an entirely CIVIL issue, a civil law, what part of civil don’t they understand? Since when do they get to impose their beliefs on the rest of society many of whom aren’t even christian?

  21. This is great – well done Conor & James – heros of our times. I am particularly pleased that you don’t use the term divisive term ‘gay marriage’ as if it is something different from marriage. Yes, ‘equal marriage’ is exactly right!!

  22. hollyhock140 12 Mar 2012, 11:20am

    Well done to Conor and James. It takes guts to steep into the firing line. If I could add my own little contribution I have wriiten An Open Letter to Cardinal Keith O’Brien. If I get a reply I will let you know.

    1. hollyhock140 12 Mar 2012, 11:21am

      I thought the link would be included

  23. turd burglars clinic 12 Mar 2012, 11:45am

    figa about 2 hours ago

    Incest is a choice, sexual orientation is not, we dont have a duty to accomodate every choice but we have a duty to provide equality to those who dont have a choice when it comes to relationship

    My reply…
    Inherent homosexuality myth and irrelevant.
    There is no gay gene. Homosexuality is a choice. Paedophiles claim they were born that way also but those born with disorders such as paedophilia or homosexual inclination should be restricted to heterosexual marriage and not accomodated within their particular disorder . The first recorded marriage is in the bible, the standard was set in the bible as was the prohibition regarding same gender relations.
    However, sincethe homosexualites argue that whatever consenting loving adults do in the bedroom is their own business, on which grounds would you prohibit them from marriage? Nobody has been able to answer what it is morally wrong with polygamy or why it should be illegal.


      1. Robert in S. Kensington 12 Mar 2012, 12:01pm

        He conveniently ignores the fact that polygamy is condoned in the old testament as well as stoning one’s wife to death for adultery and children for insolence. The list is endless. Oh, I forget to mention the incestuous family of Adam & Eve? How on earth could this planet have become populated unless incest took place? No wonder it has produced blithering idiots through the ages as this deluded fool.

        He hasn’t read Dr. Simon LeVay’s study on the gay gene theory. The scientific community will prove in the next decade that homosexuality is genetic. Sorry to disappoint that low information moron.

        1. Poo on the penis.../.,.euuugh! 12 Mar 2012, 12:18pm

          Nowhere in the old testament does god condone polygamy. he simply allowed it as he alllows homosexuality now and then. Regardless, please explain why YOU are opposed to polygamy when it’s practitioners are mutually consenting adults?

          1. Who CARES what the Bible says?

            Its complete fiction. (and some poetry)

          2. Poo on the penis..../.,.euuugh! 12 Mar 2012, 12:55pm

            Robert S Kensingturd cares as he is the one used it to TRY to support his argument!

          3. I am fairly sure that Robert does not care what the Bible says.

            It is totally irrelevant in any case to civil law.

            You seem not to care either about what the Bible says. I guess from two perspectives i) when asked who cares about the Bible, you did not stand up and say me (so that infers you do not care personally) and ii) you contravene most of Biblical teaching particularly “love thy neighbour”.

            Its fiction. Its about as relevant as you, Keith. That will be totally, utterly and absolutely irrelevant and meaningless. Both you and the Bible.

          4. mostly polygamy isn’t mutually consenting. its one man imposing his over-indulged libido on women with no choice in the matter.

        2. Poo on the penis..../.,.euuugh! 12 Mar 2012, 12:19pm

          Nowhere in the old testament does god condone polygamy. he simply allowed it as he alllows homosexuality now and then. Regardless, please explain why YOU are opposed to polygamy when it’s practitioners are mutually consenting adults?

          1. We don’t live in a theocracy so the Bible is not relevant to civil marriage.

            Full stop.

            End of argument.

    2. The first person to feed the barely literate troll above will get a spank. Hmm, unless s/he likes that kinda thing. :)

      1. Hahah! James you beat me to it! Hmm, wanna spank?!


        1. Is there a queue? ;-)

    3. MODERATOR. Please put out the trash.

      1. Jock S. Trap 12 Mar 2012, 12:04pm

        Indeed. It’s why I really can’t be bothered, spending time here any more. We get enough abuse in life we shouldn’t have to put up with in within these pages.

        1. Poo on the penis..../.,.euuugh! 12 Mar 2012, 12:57pm

          You keep saying you don’t spend time here but here you are again, like the HIV virus, you are simply never gone!


  24. turd burglars clinic 12 Mar 2012, 11:59am

    Even if homosexuals were born that way (which is a myth as no gay gene exists) it does not entitle them to marry the same sex any more than a person born with mental ilness is entitled to fly a plane full of passengers.
    You have to meet certain criteria. The criteria in marriage is that the spouse is the opposite sex. That is also the law. The law should not change to accomodate disorders and perverse desires any more than the aviatoion authorities should accomodate mental illness within their pilots.
    Should marriage now be allowed between consensual loving adult incest community? SHOULD A PAIR OF TWIN BROTHERS BE ALLOWED TO MARRY AND THEN ADOPT A CHILD?
    See how abhorrent unrestrained perversions can get? If same gender can marry, why not these groups also?

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 12 Mar 2012, 12:31pm

      You’re an idiot, your user name is apt, TURD!

    2. You are really thick, sexuality is not an illnes or disability or a choice

  25. It seems the Womens Institute are on the side of marriage equality. They have refused to allow the campaign (led by the Christian Insititute) to advertise in their magazine.

    “The Women’s Institute has this week rejected an advert from an organisation campaigning against David Cameron’s gay marriage pledge.

    The long-standing British club – which was formed in 1915 to revitalise rural communities during the war – snubbed an advertising proposal by the Coalition For Marriage.

    They wanted to run an advert in the Women’s Institute magazine WI Life, which reaches over 200,000 people.

    But, Helen Evans, advertising manager for the magazine, told CFM: “We are a national campaigning charity and your campaign doesn’t fit with any of our resolutions first and foremost.

    “As WI Life is the national membership magazine, any promotion of your campaign could be seen as an endorsement…to members. We do also welcome all women to the WI and this campaign could offend many of our members.””

  26. Poo on the penis.../.,.euuugh! 12 Mar 2012, 12:08pm

    AdrianT about 12 hours ago
    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    But to your question, yes, accommodate them too.

    My reply
    It was not me that asked the question but since you are willing to allow polygamy, would you also allow the consenting male incestuous community to marry? It is a small, harmless loving community that are currently denied the right to marry.

    1. “It is a small, harmless loving community that are currently denied the right to marry.”

      Know them well do you? That would explain the apparent mental trauma causing you to display what…. 3(possibly more to come) names you are currently using on here. If indeed you do know of incestuous couples out there it is your moral obligation to report them so they seek the help they require. not advocate their right to marry.

      1. Poo on the penis..../.,.euuugh! 12 Mar 2012, 12:40pm

        And still no explanation of the reasons for your opposition. Show your colours you bigotted coward!

      2. Poo on the penis..../.,.euuugh! 12 Mar 2012, 12:41pm

        Homosexuals create more harm than consensual incestuous. HIV is disproportioante in the homosexualite disorder community.

        1. The highest proportion of HIV is found in heterosexual women. And homosexuality isn’t a disorder. *sigh*

      3. Poo on the penis..../.,.euuugh! 12 Mar 2012, 12:58pm

        IJust as it is the moral obligation of anyone living in Uganda to report homosexualites? I assume you agree!

        1. To report the atrocities carried out against homosexuals yes. As well as any other crime committed against anyone for any other reason. All human life is sacred(as I believe is made clear in the Bible you so dearly believe in). I assume you agree!

          And in reference to my being a bigotted coward. If and when the incestuous community are made legal in society then, and only then, will I enter into any form of discussion about their vaildity to marriage. So to call me a bigotted coward is to make judgment of me when you are not in a position to.(Again, something I believe your Bible warns against I’m sure you’ll agree)

          1. Oh no. I have been called out as a hypocrite by Keith. I have been exposed by a man of such morality that I have no option but to lock myself away from society. Goodbye world. I am not worthy :( Do one.

            When it comes to Uganda, as well as everywhere else in the world, I believe there is no just cause for the criminalisation of, and/or violence against people due to a number of factors including being LGBT and I would have thought treating everyone with love, as made clear in the Bible, that you would agree but apparently not(pot/kettle).

            And if people who are incestuous wish to be considered for decriminalisation then I’m sure they will be able to put forward a sound case with related facts, reports etc to support their view. I would review these facts and then decide from there. Homosexuality is not illegal so I therefore am happy to support equal marriage for us. That is not to say I don’t support it for others, but that I would review facts first.

          2. @Kris


            We still love you, even if Keith doesnt lol


      4. Supporter of Marriage Equality 12 Mar 2012, 9:19pm

        “That would explain the apparent mental trauma causing you to display what…. 3(possibly more to come) names you are currently using on here.”

        If you are implying that I’m one of this chap’s aliases – then you’d be wrong.
        It sounds to me like ‘Poo on the Penis’ has got some serious issues, judging by his username.

        But what I’m saying is that you cannot support marriage equality for same-sex couples, but oppose equality for others. If you do, you are the very term you use to label others – a bigot.

        As I’ve said before, what right do you (or Peter Tatchell) have to deny poly people and siblings their happiness?

        1. Do you support same sex marriage?

        2. Why do you feel the need to combine the case for poly people to marry with incest? It doesn’t make any sense at all and I’m in a poly relationship!

          Actually on second thoughts don’t answer that. I really have no interest in your thoughts on the subject.


  27. How come they’ve got 140,000 signatures and we have only 26,350???

    1. I think Haydenx offered a good reason for that above.

      1. They are faking signatures is part of the answer

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 12 Mar 2012, 2:17pm

      In Canada, the marriage law cites “gender neutral” regarding civil marriage. The same should apply to the UK when the law is passed to allow us to marry.

    3. Robert in S. Kensington 12 Mar 2012, 2:20pm

      Probaby because their petition allows foreigners to sign it and….internet providers allow for several accounts under one owner. There’s nothing to stop the haters from using all accounts and changing their name for each to avoid being accused of fraudulently signing it multiple times. We should have had our petition out last year instead of days before the consultation. We’re not as well organised and funded as our opposition is unfortunately.

    4. They used paper petitions as well as an online petition, that’s how they got over 125,0000 +

      1. No they lie and manipulate THATS how they got to the alleged figure they claim

    5. Brainwashing

  28. Poo on the penis..../.,.euuugh! 12 Mar 2012, 1:07pm

    Tom 40 minutes ago

    “The point is that homosexual relationships are legal.”

    My reply
    So are multiple partner relationships. What is your point? Doyou not hold that consenting adults should ALL be allowed to marry other consenting adults. Why do you limit it to two only?

    You said
    “Your twisted and demented link to polygamy and incest has no analogy to homosexuality and is a total non sequitor strawman argument.”

    My reply
    You have to explain why polygamy and incest is twisted and demented yet same sex relations are not. This is bigotry and prejudice by YOUR standards.

    You said
    “You would sound more sane if you were seeking something a) there was a demand for and b) that you actually want.”
    I seek a reason for your prejudice and bigotry against said groups who DO demand marriage equaliy

    1. Dave North 12 Mar 2012, 1:20pm

      Go find it in a bottle…. You usually do.

      1. If you were genuine and actually sough equality then you might be worthy of an answer. Instead your irrelevant comments have about as much worthiness as the contents of my nephews nappy that I changed an hour ago.

        1. Poo on the penis.,! 12 Mar 2012, 3:16pm

          I don’t seek equality (which already exists). I seek to know why the homosexualites seek inequality, barring polygamous marriage and consensual adult incestuous marrage.

          1. Because marriage should be between two consenting adults who are not related to each other

    2. STOP FEEDING THIS TROLL. The more comments you leave, the longer it will stay. We all know it’s brain is made from poo. There’s nothing more to say. IGNORE IT, PLEASE.

      1. Maybe you can expalin why you feel the need to find a correlation between legal gay relationships and incest?

        Why you consider polysexual relationships are appropriate for the state to recognise in marriage and what your view on bigamy is?

  29. de Villiers 12 Mar 2012, 1:09pm

    Gay marriage benefits society as it encourages stability and monogamy. As was said in England in 1831, “Reform that ye may preserve… I support this because it will improve our institutions; but I support it also because it tends to preserve them.”

    Polygamy destroys the fundamental two-person nature of Western relationships, it is incompatible with the rights of women and female equality (usually one husband and many wives) and it undermines all major Western thinking on the most suitable environment for human flourishing.

    The restriction on incest protects family life and the non-sexualised environment between siblings and parents to their children. It is also protects against the medical complications that arise from siblings procreating.

    Those are reasons for extending marriage to gay couples but denying it to others. It upholds the primacy of two-person relationships, strengthens existing concepts of the family and creates a coalition in defence of Western values.

    1. Not all multi partner arrangements are negative. I agree with what you say about polygamy, however polyamory is not incompatible with anyone’s rights. I know this isn’t relevant to marriage equality, but wanted to point out the differences.

      1. My understanding is polyamorous people do not seek polygamy (usually) is that fair?

        Hence polygamy is a red herring that is being used maliciously?

  30. I don’t agree with this petition, because it’s buying into the numbers game and effectively giving Widdi her referendum on our human rights. Our rights, or anyone else’s, should not be subject to the whim of such things.

    And as the 3 parties have promised it’ll be introduced, what’s the point? Petitions are only for the losing side, which is them.

  31. An interesting exercise with this debate: take any newspaper article or speech and remove the term “same-sex” and replace it with “black” or “asian” or “white” or “inter-racial” and what you have is an extremely racist document which by any west court would be deemed illegal. Yet for some reason we are still having this debate about allowing same sex marriage … it’s about time that the definition of marriage should be described as two PEOPLE who wish to share their lives together….. simply remove gender from the definition.

  32. Father Dougal 12 Mar 2012, 2:01pm

    Come Elton/George/Will, write us a song!

    Also, run that great Aussie video supporting equal marriage.

    1. Here’s the lovely Will, not singing but still doing us proud:

      What a star!

  33. Although I am single at the moment, when I do find someone, I would like to think that if it got that far, I could marry them and be counted, respected and equal to my parents, my sister and brother-in-law and any other straight couple.

    Civil partnerships are all well and good and better than nothing at all, but you are not seen as equal because you are refered to as something else. As someone said on TV a few days back people get confused by the term ‘partner’…I mean what does it really mean? Most people think a working partner, not a friend/lover, someone who you want to spend the rest of your life together. A ‘domestic partner’ doesn’t REALLY cut it in my mind..kind of losing thing in the title in my opinion.

    So I am really grateful to these guys for starting up this petition and to the 25,000 people who have signed it!

    This goes a long way towards rubbing the religious fools noses in it in my opinion!

  34. This whole thing about same sex marriage and polygamy- Marriage should be between TWO individual adults who love each other. Polygamy is immoral because it’s multiple partners, and is not real love. It’s not being a bigot, I support TWO individuals who love each other, not many who really don’t. And homosexuality is NOT a choice. So what if no gay gene has been found? You didn’t doubt people were left handed before you found that gene, and you don’t doubt midgets or giants exist. You can’t compare it to pedophilia because 1. Children can’t consent 2. Homosexuality is two minors or two adults together 3. There’s nothing perverted about homosexuality.

    To all the bigots against same-sex marriage, you need get your head out of the sand. What you’re saying is what people said about interracial marriages I hope 50 years from now at the most, people look back and shake their head, like I’m doing now, much how we shake our head at racists.

    1. Forget the word bigots, I think idiots is a better word. And that goes for idiots against same sex marriage and homosexuality/bisexuality and LGB rights.

      1. LOL the Bible being a moral code. You can have morals without a 2000 year old outdated book written by homophobic, sexist, and racist men, and not inspired by any “god”. I’m not making exceptions because I have a brain, and therefore don’t let evil fairy tales brainwash and control me, like they’ve done to you. I get my morals from my conscience.

        Because loving more than two people, children, etc is not real love. I want to spend my life with ONE ADULT WOMAN, who is not related to me, and ONLY HER.

        How about you stop lying, don’t eat shellfish, don’t wear clothes mixed with two fabrics, don’t look at anyone lustfully, don’t get a temper, etc. and then you can judge me. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”.

        1. Oops, that was directed at the homophobic idiot, and I posted under my former name

        2. Who are you to condemn real love?

    2. Poo on the penis.,! 12 Mar 2012, 3:14pm

      Why should it only be two. What if more than two love each other and wish to marry?
      Why is multiple partners immoral but same sex relations not? Where do you get your moral code?
      Who cares whether homosexuality is a choice and the suggestion that it is not is a mere theory, not fact.. Some people (like incestuous male adult twins for instance) cannot marry as the law prevents them. Are you also opposed, if so on which grounds? People cannot always choose who they love. Some people love multiple partners, some love their family members, some love prepubescent children. All these are immoral as is homosexuality so why do you make an exeption for homosexuality which is perverted according to the ultimate moral code, the bible? (see Jude verse 7)

  35. Poo on the penis.,! 12 Mar 2012, 3:23pm

    figa about an hour ago
    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Polygamy, incest etc is a choice you thick moron as in you have a free will to engage in it, whether it is legal or not is another matter, sexuality is not a choice

    My reply…
    And you have a choice whether or not to stick you penis up someones faecal passage! You weren’t born with that desire, you nurtured a perversion until it took root and becam fertile. It is a mental disorder like colrophobia. People aren’t born with a fetish for eating other people’s poo, the perversion starts as a sed and is allowed to take root, ike homosexualitis!

    1. Homosexuality is natural, normal and beautiful

    2. OK, now I’m confused. Cos all the data shows that anal sex is overwhelmingly the preserve of heterosexual couples.

    3. Marriage is about love

    4. Clearly you have a problem with intelectual thinking. There is a difference between sexuality and sexual activity. What we argue here is the discrimination of sexuality not sexual activity as in you dont need marriage to have sex. Other forms of marriage like poly or incest wouldn’t not be discrimination of ones sexuality, so they cannot be argued using gay marriage arguments.

    5. “you have a choice whether or not to stick you penis up someones faecal passage! You weren’t born with that desire”

      So I guess YOU were BORN with the desire to stick your penis into a vagina?? Idiot!!!!

  36. Homosexuality is normal natural and beautiful

    1. I was born this way matey! I knew when I was 9 I was bloody gay before I had ANY sexual desire!!!

      Oh and by the way there are PLENTY of straight guys who screw their wives/girlfriends up the arse so bugger off!!

      1. To the idiotic homophobe….

        people realize what gender they like at a young age to some extent. That’s why you see five year old boys who flirt with girls and want to have them as their girlfriend, but it’s not sexual.

        And without using your Bible as a reference, explain to me how homosexuality is unnatural/perverted/etc. You have no defense except a 2000 year old book of fairy tales.

      2. @Mickie

        Its pointless talking to him – he’s an alcoholic ex gay who believes the Bible is the answer to every problem.

        Ex gay and seeking to ridicule every LGBT person possible – but only succeeding in ridiculing himself!

      3. @ Karl

        There is no such thing as ex gay, but I’m sure you know that :P

        It’s funny how he believes in the Bible but the Bible says
        “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” “Judge not lest you be judged) and the Bible said God loves everyone.

      4. No there is no such thing as ex-gay. Its called suppression or lying.

        However that is what Keith has admitted to in a previous drunken outburst!

    2. Most people are Chinese, right handed, and male. Do you hate English, left handed women?

      And I have plenty of morals, thank you. There’s nothing immoral about me loving another woman.

  37. We are campaigning for equality with regards to two people entering a marriage. If those that wish to extend that to include more people want to organise their own campaign who’s to stop them? Or are you in a roundabout way using the slippery slope fallacy and pretending that advocates of two-person marriage equality also support bestiality, polygamy or forced marriages for children?

    Just to clarify you on that last bit. We don’t advocate any of those things. Sane people will already know that of course, but I’ve a feeling you need it spelled out.

    1. How odd you say that? WE are loving and consenting adults too!!!

    2. I don’t mind if people practice that, even though I disagree with that, as I think relationships should be monogamous, but multiple marriage is not marriage. Marriage is between TWO consenting adults.

      I want to spend the rest of my life with ONE woman in a monogamous relationship.

      1. @ Homophobe

        Marriage used to be where the woman was the man’s property and they both had to be of the same race LOL. Marriage should be between two consenting adults not related to each other, that’s what love is. I should have the right to marry ONE woman who I am not related to.

        God, if you’re serious, I wouldn’t be sad if you an heroed yourself *facepalm*

  38. The vast majority of the public have said the Government should be focusing on the economy and public-service reforms instead of bulldozing ahead with plans for same-sex marriage.

    Lets hope we get the vote soon.

    1. What votes?

      1. The chance for the public to vote on redefining marriage, the public should have a vote, a referendum.

        1. Why? Allowing same sex partners to marry has no impact on others lives. Men/women will still marry, they will still procreate and life will continue. Why should majorities have the right to vote on the rights of others when it has no practical impact on them other than the fact they can marry is shared by people of the same gender

        2. So should we vote whether to allow black people to adopt?

          Should there be a referendum to decide if Christians should be allowed to own property?

          Should there be a opinion poll to determine whether marriage should be banned for people over the age of 60?

          Please, do answer these questions, Aiden.

        3. If interracial marriage was voted on back when, it would have never been legalized.

          Human rights should not be voted on by the public, they should be guaranteed.

    2. If you don’t want to get married or you’re straight of course it doesn’t matter to you, but I’m a lesbian who wants to get married, therefore I care.

      Oh, and the economy is the issue, same sex marriages would bring millions to the economy.


    1. Is that because you don’t like debate or opposing views? I think it maybe so.

      1. No, I actually enjoy debate, and I don’t mind opposing views, but I don’t enjoy talking to morons and I mind when people have ancient and barbaric views- who say that the love I have for another woman isn’t real, that my homosexuality is unnatural, that I don’t deserve marriage, that I’m immoral etc.

        If you’re a vegan, you’re not going to go to steakhouse websites. If you hate football (soccer), you’re not going to go to a football website.

        1. No, say if you don’t like soccer, I’m not going to think you’re a moron, that’s your opinion, but if you believe that homosexuality is unnatural, evil, etc. you are a moron. Plain and simple.

  40. Homosexual love is real love <3 And it's a beautiful thing. Nothing that homophobes can say can take away from that.

    1. Oh to the people that say homosexuals shouldn’t have children

      1. Two women or two men are perfectly capable of raising a healthy child, there is no evidence that says otherwise
      2. I’m never having children so that doesn’t affect me anyways

  41. Hi Guys

    I would just like to say I think it’s amazing what you are doing and this will make a huge difference to the lives of millions in this country!! I think I speak on behalf of every PinkNews reader when I say that I am so very grateful for setting this up!

    I’ve signed and shared the petition on Facebook and Twitter and will continue to do retweet and publicise this because we all need to rally together and not stop talking about it, because the people who oppose it are wasting no time in making their views known. Though the fact that all the opponents of equal marriage can do is call it ‘grotesque’ or whatever just shows how petty they are to resort to name calling because they can’t even give a logical reason behind it!!

    Anyway, that’s my little rant over. Thanks again so much and I will continue to do whatever I can to help us make this legal!

  42. To homophobe (it won’t let me hit reply)

    There is zero evidence that a homosexual couple can’t raise a healthy child. And what about children who are adopted, are you against that?

    I’m never having children anyways, so it doesn’t affect me, like I said,

    1. Supporter of Marriage Equality 12 Mar 2012, 9:30pm

      There is zero evidence that an elephant and a tigress couldn’t raise a healthy child – however I think most would agree that this should not be allowed!

      What you need to be doing is talking about positive evidence supporting the notion of a same-sex couple raising a child.

      Many cite the fact that the average same-sex couple is wealthier than a heterosexual couple as evidence in favour of ‘gay’ adoption. Others claim that an opinion poll (often commissioned by an ‘LGBT’ rights organisation) proves that same-sex couples are equally capable of raising children.

      Although, the truth is that however appealing this ‘evidence’ is – we cannot count it as reliable. Sample sizes are miniscule compared to heterosexual couples and the whole concept of same-sex adoption is very recent.

      1. Who is crazy enough to suggest leaving a human child to the care of two animals (whether they are the same species or not!)

        So because same sex adoption is relatively new in the UK, doesnt mean that the experiences of the past 15-20 years with significant benefit to the young children involved in many cases is false.

        So, can you provide evidence to raise concerns about same sex adoption.

        Also, will you answer the question do you support same sex marriage?

        1. I don’t need to prove anything at all. You are the one bringing in a subject matter completely different to that which is being debated. So you deviate and bring in the tangent – its your responsibility to prove your point.

    2. Homosexual couples and heterosexual couples have both raised children, and they did not turn out differently, except for the fact that children raised by homosexual couples usually end up not being close minded bigots like you.

      The evidence is the children themselves. They’ve said that they grew up in caring homes, they had food/shelter/water, they had things that they needed, they were accepted, they had a good life.

    3. Poo on the penis.,=..euu.uu.g.h ..f 12 Mar 2012, 10:16pm

      F off and die.

  43. Supporter of Marriage Equality 12 Mar 2012, 9:22pm

    If we’re really interested in equality – then what we need to do firstly is remove the ban on civil partnerships between siblings and also the ban on civil unions for polygamous people.

    Then when this is done – we can begin to think about legislating for full equality.

    1. Could you please tell us if you support same sex marriage?

      1. Supporter of Marriage Equality 12 Mar 2012, 9:34pm

        I support marriage equality for all and this includes same-sex couples, those in poly relationships, loving siblings etc…

        1. Ok, to clarify you support two loving gay men marrying each other?

          Why the animosity towards gay adoption?

          Why the strawman argument to try and use entirely bogus arguments to link illegal activity such as incest and bigamy to legal gay relationships?

          Why the ad hominems?

          1. Supporter of Marriage Equality 12 Mar 2012, 9:53pm

            There wasn’t animosity towards it – in fact I believe a child is generally better off with 2 men (or 2 women) acting as guardians than in a care home.

            What I was saying though is that the so called evidence in favour of same-sex adoption is pitiful. The sample size is miniscule, the issue’s been around for decades at most. And it’s mostly relying on the answers given in surveys, which we all know are absolutely factual.

            And where are the ad hominems? Where have I attempted to devalue someone’s opinion on the basis of a negative characteristic?

            And where’s the strawman? Please identify him for me.

            Now my turn to ask you a question, Stuuuuuuuuuart. Why the opposition to 3 loving people, or loving siblings marrying?

          2. The debate currently is about same sex marriage (if you don’t believe me – have a look at the newspapers).

            Now, the only thing legally that needs to change if same sex marriage is to be permitted is the law on marrying two people of the same sex.

            If (and I personally would not support it) incestuous relationships were to be permitted to marry then the law on marriage would need to change AND the law on incest would need to change. I would not support a change in the law on incest. Therefore I would not support siblings marrying.

            Polygamy I have mixed views on. It would not be for me. I think the issue of consent is very grey where polygamy is concerned. I am not convinced that those in polysexual relationships (incuding the two thruples I know) really seek formal marriage.

            So, to answer you challenges which you have spun back to me I will need to go back through this lengthy thread – which I will.

            I have no doubt you are just Keith pretending to be someone else.

          3. I can’t be arsed to go all the way through all your comments, but if Tom will I look forward to seeing the ad hominems. There have been plenty.

  44. Why is is so hard to understand that we want marriage between TWO consenting ADULTS who are not related to each other? *sigh* The dumbness of some people.

    1. Supporter of Marriage Equality 12 Mar 2012, 9:31pm

      And we want marriage between ANY NUMBER of consenting ADULTS who love each other and want to get married.

      See how easy it is to add arbitrary restrictions.

      The bigotry you’re displaying towards loving siblings and poly people is dumbfounding.

    2. Supporter of Marriage Equality 12 Mar 2012, 9:32pm

      Not only this – what harm would it cause you if three men, or a brother and a sister were allowed to marry?

      What business of yours is it?

      Diagnosis result – BIGOT

      1. Because that’s not real love. Real love is better two consenting adults who are not related to each other. It’s my business because they don’t deserve the right to be called some combination of husband/husbands/wife/wives, and don’t deserve the multiple legal benefits for engaging in such behavior. If people want to practice polygamy behind closed doors, while I don’t agree with it, yes, it doesn’t affect me, but they don’t deserve marriage.

        1. I support love between TWO adults- real love. If you some guy wants two wives, he really doesn’t love them, because if he did love one of them, he’d want to only spend his life with one of them and wouldn’t be like “Oh I can’t make up my mind”. Love is a special bond that can only be shared between two people.

          By the way, homosexuality is not a choice. Polygamy is. Homosexuality is a sexual orientation. Polygamy is immoral greediness, usually by men who just want to sleep with multiple women and have them be okay with it.

          And no, I’m not embarassing myself at all. You are by being a homophobic idiot.

      2. Polygamy often is the result of a lack of consensuality. Homosexual relationships generally are not.

        1. @Stu


          I am convinced this troll about polygamy is just Keith using his multiple personalities again. There are key words he is using.

        2. Yes. I am only for consensus monogamous relationships, whether it be two minors or two adults, or a heterosexual or homosexual couple. And also those couples can not be related to each other.

        3. consensual*

  45. (Sorry for the long post)


    You obviously have nothing better to do than troll on here, so read those sites.

    Oh and here are some verses from your favorite book for your reading, if you’re so keen on it
    –Proverbs 8:11 For wisdom is better than rubies; and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it.
    –Luke 6:31 And as you would that men should do to you, do you also to them likewise.
    –Mark 12:31 And the second is like, namely this, You shall love your neighbor as yourself. There is none other commandment greater than these
    –John 8:- …Let he who is without sin cast the first stone
    13:34- A new commandment I give unto you, That you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another.

    1. Oh and by the way Homophobe

      The right to Freedom of religion in the United Kingdom is provided for in all three constituent legal systems, by devolved, national, European, and international law and treaty. Four constituent nations compose the United Kingdom, resulting in an inconsistent religious character, and there is no state church for the whole kingdom. The United Kingdom is a signatory to the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), which provides in Article 9 a right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion; and the policy of the British government is to support religious freedom.

  46. So Mrs/Mr Homophobe

    1. I’m never having children
    2. Not every same-sex couple wants to have children
    3. Homosexual people are perfectly capable of raising a healthy child
    4. Many years ago, people said the same things you say about African Americans. In the next 100 years, your views will be antique.

    1. Lumi, the fool you are trying to debate with is just a homophobic troll who doesn’t believe a word it says. It’s a bad smell that has been lingering on this website ever since I began reading it. It’s best to ignore it in future as you will never change its mind. It just wants to annoy you, which it is doing. The troll named poo, or whatever it calls itself today, will go on and on, but I assure you it will never be anything other than be homophobic. Don’t worry about it. It’s goal in life is to get attention because it is so lonely. I even think it may get sexual pleasure from reading the replies to its homophobic comments. Hopefully pink news will do something about it soon so I don’t have to keep saying DO NOT FEED THE TROLL.

    2. I never chose to be only attracted to women, but I choose to be with them, just like straight people don’t choose to be attracted to the opposite gender but choose to be with the opposite gender

      1. I don’t support polygamous marriages because love should be between two consenting adults
      2. I don’t support incest because it’s immoral and disgusting

  47. The right for two consenting adults that are not related to each other to marry should be protected, not other types of “marriages”. There is nothing immoral with homosexuality/bisexuality but polygamy/incest are immoral.

    I don’t support hard drugs like meth, cocaine, etc and I don’t support murder, but that doesn’t mean it should be legal

    1. You said if you don’t want those certain types of marriages, don’t get them. It doesn’t change the fact the it’s wrong and immoral, just like drugs and murders.

      1. Because

        1. Homosexuality is not a choice, those things are
        2. Love is between TWO consenting people. You can’t be in a real relationship with multiple people.
        3. Incest is immoral, there is no question about it

        They should be discriminated against because it’s morally wrong. I don’t mind people being poly-amorous legally, even though don’t agree with it, but polygamous marriage and incest should not be legal. Just like drugs and murder shouldn’t.

        There is zero evidence against homosexuality

  48. Yeah, I’m bored as hell. that’s why I’m “feeding the trolls” so to speak. I sort of find it humorous that someone can be such an idiot, that somebody can advocate against homosexuality and/or for immoral marriages. I just shake my head and laugh. LOL.

    1. That’s not love. Love is something that can only be shared between two people not related to each other.

      I’ll also be campaigning for monogamous marriage equality until there is monogamous marriage equality and incest is still illegal.

      1. YOU. ARE. AN. IDIOT.

        If you not serious, get a life.

        If you’re serious, please go to some compound in the middle on nowhere away from us civilized people, and if you ever decide to an hero yourself, I won’t be sad at all.


      2. @Lumi

        I would join in with you but my bed is calling.

        I shall look to see how the debate is going when im about tomorrow.

        I agree with you re monogamous consensual relatonships being those the state should support.

      3. Homosexual relationships are not illegal.

        Incestuous ones are

        End of debate.

        1. A large part of the world does not have access to clean drinking water – that does not make it right …

          A large part of the world treats women as of lower value than men – that does not make it right …

          A large part of the world does not have a free press – that does not make it right …

          So, Keith – whilst you are correct that homosexual relationships are illegal in a number of nations across the world – that neither makes that illegality right, nor does it mean that the law of those countrys actually stops the gay people in those states having rights. Rights are inate and there – laws that seek to prevent them merely suppress them.

          1. Not sure why stright/opposing people come to these boards to argue for incest or poly marriage, Im sure that there are forums that deal with this kind of issues
            People missunderstand the issue of gay marriage and asume that it is a form of a special treatment that gay people demandand and if that demand will be met, others will demand the same. Sexuality is not a choice. Straight people’s heterosexuality is addressed and reflected in marriage, gay people want their sexuality bo be reflected and adressed in the same manner. Gay or stright people who want to be incest or poly marriage cannot use gay marriage call as their template argument. There are different set of argument to be made that has nothing to do with with the equality. Go and educate yourself

          2. I comment on some of your points because laughing at you is so much fun!

          3. Gathering up the evidence……..

            Keep it coming Keith.

            Enough rope and all that.

          4. @ Poo, And what school of law did you attend. The poo school?

          5. @ Poo, No, everyone’s just laughing at you. Fool. If you’re into incest and polygamy then go and campaign for your rights. We are trying to get equal marriage rights for same sex couples.

          6. @ Poo. Do you think that all homosexuals are deviants? And if so, how do you think these ‘deviants’ should be treated?

          7. Appalled at poor arguments 8 Apr 2012, 11:37am

            I am disappointed that the old chestnut of calling anyone who disagrees with homosexuality a Homophobe is still in use. This is manipulative as most who disagree – just disagree. For the vast majority it is not a phobia (an unreasonable fear) but disagreement. Using this to impose a view on the majority seems to be the ‘last chance’ argument and is poor democracy as it attempts to silence opposition. It may make you feel better to let off steam with this, but shouting at people rarely moves an argument forward. Let’s hear some cogent arguments why the whole of society should be turned upside down for your particular set of lifestyle choices.

        2. move over there then

  49. My anecdotal evidence is very real and relevant to the subject matter. Perhaps you don’t like it because you can not argue against it.

    Perhaps you would like to reinforce your argument with some statiustics demonstrating a demand for polygamous marriage?

    Also, could you explain if you would give a relationship between a brother and sister the same status in terms of sexual relationship as that of a heterosexual married couple? I wouldnt. I would be alarmed that anyone might. So, why would you try to associate incestuous siblings with gay loving committed married partners?

    I look forward to hearing from you?

  50. Of course everyone has the right to an opinion but to engage in valid debate an opinion has to be backed by the facts not stereotypes, yours is crammed with the latter

  51. Not sure why stright/opposing people come to these boards to argue for incest or poly marriage, Im sure that there are forums that deal with this kind of issues
    People missunderstand the issue of gay marriage and asume that it is a form of a special treatment that gay people demandand and if that demand will be met, others will demand the same. Sexuality is not a choice. Straight people’s heterosexuality is addressed and reflected in marriage, gay people want their sexuality bo be reflected and adressed in the same manner. Gay or stright people who want to be incest or poly marriage cannot use gay marriage call as their template argument. There are different set of argument to be made that has nothing to do with with the equality.

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